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  1. StalkerSoC

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    And, like the second wave, you sell containers with random chances of getting any commanders, including duplicates. And Like the second wave, I am not gonna give a single euro. Maybe next time you'll sell commanders individually. Until then, I hope the government in my country will push law against loot boxes in video games.
  2. StalkerSoC

    0.9.6 - Clan Battles: Loop

    Is it possible to get a limit on how many graf spee can join in clan battle ?
  3. StalkerSoC

    Scharnhorst has a sound bug....again

  4. StalkerSoC

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Will do, I don't have that kind of money anyway, but I am not going to take premium anymore or buy anything, just like since they released smolensk. Tho I know some peoples that have already heavily invested toward Puerto Rico and Goriza.
  5. StalkerSoC

    I'm shocked

    I think someone cucked you lmao
  6. StalkerSoC

    no MEGAGIFT container ingame?????(snowflakes)

    No, and the reward for the normal containers you get with snowflakes on T10 are terrible. Would have rather preferred a 100 steel.
  7. StalkerSoC


    Doesn't mean it shouldn't tho
  8. StalkerSoC

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I explicitly wanna join the lottery :D
  9. StalkerSoC


    Terrible experience yesterday... Ended up when I started... At least with clan battle and the fact that I started at rank 10, I was able to get Bourgogne.
  10. StalkerSoC

    IFHE German secondaries

    It's disgustingly strong, and with the accuracy buff coupled with those secondary, I think german battleship will be on part, if not better duelist against a lot of other BBs. I am preparing to get melted in my Richelieu by any Bismarck now
  11. StalkerSoC

    Night fighting?

    Well, I don't think night battle are a good idea... First thing first, most players have terrible aim, now add limited visibility because brightness is lower, so it's harder to tell ship direction, speed and everything, because you'll have even less thing to guess the speed. Instead I would rather have better weather effect, like bigger waves, or very heavy rain that doesn't necessarily impact gameplay, but that just look nicer, and make the sea in WoWs a bit more immersive, without making it invasive when it come to gameplay.
  12. StalkerSoC

    Ship Bourogne

    Ranked, and yeah, a steel campaign like last christmas are your only option then. Also getting pretty lucky on supercontainer can get you closer to the required amount of steel. Also honestly, clan battle can be pretty nice... Try and find a clan !
  13. So can the Smolensk get nerfed already or we are going to endure that for the whole clan battle season ?
  14. StalkerSoC

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    How we played clan battle last night... And to be honest, it worked too well... At least we can say that we served the Soviet Union. As for Smolensk, I disagree, it was very practical in CB, making Kremlin burn through their damcon pretty quickly.
  15. StalkerSoC

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    It really depend on the player I would say, when we play in a Div, me in Kleber, and a clan mate in Daring, we basically never lose, it's just to easy to win caps quickly with the amount of firepower and tactical advantages you can get... But yeah I can agree that when gunboat DD player are alone, and not very good, most of the time it end up bad... Trying to hard limit the number of gunboat per side would be nice... Actually the best would be to make two separate classes... But I doubt we'll ever see that!