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  1. baz44331

    VIII Tallinn Broken ship.

    haha love WOWS. Ask a question and get hit with all wall of abuse. Dont worry guys I still love you all and find it funny TBH. Yeah i got 700 tokens from a drop box.. i spent about 2500 D on it. I got the two Prem Russian Cruisers. Why not. I have the cash to spend becuase i have a epic job requires me get shot at and waking at night dreaming about poor people dieing in Syria.. and i like WOWS. We keep this game going. Dont forget it. My winrate is very bad yes. That becuase when i first started i lost every battle for about a year hahah. But if you look at my battles won im making up ground now. WIP guys. Anyway i must be playing it wrong. Cheers guys!
  2. Hey guys, Let's talk about the Tallinn, this ship is badly broken and at times i feel i dont do any Dmg with her and when you try to engage in a fight it gets wreaked in the first few rds. This ships is slow and turns like a bus even with the added Hull B. Its feels like a bad Hipper and the ship needs a heal too. how is everyone else finding it?
  3. when are the ships been released anyone know?
  4. baz44331

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    how long have the dev team wasted on this crap. no joke its a complete waste of time and effort. Cancel this and move on guys because you must be nuts if you think we are all going to regrind all our lines again. Good luck.
  5. baz44331

    TOP SECRET WG plans for WoWS

    it wont be optional when everyone else s using the upgrades and we who don't rest get rolled. so its not optional. anyway i leave it here. thanks guys
  6. baz44331

    TOP SECRET WG plans for WoWS

    ok cool. Ive been away for a bit but my friends never heard of it before today. so to recap. 1. forced to complete reset of all tiers to get magical upgrades. 2. Prem ships stats go to Normal. 3. Once you use all the point you get after reset then spend more money. am i right?
  7. baz44331

    TOP SECRET WG plans for WoWS

    I understand it clear. We reset to get grind it all out again. yes again. then we use our points to buy upgrades for ships we already had so to improve in battle. its complete nonsense, Watch the vid Klopirat. its made by Flambass. he is no fool. they name of this thread is the name of is vid BTW lol also i dont see anything in that thread about prem ships going to normal stats. also @genosse 01.06 into the vid you see him ask the Dev team to be clear on what they want.
  8. WG, Don't tell me your not about to reset everything after all the cash we spent on XP and Doubloons. also Premium Ships going to be normal?? Me and my friends a very worried about this and i like to get some hard facts on it. Talk to me WG staff tell me what is going to happen please?
  9. baz44331


    Looks like no sale yet 😒
  10. baz44331

    server down

    yeah me to mate.
  11. Hello BlackPud. Im looking for a good guild to play with, if i could get a Discord link ill join thanks,

    1. HMS_BlackPud


      Hi Bazz

      As you can see we use Discord. It would be great to have you on board so would you send a join request in game. Cheers


      We have a great clan with a number of multi cultural backgrounds including British, Swedish, Dutch, Swiss and Cuban/Spanish members (all English speaking) and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship. We use discord and in game chat and also have a Facebook page for comms . Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_Edinburgh or HMS_BlackPud.   Cheers Pud

  12. baz44331

    [ENG] seeking Mature Clan with Discord...

    Hello guys. Im looking for a Clan with English speaking people too. Ive got T9 T8 and all the rest for British ships. They need to be older guys as im 32.