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  1. MarcoGn97

    ST - changes to test ships

    Or maybe buff Khaba
  2. MarcoGn97

    0.9.2 PTS - General Feedback

    So, the German mounts I was referring to are 2 specific ones (funnily enough not found on GK), the 1x1 55mm L/77 Gerät 58 found e.g. on Z-52 and Hindenburg... ...and the 1x1 40mm L/56 Flak 28 found e.g. on Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen. Also a minor one, the Soviet 1x2 76mm 39-K found on stock Kiev, Ognevoi and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (hope it's right ). Apart from these and the RN ones, the rest seem right (at least at high tiers) Lastly, a curiosity, is it nomal that Kremlin's bridge looks...stange? If I compare it to Slava (which is supposed to be same class), the latter one's looks more polished/complete. Is there a polygons limit that doesn't allow it on Kremlin or it could potentially be made the same? Kremlin: Slava: Thanks for the attention
  3. MarcoGn97

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    The whole armory thumbnails are not loading properly at the moment, just the text around them.
  4. MarcoGn97

    0.9.2 PTS - General Feedback

    I'd say thank you for fixing the camo matchup for AA guns on the Soviet ships, that was very good. Now the German and Royal Navy ones reamain to be fixed, but that was a good step.
  5. MarcoGn97

    PT, time between plane attacks

    Wouldn't it make you reach only the further AA aura range so, maybe, decrease the AA damage you take while turning (example, turning outside of the mid range aura)? I'm not sure how it is now but it could be.
  6. MarcoGn97

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    Oh damn, totally forgot that...well yes, funnily enough this rework is nerfing BBs more than helping them as it's supposed to..
  7. MarcoGn97

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    What? They buffed GK's secondaries, they won't need IFHE anymore to pen 32mm...there's no nerf here...
  8. MarcoGn97


    Is it planned to fix the missing camo matchup on some German, Soviet and Royal Navy heavy AA mounts of ships (mainly high tier)? I've already reported this on PTS 0.9.0 bug reports and PTS 0.9.1 general feedback, hoping atleast the Royal Navy ones would get fixed seeing the CAs release, but they weren't. Not a game breaking issue ofc, but the overall quality of the visuals isn't as it should/deserves to be.
  9. MarcoGn97

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Well, yes but they never ever said prior to the update/dedicated article release the currency cost of anything. They never gave tokens as PTS reward as far as I can remember, so that was a nice reward to get anyway.
  10. MarcoGn97

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    It was all explained clearly on the PTS 0.9.1 Round 1/2 articles on the website. The 100 tokens were the reward for the seasonal mission on PTS.
  11. MarcoGn97

    0.9.1 PTS - General Feedback

    My rewards were given as I logged in yesterday (at least the 100 Royal tokens).
  12. MarcoGn97

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    The core issue about the Kremlin balance progress is that the Balance team is tweaking the wrong parameters. Kremlin overperforms cause 2 main aspects: 1) Her main battery dispersion, while being advertised as poor at range, is mostly false than true. The vertical dispersion, the one which makes you hit or miss the target (or the critical hit spot) is the lowest of all tier 10 battleships, with only Slava beating it. To make you a numeric example, at 20km Kremlin has 97m Vdisp while Montana (the closest tech tree one) has 124m Vdisp, a 27% difference in favor of Kremlin. Meanwhile the horizontal dispersion is higher by 3m...this BAD long range dispersion isn't bad at all isn't it? Adding a 1.85 sigma (pretending a 2.7% difference from 1.9 makes a meaningful difference), shells group together at a decent rate and make it even better. 2) Her supposedly weak broadside isn't weak at all. Her citadel is the thickest at tier 10 closer to the extremities and on US level amidship. Ending the discussion here it would seem fairly weak cause above the waterline, but the citadel is also very sloped. This means, already at 10km a lot of guns struggle to pierce through it. Not to mention at higher ranges her guns can citadel a Yamato but not vice versa. Additionally, the ship sits pretty low in the water, making the broadside area not as big of a target as other ships (approx 2/3 of Yamato's broadside). I'd add the shells penetration doesn't make sense since it's middle of the pack at close range but best in class at long range, quite the opposite of its design, but that's a "minor" flaw. As of now, the nerfs have been: 1) Nerf to the damage output and shell ballistics. This was a first step, not exactly the correct one but was a step. 2) 50% AA and secondary mounts hp nerf. This one wad nothing to do with the issues, I say it's a funny one cause it literally makes no sense. Put Aux.Armaments mod.1 and this nerf is gone, the main turrets are hard nuts to crack anyway. 3) 0.05 sigma nerf. The first time in the history of WoWs a sigma buff/nerf is so small. Still not relevant enough with the issues. At this rate, you can nerf Kremlin for 10 more consecutive times and it will still have the same issues. This is a change I'd like to see: Battleship Kremlin, Tier X: Accuracy settings tweaked to make the ship less accurate at ranges above 13km. Model updated, now the slope of the citadel will be less pronounced. Not a tweezers tweak on an irrelevant stat...plus, this would absolutely have 0 impact on her supposed playstyle, as you want every balance change to act.
  13. MarcoGn97

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    Feedback already: US BBs 38mm plating is now usless against CLs with IFHE (152mm / 5 = 30mm * 1.3 = 39mm) so this is a big buff against US BBs without further changes. Edit: in other words, a big nerf to US BBs which aren't in a strong position already.
  14. MarcoGn97

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    Sounds pretty normal as of late BUT....why there's the Goliath on the article's portrait
  15. MarcoGn97

    ST - Changes to test ships and Devonshire

    It all makes sense now...thanks for taking part in the game ruining process