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  1. suppenkaschperl

    server interruptions, 19h

    Just won a ranked battle, no result screen and back to login screen. After logging in no star rewarded. Compensation much appreciated if possible.
  2. suppenkaschperl

    Ranked Stars missing?

    Just won a game. No result screen -> login issue. After logging in no star earned... gg WG Guess I better stop playing ranked today
  3. suppenkaschperl

    server interruptions, 19h

    just won a ranked battle, now loading screen and cant login. Guess the star wont count... gg
  4. suppenkaschperl

    Wichtel-Container 2019 / Was war drin ?

    Genau das habe ich schon vermutet das die billig container einfach nichts gescheites abwerfen.
  5. suppenkaschperl

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate in the lottery!
  6. suppenkaschperl

    Comparison of "Snowflakes 2018" to upcoming "Snowflakes 2019" ...

    Chance to get a premium ship. Open 86 containers get 1 ship. :DD
  7. suppenkaschperl

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    WG knows how to make players happy. If I get it right you have to play everyday to get max tokens if you dont wanna use any dublons. Stil a good move from WG, players will use dublons when they realise they cant keep up the grind.
  8. suppenkaschperl

    Comparison of "Snowflakes 2018" to upcoming "Snowflakes 2019" ...

    snowflake rewards from last year were much better. Would have been around 6k steel for me and we know how good the drop rates are of containers especially the cheap ones. 80% camo,free exp or signals which I have no use for. Atleast they could have added some steel as reward in this containers...
  9. suppenkaschperl

    Next Ranked Sprint to be 1 vs 1?

    why people assume CVs gonna be so stronk there? Noone knows the rules yet. Maybe its 3 capzones close to each other and you can win by points in 3-4 minutes... Ofc in a 20 minute random battle 1vs1 CV would be op but I doubt that will apply to 1vs1 format. Also you have the chance to leave queue if carriers are in it. Might be a fun experience, we will see.
  10. suppenkaschperl

    Comparison of "Snowflakes 2018" to upcoming "Snowflakes 2019" ...

    So no more steel for T10 ships this year but we'll get containers instead... Thinking about how the lootprices of containers developed over past years. Definitley we will end up with more steel than last year and enjoy alot of free premium ships... On top of that another grind fiesta for PR.
  11. suppenkaschperl

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.8.10: Runde 2

    Gibts irgendwo eine Info was in diesen Container enthalten ist?
  12. suppenkaschperl

    Twitch Rewards in 0.8.9 – a Mission Awaits You Within

    Mission doesnt show up at personal assignments and no I did not complete it already. Edit: I also got some twitch missions(for watching) but never received them ingame.
  13. suppenkaschperl

    Twitch Rewards in 0.8.9 – a Mission Awaits You Within

    @Crysantos I activated the Mission even on the website https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/blair-twitch-project/ But its still missing ingame. Any idea how to fix that? I cant click on activate twitch mission part 1 as is says " You are already participating in this offer."
  14. suppenkaschperl

    Twitch Rewards in 0.8.9 – a Mission Awaits You Within

    same here. I received a twitch container and a mission yesterday but there is no mission for me ingame. Someone on twitch told me to disconnect/connect twitch account with wg account again but stil no mission...