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  1. MarcoGn97

    Calendario dei vari: Settembre 2020

    Sarebbe bello avere la descrizione della London in Italiano e non nella lingua dei cugini d'oltralpe
  2. MarcoGn97

    How It Works: Consumables

    Seeing the "quality" of today's average player, I'd say these kind of guides should be mandatory to watch if you want to play in PvP matches.
  3. MarcoGn97

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (DB 58)

    With this further sigma nerf, Pommer could be even more close to Alsace in terms of consistency (or lack of)...Pommer looks like a German Alsace even more.
  4. MarcoGn97

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    I liked Odin's dockyard, so I think I'll try to go till the end of this one too...plus I loved the Buffalo so it'd be interesting to see how Anchorage compares to her (and ofc to Baltimore).
  5. MarcoGn97

    Bloodminister reporting for duty!

    Welcome bloodminister... Fear the old blood!
  6. Fair enough, not a bad move tbf, Soyuz is very very strong imo
  7. This could be a good piece of information to share with the playerbase, I don't think there's some kind of Coca Cola recipe or dark matter around it...or maybe I'm wrong
  8. Yeah Vladi is insane, prob better than Soyuz tier for tier
  9. Well I played her in my Soviet BB regrind last month and she lived up to her fame... maybe yours is cursed..
  10. Yeah it's basically a nerfed Sov. Soyuz with premium status...not sure why they felt the need to tone her down seeing AL Littorio is a 1:1 copy of Roma
  11. MarcoGn97

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Just wait some time, maybe a couple days, the good Enty players will have ranked out by then
  12. MarcoGn97

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Why buff Khabarovsk, when you can buff Tashkent, give it another name and place it at tier 10
  13. MarcoGn97

    ST, changes to test ships.

    I don't think Yolo Emilio's concept is as viable as it might seem considering today's presence of CVs and long range radars...but it's an improvement. Edit: not to mention people who stopped believing in defAA will have most likely Hydro on. I'd improve the main guns reload tho, improved shells and ballistics are nice but 12s base reload is sad...
  14. MarcoGn97

    Brandenburg Datamined

    Close range doesn't imply brawling 1v1 another ship. If a cruiser with torps is in a situation where it can yolo rush her nose in, mistakes were made. Also, at T8 I can think of Hipper Eugen and P-Bag, cruisers with icebraker that can rush even Yamato if they're allowed to. Small but numerous guns give up overmatch for volume of shells (more chances of getting citadels) and dpm (plus the alpha strike is comparable to 406-armed ships), but require some awareness to be used. At close range, if this ship keeps the same dispersion of Tirpitz but has 2.0 sigma and 20/23s reload, it'll be much more consistent at dealing damage. Again, provided you put yourself into a favorable position. Kinda like Montana does at T10 nowadays, with 30mm+ plating cruiser and supercruisers. Doesn't shine in all situations, but when you do it right, she rewards you. Again, I think this ship can be scary in the hands of good players and in selected situations, not the most competitive since it's roughly the same concept of German BBs and has exploitable weaknessies.