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  1. RapplerSoon

    Black Screen When Exit Game

    I normally play Wows from my HHD without issues. I reinstalled the game on my SSD today and now i experience the same problem as the guys above. Why hasn't an official WG employee even reacted top this? Edit: The game starts in fullscreen mode by default. Once i switched to windowed fullscreen it worked again.
  2. RapplerSoon

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Here are some random issues with 0.5.3: - Many of my friends report having zoom issues when playing in their Yamatos (barely any zoom in scoped mode). They have uninstalled all mods without success. Edit: completely removing the mod pack from your PC might have fixed it, we are testing it at the moment. - The compact ship carousel always resets after you return to the harbor and you have to switch to it again - The UI is way too big without any options to scale it down - The torpedo spam at high tiers got out of hand (as expected)
  3. RapplerSoon

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    I don't know which skill to use as a 4 point skill on my german cruisers now that Last Stand is a 2 point skill. Manual AA doesn't look too useful without AFT2 since the range on the 105mm guns would only be 4,5km and i don't use Defensive Fire on my german cruisers since Hydroacoustic Search is so good on them. Demolition Expert might be worth it to combat BBs that are heading towards you (buffs 11% fire chance to 14%) since your AP does around 0 damage then and fires do significant damage against high tier BBs. Advanced Firing Training on its own doesn't seem to useful either since the secondaries are negligible and the AA on the german cruisers isn't great either.
  4. RapplerSoon

    Lo Yang and Anshan

    If i am correct then both new chinese premium ships have exclusive gameplay elements to them. The Lo Yang can use the Hydroacoustic Search perk which isn't available to any other DD in the game (it should be available to all USN DDs though). The Anshan on the other hand earns 100% more free XP, a thing that should be a given for all premium ships in my opinion. Can we expect WG to give USN DDs the sonar perk and add the free XP camouflage to all premium ships or is this just a way to push the sales on the two newest premium ships?
  5. RapplerSoon

    AA changes in patch 0.5.3

    I for one am glad that they buffed the Kutuzov's guns to compensate for the AFT nerf. The ship is meant to be a long range sniper since it really can't take hits very well. Maybe they should consider buffing the Mogami's range to around 17.5 km as well. Keep in mind that the Mogami is a statistically high performing ship though, that might be the reason for it not being compensated at first.
  6. RapplerSoon

    Have WG finally got the message?

    When i saw that this thread suddenly has multiple pages i was looking forward to reading what other players think about the bundle policy. What i got instead is community members arguing with a community manager over things said about a community contributor. What a shame, especially since the bundle issue needs solving quick.
  7. RapplerSoon

    Have WG finally got the message?

    Just a quick comparison between RU, US and EU bundle prices for the Mikhail Kutuzov. I would really like to buy this ship, but i just won't pay 60€ for it. http://imgur.com/a/VnYI1 As you can clearly see the russian server gets the ship without any bundles while the US can at least chose between two bundles which are both cheaper than the single EU bundle.
  8. RapplerSoon

    Keep getting disconnected

    This keeps happening to me once or twice a day. The game just randomly throws me back to the log in screen. I have no obvious connection issues or anything and often times people in the same match complain about sudden disconnects as well. To make matters worse this mostly happens when i am playing destroyers in dangerous situations so i regularly die to a sudden log out.
  9. RapplerSoon

    MM acting weird from time to time

    i got this match after waiting only 1 minute in queue with almost 15k players on the EU server. The MM seems to sometimes throw together a match really hastily that ends up like this one. This only really started after patch Before that especially the CV balance was a lot better.
  10. RapplerSoon

    Fix the map border exploit already

    Still not fixed and still a problem. I met a Tirpitz division today where all three of them just hugged the border the entire time.
  11. RapplerSoon

    German ship stats

    Bismarck and Tirpitz will have a hard time competing at Tier 8 (they are both comparable to the T6 (!) Warspite), the H39 at Tier 9 and the H41 at Tier 10 will face similar problems. If these ships will be implemented in this fashion the german high tier battleships won`t stand a chance against the existing japanese or american ships.
  12. RapplerSoon

    T2 & T3 Carriers as Seaplane Tenders?

    I would like to see that.