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  1. StalkerSoC

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    I really don't support that idea of Naval Training Center, I see multiple issues arising from this : - The upgrades are huge, and makes big differences between a "vanilla" boat, and one with one of those upgrades, making basically the more casual players, those that takes some month to grind a line, adults that work, or study and don't have time to dive into the game to grind and grind again the same line. The accomplishment that resulted in grinding a full line will only be a checkpoint before re-grinding another time. - Whales gonna whales. Those people that don't want to regrinding WILL most likely invest in FXP, which will allow whales to get LVL 3 upgrades fairly fast if they have the cash to do it (PAY2WIN ?). People that don't cash out will get powercrept by the same ship that they play, but with upgrades. Overall, I really think this shouldn't get into the game, but TBH, it seem rather far in developpment, and stayed under the radar, so most likely we won't avoid it.
  2. StalkerSoC

    Azur lane Sale "Is WG going full EA lootboxes?"

    WG Event premium shop : A Scam. So, I wake up this morning, happy to know that Azur Lane event is online, I like both game, and during the first part of the event, I even bought a camo and a captain. I can't tell how much I was surprised to see that if you want an Azur Lane Captain, you need to buy bundles that cost more than 80 euros... I personnaly don't have that kind of money, and I was looking forward to be able to buy one or two of my choice. Looks like I can't. To inflate the price, WG even add signals to those bundles. That's not all, both ships are very expensive, Yukikaze & Montpellier, with bundles to get the ship plus the captain, also out of my money. The Lootboxes... 9 euros for a [edited]random loot box ? Are you kidding me ? I found the soviet BBs crates expensive, at 5 euros, but that stuff beat everything. I am not going to buy anything in the end, it's just too much money, very little choice.
  3. StalkerSoC

    Alsace vs. Bourgogne Armor Scheme?

    I think they are pretty much the same beside secondary layout (Not even sure), and MBRB for Bourgogne... Just like Richelieu & Jean Bart. But in all honestly, Bourgogne should look more like Jean Bart if it ever existed and was refitted, but I doubt WG looked at JB when they started the first drawings of Bourgogne, which would have made a lot more sense with 100mm guns in a stairs fashion and 57mm AA, along with 152mm on bow and stern turrets.
  4. StalkerSoC

    Potential FPS Fix

    So it didn't solved it for me, I still have a lot of issues when a lot of torpedoes are spotted, I even had some lags when I was dropping torps from Enterprise... It doesn't happen every game, but the more I play without restarting the game, the worst it gets. It seems to come when a lot of informations are displayed at the same time in game, also i had some sound issues with Atlanta when firing all main guns.
  5. StalkerSoC

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    I find CVs pretty balanced for average players at the moment, overall I can get satisfying games in Enterprise when I'am at T8 on a T8 match, even in T9 it's manageable. It's when the uptier come, I wish I could exchange my Enterprise with Massy for exemple. DDs aren't in a very hard spot I guess, there is worst. DDs need to adapt to CVs, the main problem is that average Joe don't try hard enough with CVs, leaving players that learn counterplay. It took me 10 game to figure where DDs are in smokes based on tracers, the average speed of 1/4 etc, guessing with the minimap where the DD is when I prepare a rocket strike... What most people in my clan are seeing with the rework is the low number of counterplay surface ships have against CVs, while a CV player that want to learn and get better can dominate basically anyone if he think and learn mechanics... But overall I think we are approaching the best balance possible for CVs. They can tweak damage numbers, attack preparation time and stuff, but like @El2aZeR said, you can nerf them so much until they become useless, and since the core gameplay will stay the same, good player will adapt and still be pretty good.
  6. StalkerSoC

    Potential FPS Fix

    Hmm seems to make things a bit better but I am not sure yet... One of my clan mate used to crash almost every battle when he was caught in a torpedo soup, the patch seems to have fixed his crash. I'll report more when I do some more game later today.
  7. StalkerSoC

    Is it worth keeping T8 premium carriers ?

    Thanks for the complete answer, I see some things that I knew, and some other that makes me see Enterprise differently, I might give her another chance! And hopefully improve myself against T10, T8 and under wasn't really my problem in the first place, but since she is my only carrier (beside Hermes now) I wasn't sure that she was that unique / good. And since you don't compare to the carrier against you anymore, it's quite hard to run comparison with other carriers.
  8. StalkerSoC

    Is it worth keeping T8 premium carriers ?

    I know you are very good with her, I watched your videos with her, but it seems that I cannot makes her perform well when uptiered, thing that happens so often that it's quite frustrating... Also what is better with her than with Lexington? And what is her strength for you, what makes her shine?
  9. Hello Everyone. So, for those who don't know yet, WG devblog announced that T8 carriers are balanced at the moment, and that they don't plan to change anything anymore about them... Personnaly, I find Enterprise to be a little let down when uptiered, which happen so often that I don't remember last time I was top tier. I am not here to say that T8 carriers are trash, but are they worth the 19K doubloons you can get back by getting the refund ? I think they aren't worth it, but, what is your take on them for those who play them ? Maybe you guys will help me make my choice, should I sell Enterprise or keep her ?
  10. StalkerSoC

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Getting ships of the same class isn't a problem to me, as long as the gameplay isn't the exact same, and I am all for some sisters of some ship we already have in game, like Washington (The meme could be super stealthy just to make it like in real life when it flanked the japanese), or South Dakota, making it a lot more tanky ? Or why not New jersey and her rounded bridge ? I mean, we have multiple ships of the same class, with different histories and sometime design that makes them unique. I am all for sisterships being added in the game, and nothing push you to buy them or not...
  11. StalkerSoC

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

    Also you can try and join a clan, discuss with them, and having one or two good player taking you into Training room and teaching you some of the basics like angling, kitting, etc... From the moment I joined a clan my stats bumped up like hell, and I enjoy the game a lot more.
  12. StalkerSoC

    Is WG Anti DD

    Anti DDs ? wat ? They nerf concealment for EVERY SINGLE CLASS beside DDs, they give you 6 more sec for radar before getting detected by everyone. They makes DDs with 1/4 HE pen and 2 sec reload, they nerf the detectability range of DDs to the point planes have to be above them to spot them. I mean, if anything, WG is making the life of DDs easier.
  13. StalkerSoC

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    Roma is nice, it looks good, but RNG screw you more than often. Somehow I find Massachusetts guns more reliable. Shotgunning for shotgunning, you might prefer having 16" SHS and amazing secondaries. Don't get me wrong, Roma is good, but if I HAVE to play 15" guns at T8, I would take Richelieu over Roma everyday. Roma tank well, but the combination of high pen and strange dispersion makes it all or none when you fire, either you get a nice group and good damage, or only overpen/miss. I would say, get Massy if you want a T8 BB for the fact of owning one. Still Roma is nice boat.
  14. StalkerSoC


    Nice meme, I think I'am really going to sell Enterprise soon, I get sucked EVERY GAME in T10, what can I do when I end up in a game like that ? Oh yeah, basically losing a 100 planes only to do 21K damage. It's disgusting, a 50e ship, known to be a very good carrier, not being able to do anything, it's frustrating and uninteresting. If I buy a ship, it's to have fun, playing that isn't fun at all. You can avoid flak burst, but the continuous DPS is so strong that you can't do anything. Torpedo bombers, when you approach you get shat on by Flak burst or you have to maneuver like a monkey so it's impossible to get torpedo hit correctly, bombers, by the time I am going to dive I've lost 7 of my planes, and rockets are useless atm.
  15. StalkerSoC

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Hello ! Just to bump a bit and recommend my clan ! A bit of my story there ; I'am a French player, and before joining this clan I was solo, and not very good at the game. Since I joined, I enjoy battles a lot more, I learned a lot about the game by playing with very good players. The clan is open for people that aren't from an english speaking country, as long as you can speak english, no matter of your accent, you'll be welcome. Also we are doing CB, getting better results last season (Top of the storm league, almost getting in the next one !!). We also do Fleet Event, where we recreate or imagine battle altogether in training room, it's fun and allow us to discuss and enjoy a good time together. Also we started to play some operations. So everything for everyone I guess ? Our discord is also very lively, discussions everyday, and fun. We often play other game together, and above a WoWs community, one can say that we are a gaming community interested in history, mostly naval, but still, we are open for any historical subject. (Also we are meme worthy) We have some place still not taken, so don't hesitate to join !