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  1. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Or being reported for actually doing more and coming out on top, because 'noob team' remarks.
  2. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    So you went back to port, before you were actually sunk in battle? I don't think that is something you should do, going back to port AFTER sinking I understand.
  3. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Battle Pass Coming

    "One BP only, Vasily, One" Pretty sure, majority of the veterans of the game & a 'fool and his money (are easily departed)' would pay Dubloons to play for those modes. Surprised WG didn't implement this by now, since their drive towards the profit margin is clearly boosted.
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Another scam?

    When is Black friday by the way?
  5. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    I have witnessed a DD dead with a "-1" clearly showing that it was a FF cause in Ranked. That player must've been firing at friendlies on multiple occasions to activate that buffer of no damage to friendly players.
  6. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Has WoWs stopped working with Twitch Prime ?

    I have 2 twitch containers received by viewing streamers. I cannot redeem them as it shows me that I cannot claim it. There's a bug for sure some where.
  7. LowSpeedHighDrag

    The Mysterious Art of Kiting.

    I forget which website it showed, but that range was up to 52% and below.
  8. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Battle Pass Coming

    So besides what I can see from the screen shot. What is the special reward that players will grind that we couldn't already grind to get available now? I don't see Steel, Research B, Recruitment points on that rewards list. Unless WG gets 'smart' and finds a way to nerf earning to boost this new wallet opener.
  9. LowSpeedHighDrag

    The Mysterious Art of Kiting.

    I feel like we're drumming the to the same beat here. Doesn't matter how many battles someone played. Anyone can play over 20k battles in coop and have a low WR, or less than 1000 battles with unicum WR. The metric was that 5k battles and up usually the WR would average off the players skill rating. This might have been changed somewhat from few years ago.
  10. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Battle Pass Coming

    No no, this is good. Hear me out Weegee. Have a battle mode where in Premium Battle Pass, you can select and pay for battle modes as follows: Mode 1: All ships, but No Carriers Mode 2: All ships, but No submarines Mode 3: All ships, but No CV's and No submarines Mode 4: No Arms Race mode Mode 5: No Radar ships and No Hydro ships. Mode 6: No Battleships only Mode 7: No Cruisers only Mode 8: No Destroyers only Mode 9: Submarines only mode Mode 10: Carrier vs Carrier only mode Mode 11: Submarines and Carrier only mode There, WG. You now have an incredible way to earn and boost your profits and your end of year/quarter bonuses.
  11. LowSpeedHighDrag

    The Mysterious Art of Kiting.

    Being a 42%'er is like being a beginner with this game. Last I read, anyone below Win Rate (WR) of 52% is actually Global below average.
  12. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    Why is that flag such an important object of desire? Could be that their spreadsheet department realized that some players have too many days of Premium via free / earned methods. This is a basic version of supply and demand. Reduce the supply, to inflate the demand. Just like they have always tried to reduce the in game credits in the past (current), and raising Free XP ships to 2 million mark. If they were concerned with particular ships reaching a saturation point. They need to return back to the design, and find a solution to off set it. Not by raising the cost of said digital goods. Speaking of Free XP ships. One way to justify the raised cost would be to introduce more. At least it would keep the inflated cost in the shadow of; "hey here are new FXP ships, and all previous ships will cost the same, for balance". It's late here, need sleep.
  13. LowSpeedHighDrag

    The Mysterious Art of Kiting.

    I'm no pro, but this is my current understanding of 'kite' tactic. One positions their ship to egress out optimally (usually aft towards the enemy). This practice was clearly seen pre-nerf of Henry. Initiates their salvo, as a result being spotted/seen. They play with their speed & graduated angles off target. If the player knows which ship is firing onto them with what shells, and knows their ship armour values. They may try to ricochet the shells, optimally avoiding them all. Fires back at said target, and the process repeats. This is also done at optimal range from target to allow for more advantageous time to respond to incoming shells. The common 'showing of broadsides' that you've pointed out, is a movement that was either done by a surprise unbeknownst to the driver. Or out of choice (avoiding torpedoes, or getting hits). What I do witness more with players, when they get hit. They instantly react. Usually, turning away from the direction of the shells. Totally instinctual. Like dodging a punch. The pros, would actually use other options to counter act. Slowing down, full stop, turning slightly, etc. What the good battleship (BB) players do, is wait for the right moment to fire onto a ship that is either moving at a very predictable direction & speed. Or sees the opportunistic ship that happens to be caught out by the above scenario (e.g. ships showing full broadside due to their full turn to avoid torpedoes). May I also mention that these good players don't 'camp' in the back all game either. They move to impact the battle result real time, or initiate it. As an example, a Yamato sitting back near spawn is no good, if that ship is only firing at near max range and missing or even hitting targets inconsistently. The impact of the large HP pool of that BB, the danger it poses as it shortens the distance to it's target is real. The psychological impact is also a tool. Much like an unseen/unspotted Destroyer (DD) is a direct psychological threat to a BB. Imagine an invisible Submarine pinging you, as a BB player you'd run. Leave your carefully thought out position in the map/battle zone. Your primary focus being shifted to that sub that is after you. Taking your attention (and effective guns) off targets while doing so. I digress. There is an art to kiting, for sure. I known players who can consistently kite shells effectively. But to a limit. One can't avoid more than 2 angles of fire that is incoming. It's just math.
  14. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Player Disguised as Bot

    I'd rather run towards it.
  15. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Where is this for EU players?

    Also, the page is stuck on NA server. 100% loaded image, then stuck.