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  1. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Moving Secondaries

    I believe that bigger shells can pen deeper.
  2. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Lock on bug?

    Agreed. It's annoying as you can't quick select a ship and give gifts when needed to said ship.
  3. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Cant see game stats after game ends

    Look here to expedite the process https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240899-a-little-known-problem-you-can-fix-open-sessions-unable-to-log-on-errors-end-of-game-info-bug/
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Win\Defeat screen bug still exist

    I bring you this temp fix... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240899-a-little-known-problem-you-can-fix-open-sessions-unable-to-log-on-errors-end-of-game-info-bug/
  5. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Is the Siegfeld deck covered in gasoline

    Are any German ship decks covered in gasoline?
  6. LowSpeedHighDrag

    British Cruisers, are they worth it?

    100% agreed, and a good suggestion. Unless OP likes the hinden/zao/Crapshino playstyle but with limited range with CA (Heavy Cruisers). I find Minotaur more challenging as she can be out of the game if you're not aware 100% of the time, in comparison to a Daring.
  7. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Soviet Cvs

    Torp beats intensifies...
  8. LowSpeedHighDrag

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not physically smashing the keyboard on the monitor due to so many factors from other players. Specially the ones that actively send a toxic messages to you after the battles. Usually occurs with higher WR players, who are super toxic. Irony is that they only 'see' the snapshot of your ships location/actions at the moment, and not how or what took you to that spot in the game. Which means, they are dead. Spectating, and only 'seeing' the second half of the game, not the first half where things gets moved around the board. The real observant players will understand why things unfolded the way it did. Not what led to it.
  9. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Non toxic

    As trying to determine whether Karma points are given/taken away is so arbitrary. It is nigh impossible to say if A + B = C. There are players who received negative Karma from a winning game play, to players that just gets negative Karma from being outright a bad player in game. Karma is only as good as you give value to it. Admittedly, some days when I'm feeling particularly fragile. The negative Karma that I'd receive from a player with no tactical IQ gets me going, especially when you pull off/contribute towards the end condition of victory. Salty toxic players will do what they are expected to do. There is no hope for those players, quite literally.
  10. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Grand Battle. Like or Loathe?

    We should all realise that this is a test bed (re:Grand Battle mode). As WG are no longer gathering enough "real world" (ergo, Random players deviation data) data from PTS and alike. This mode have been thrusted upon the players in live servers to see whether such ships would gather enough traction. As it stands, any new ships in higher tiers are a product to be sold; regardless of the niche/quality of said ships being sold.
  11. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    Same issue here. Ship is activated for the mode. Intelligence points are sufficient for 1st game. The Battle key is not highlighted.
  12. LowSpeedHighDrag

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    You know what is my greatest gaming achievement today?! is this! ALL FRIGGIN MORNING! WHY IS THE DAMN INSTALL ALWAYS SO SLOW (with pre download of update).
  13. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Why is game play so different depending on battle type ?

    In a TST server, you'll find more experienced players of WOWS than in live servers. TST server is where the veterans go to sample what is being well, tested. Curious, why aren't you playing on a Public Test Server and not the TST server? As TST server is time limited access after patch release.
  14. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Problem logging into game/server

    Appreciate your response, @BrusilovX. I figured the response time by the fellow forumites would've beaten the support team. In this case they were both slow on the race of beating each other to a resolution. I figured it out myself before they actually responded, ironically. For the those that are interested & to save time these are the steps I took. Run Command Prompt (run as administrator) Enter the exact commands in order: ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns netsh winsock reset These steps will clear your DNS cache. Check for the issue. As an alternative, change your DNS server to Google Public DNS by following the instructions: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using If that fails. Uninstall and reinstall the client itself (which is the last option if all else fails).
  15. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Problem logging into game/server

    Could be, but surely this can't be the case after many days of reconnecting.