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  1. VPH030

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Did all the directives, no ships on the horizon. Not feeling the event really. I know it's RNG and all that, but why hype an event if the drop chances are that low... or maybe I was just very unlucky... time to go back to T4 and start getting some xp I guess. Happy hunting.
  2. VPH030

    Indomitable in the shop

    One year later, she is here. Will.be interesting to see how she is - I remember one of the earlier versions was "flying ZAO", but the she got nerfed a couple of times to the point where both the rockets and the bombs we kinda weak. Since she has no torps, maybe we have relatively weak ship? Let's see. Happy hunting and happy 2020.
  3. VPH030

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    To give feedback, you have to test. To test, you need an invite. I have no invite. Just the test client gathering dust on my hard drive...
  4. VPH030

    Patch 9.0, big change?

    And by the way, 2021 will not necessarily mean we move to 1.0.0 In WOT they had update 0.10.0 and 0.11.0 and so on, if I remember correctly. They moved to 1.0 when they replaced the graphics engine - so we'll move to 1.0 when they feel we should and most likely linked to a massive overhaul (so CV rework, IFHR rework and even subs may not count as massive enough - as weird as that sounds) Cheers.
  5. VPH030

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I unrelated news, the sub test client updated, so maybe we'll get news on a new test soon... alas, still no invite for me
  6. VPH030

    Web server is unavailable

    Works now :-). Was frustrating I could not check the progress on the Naval Battle. With the break coming, more pleple may be playing - I guess this is good for the game. Anyhow, happy hunting.
  7. VPH030

    Web server is unavailable

    Thanks for letting me know - so it's not a general thing. Guess I just lucked-out.
  8. VPH030

    Web server is unavailable

    I can't access the Naval Battle, the clan or the armory tabs - tells me the web server is unavailable.... anyone else notice this? Happy hunting.
  9. Just PSA - the T50-2 is last years' reward and will not be available till NOV 2020, if you want it you need to logg in fast - in the next few days, or month at most. The Hellcat should be there till next year though. I think QB has a video on this or one of the other streamers...
  10. VPH030

    Poltava in the shop

    So, as the title says, she is here. Any opinions? The description says she is a BB with normal (so not RU) dispersion... but I am not sure if this is exactly a good thing or not... I know that in all other aspects she is considered weaker than the silver counterpart... Happy Friday and happy hunting.
  11. VPH030

    3-5-7 from wot is coming to wows

    My 2 cents on this: I remember there was a recent change to the MM to limit the number of times you are bottom tier. My feeling is that so far, this works fairly well... untill the player distribution changes again, why mess with it? At the moment, it feels ok. Just my 2 cents.
  12. VPH030

    Personal missions end date

    Hi, I was wondering if we could have the end date for personal missions back in the game. For example, for the Yudachi, for the 25x200% XP, I think this was October 31st. This was mentioned in the sale article, but you can't see it in the game. It would really help knowing when they will expire. Happy hunting.
  13. VPH030

    King of the Sea IX

    So, in 1 vs 1 ranked => no more save a star mechanic? :-)
  14. VPH030

    Yahagi in the shop

    This week's new ship is the Yahagi. Since it's been a while since it was tested - does anyone remember if she is any good? Happy hunting.
  15. VPH030

    Any sub test invites?

    Has anyone checked to see if the test instance from the CV test works for this? I want to avoid uninstalling and re-installing if not mandatory. I know it was said this may be needed, but I'm not sure anyone actually checked or if people just did a clean install by default. I still don't have an invite, but I want to be ready (relying on the fact that they said all the people that applied will get an invite eventually ) Happy hunting.