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  1. VPH030

    Yahagi in the shop

    This week's new ship is the Yahagi. Since it's been a while since it was tested - does anyone remember if she is any good? Happy hunting.
  2. VPH030

    Any sub test invites?

    Has anyone checked to see if the test instance from the CV test works for this? I want to avoid uninstalling and re-installing if not mandatory. I know it was said this may be needed, but I'm not sure anyone actually checked or if people just did a clean install by default. I still don't have an invite, but I want to be ready (relying on the fact that they said all the people that applied will get an invite eventually ) Happy hunting.
  3. VPH030

    Any sub test invites?

    Cool - thanks everyone. Guess we jusr wait and see.
  4. VPH030

    Any sub test invites?

    Hi all, Since it was published that the test server for subs will go up "soon", I was wondering if anyone received the invite to join already. I signed up and did not receive one yet, but I was not sure if this is because the invites were not sent-out yet or because I was not one of the people selected for the first batch of testing.... I know we should all get invites eventually (those that signed-up) but the invites will still go out in batches. Happy hunting.
  5. VPH030

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

    Time to farm the bots in Coop again, I guess... unless anyone can tell me a more efficient way to meet the "first victory" condition. I wish they would replace this with just "play one battle" - that way you would be incentivised to play all the ships in Randoms, since even if the games are longer, you still know you get the reward at the end. It would be more gratifying than just endlessly farming bots in Coop. In unrelated news, I was Thunderer is added as coal ship. Probably the grindable T10 ships idea died together with the Slava... Happy hunting and an easy week for all.
  6. VPH030

    Yudachi in the shop

    So, she is finally here, one of the ships that were "lost in testing". Any thoughts on her? Is there anything speshul abou her (other than the torp reload booster), or is she just a Shira? What is her detectability (what fully built for that)? Happy hunting.
  7. VPH030

    Can't open my replays

    Same here - 8.7.1 replays seem to be stuck on endless loading. Also, the news won't show in the game - just have the notification but can't read them... gets a bit annoying.
  8. So the new National camos that were mentioned in the patch notes are in the shop now - but I think they are only sold with the ships. Not at home now, so I don't know if they are also available in thw client for Dubloons or if you can get the Camos only without the ships. Happy hunting and have a nice week.
  9. My few thoughts on this: On the MM improvements - great. If people are not afraid they will end-up in T10 games, they may play T8 more - I think this also limits the number of lower tiers available. This may work even better than expected. On the consumables: I don’t really care. If it helps some people that can’t afford them - great. On the NTC: Again, please no combat bonuses. I know you said these will be reduced, and that you’re doing them because many people want to win. I do not think that part of the player base is important enough, and I’ll explain: At the moment, I think the general perception of the game is that it’s more or less fair. If 2 ships of equal tier meet, if they are fully upgraded, they have the same capabilities - meaning that the difference on who wins is determined by the player. Yes, maybe one of the ships is not fully upgraded, but generally the upgrades are grindable in a reasonable amount of time.. Yes, maybe the captain builds are different and the modules and the signals - but this is customization readily available to all, and to some extent requires minimal skill. So, again, if I get sunk in my Mino by another Mino, I have no one to blame but myself - he had the same ship, so I lost to better player skill - this is fair. Once the upgrades are in place, I may or may not be able to tell if he has them mounted, and then, if I get sunk, I will not think it’s because of what the other player did, but because he had a different, better boat - this becomes unfair, as I did not lose to higher skill player, but maybe to someone with more time or money. The point I’m trying to make is that one of the things that’s hurts any game, is the perception that the game is PTW. I don’t think that’s the case for WOWs, BUT with this system in place, it may become. Even if money will play no factor in the progression, it will still be perceived as a game that gives unfair advantages to some. It’s one thing if that is about “that guy has a premium I don’t have” (because in that case, my reaction, if I care is how do I get the premium myself), but a completely different one if it’s the same ship I’m in and it’s better and I can’t do anything about it ‘cause I don’t have time for the grind. It makes you feel helpless and people don’t like that feeling - especially from a game that’s meant to be relaxing. Again, Camo’s or other stuff mentions on the topic - no problem. But anything that changes the performance of a ship vs the same, but un-upgraded ship - even if it’s only by 0.0001% - is not OK, because it starts to create doubt. It no longer feels fair. Last on this point - the players that want to get stronger ships so that they win - are you sure they are your best ambassadors for the game? “My friend, come play this game I like. Sure, we can play in a division and use the same ship, just that mine is better ‘cause I did the grind 9 times…. No worries, you can also get this in about 3 years - if you play causally...” Not sure you want someone that’s just getting in the game learning from the start he needs to grind that hard…. Sure, eventually he’ll catch on, but by then you hopefully had a chance to make him like the game enough so that he sticks with it. Maybe you can check and see how many of the seal-clubbers are also great recruiters… My guess would be few - therefore not making is necessary to cater to them. Now, if you still do implement this, please don’t make us sell the ships for the re-grind. For example, I would like to keep my Minotaur, so I can play it, while I am grinding “next level” in the Neptune. I understand that this means any experience I get in the Minotaur until the grind on the Neptune is complete will not count, and this is OK, but I don’t want to lose the Minotaur for a month or 3 or 12 while I’m grinding. I understand this is meant to be a resource sink, OK, I can buy “Minotaur 2” once I finish the grind and once I have enough resources for that purchase - and you can differentiate the ships by dots (like the current event) or color or whatever. Point is I like to see the ships I grinded once in my port, and I don’t want to give that up for who knows how long - especially if a mission or ranked season or something comes along and I want to use that ship. Again, if the goal is to drain resources, that can be done without giving-up the “base” ship until you grinded “version 1” or “version 2” - especially since it will take more than 1 pass through the tech tree to get enough points for the level 2 and 3 upgrades - at this point you’re spending more time without the ship that with the ship in your port. Last (for now) - please tie the captains to the ships and once you get the next version of the ship, they can be moved to it without re-training => meaning my current Fiji captain can go to “Fiji version 2” once I have the credits or whatever I need to get that ship. If I then want to move him to another ship, then I am OK to pay the re-trainign cost. But if I keep him on the same ship, I don’t want to pay 6 times to have him stay on the ship. This is particularly expensive for high tier captains, and would really discourage people from even trying this. Hoping some of his will be taken into consideration. P.S: sorry for the bold text, I don't know why it does not let me un-bold it. Thank you and happy hunting.
  10. VPH030

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Something similar - you set a primary commander and then when you want him back on the ship you click a button - no need to scroll through the list again. Usefull if you have many commanders.
  11. VPH030

    Why does Benham have a T8 camo ?

    I think this is a bug that will be corrected in the next update, but they will confirm. Happy hunting.
  12. VPH030

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Simple crew is working again. Happy hunting.
  13. VPH030

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Simple crew is not working again :-(.
  14. VPH030

    Theories on new lines?

    Thank you all for the replies. If I recall correctly, last year they announced the plans for the second half of the year in August (around Gamescon, maybe?). With the French DDs in the second round of testing, I guess we can expect them shortly and then we may learn what is in the works for the rest of the year. Happy hunting.
  15. VPH030

    Theories on new lines?

    It occured to me that with the addition of the Soviet BBs and the French DD in a couple of months, we pretty much have all the lines of all the major nations in the game so far. For the sake of the discussion, let's assume the next line (after French DDs) will be Italian CAs - though this is not yet announced. Any theories on what may follow that? I guess they could do a Pan-Europe line (hinted at with the DD)... or something for PanAsia or Commonwealth? Or maybe some line splits? Any theories?