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  1. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Why report, total waste of time!

    I shall keep that in mind. However, would you please explain for once for the sake of transparency. Why such conversations should remain private (if no, names or details of named player is shown)? Any conversations that you have with any customer service is "recorded". By law, you too are allowed to record your conversations with the customer service for your own protection. This is not a one way street.
  2. LowSpeedHighDrag

    The new premium ship policy

    Who gives a damn anymore. This will turn into another "He said, she said" drama. I'm sure Missouri had its moment on the forums when it was out (I'm quite sure it did). What would really fix the issue with Tier 8 battles? I'd say limit the Ship to -1/+1.
  3. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Why report, total waste of time!

    I'm posting this for the general public. Since, I find their (WG) response rather lack lustre. To me their response means, that they will only as shown in the picture below. The player will get a mirror damage in the game when this happens. I don't see this method as the effective means of deterring, intentional Team Kills (Coops, Randoms, and specially in Ranked). Imagine the frustration of being on the receiving end of that Team kill...(I was the one watching it unfold). Why should the players actually go out of their way to get this ticket submitted, when the end result is nothing but in situation "Mirror" damage received. Not a slap on the wrist. Not a warning. Not even a ban for limited time. So this basically means, TKer's can TK without any penalty (except their in game credit losses, if any). This whole process is a waste of time. edit: ss removed due to rule violations. Please keep that in mind Do not create topics/posts to share private conversations Exchanges with our Customer Support Services and through private messages should remain private
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Making ranked less fustrating

    Too much work for player induced selfish game play. Then again, it's human nature to preserve oneself before others. As a side note: Those that say "oh another CV that goes for damage" in chat. Are just not helping themselves, or understanding/reading the battle sequence. Unless the CV is not spotting, providing fighters, assisting in taking out the threat, etc. Then fine, go all out and say it. However, I see too many players just saying that for the sake of saying it. With no basis from to accuse the CV player or their actions. I've also realised it's usually the first/second player that died. That usually, starts to go chat crazy and snowball the CV hate for no valid reasons. Worse yet, with no valid reasoning other than their own bias towards that ship class. This is just unhealthy, no matter which way you cut it.
  5. LowSpeedHighDrag

    New twitch drops - epic drop

    I've already submitted a ticket when when Twitch crates started originally. It would only give me twitch crates to my NA account and not my EU. Even when the NA account was unlinked from Twitch account. There seems to be a misunderstanding from the ticket department with my issues. I didn't pursue it further. As it seemed like I was explaining the same thing over, and over to get a single point across. It's a shame, as I do not play with my NA account much longer.
  6. LowSpeedHighDrag


    That could be the same player that did TK (TeamDamage) me, turns out. I could've won the game for the team. If I didn't have the HP deficit from the Akizuki player from the start.
  7. LowSpeedHighDrag

    That shouldn't be possible #CV #ranked

    Surely you can't expect a DD to have predictive aim assist, yet other ships do not. Just as you can't expect a CV to deny any attack run/s towards AA cruisers. This is a game. Not some simulation. Players who expect a total no fly zone with their Cruisers & wishing for "I want old CV's back". Forgets that the "older CV's" had alpha strikes, and if CV player was any good. You were done just as fast as that player wanted you sunk, and faster than now the Reworked mechanism. The Damage done to the surface ships, were more per attack then it is now. As a crude example attack of one squadron would be 20k (older CV) vs 10k (new CV) citadel/torpedo hits.
  8. LowSpeedHighDrag

    0.8.4 - General feedback

    Reduction of battle times in Ranked or Ranked Sprint would be towards a better game turn around and strategy/tactics. Deletion of the STAR rating method. i.e. highest XP keeps their STAR. Instead, the team that wins; gets a star. The team that lost, does not. This in theory would push the mindset of players more towards "team victory", rather than "selfish/I will farm victory" behaviours. Suggestion (link is directed to General section)
  9. LowSpeedHighDrag

    On average.....

    I used to pull all nighters, and when the online player count was so low; only then I'd log out. But now, I have a lesser stamina or patience with the game. I think this is primarily due to that fact that the "new toy" concept have now become an "old toy". Essentially, the novelty have died off. As for new Premium ships, I'm not really interested. I'm more interested in the tech tree ships themselves. It gives a longevity for the game, and a goal for me to achieve. Rather than just taking a short cut to a ship. Nowadays, I spend an average 2 hours if I'm able. Specially with the Ranked season now, I would spend more.
  10. LowSpeedHighDrag


    First of all, such behaviour only hurts the community in the long run. We need more players in the game for the enjoyment for everyone. It is not about, whether one has a thick skin, or being harassed by their WR being made fun at, or telling player to stop playing Cv, etc. Next time you come across a player with abusive chat in game. You can RIGHT CLICK on their chat box/message and use the report option. Just like how you would compliment someone in battle or from the end of battle screen. Try it, WG would have an easier way to see the direct chat message & that is for me the single most direct/simple method to get someone chat banned for appropriate reasons. @WG developers, thank you for adding that feature in game.
  11. LowSpeedHighDrag

    DD carries the game, CV gets the blame

    CV's always get the blame, always. With the exception of one thing. When by a miracle, when the stars are aligned perfectly, the almighty god of the sea Neptune smiles upon you, and when the RNG, and enemy ships are all low on HP, and their AA weakened. Then and only then the CV turns the tide to a win...then perhaps, CV won't get a blame for being a "CV". But then again, being a CV. Sisyphus would be happy about his situation in comparison.
  12. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Commander retraining unfair extra-charging

    What would be ideal to mitigate any issues of some of us being "caught out" by the expiration of the "free captain skills". Would be the have a pop up (when you place your mouse cursor over the icon) with an expiration date. So far, this small inclusion of information have not been implemented sadly. If it did, we would have so much less confusions, frustrations, agony from the players who missed the chance during the "Free captain skill" periods. Don't get me wrong, WG offering such feature is a wonderful thing. I'm not the one to bite the hands that feed you, kind of person. We just need to tweak a bit here, a bit there to get to a place where everyone could benefit with small inclusion of features in port.
  13. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Way point's bug?

    The CV Autopilot have been improved with the current update (versus previous). But still you have to keep a careful eye on where you click, and if the game actually follows your auto pilot click. What I have noticed so far. If you click on an area then plot another following. If the CV is on an odd angle. It will keep turning to get back to the first plotted waypoint (until it "hits" the waypoint), then and only then it would continue to the next waypoint. Many times I was caught out by the CV in constant circular movement trying to "hit" the waypoint (due to the large turning circle, the CV will keep turning), then the CV being caught due to detection then being sunk.
  14. LowSpeedHighDrag

    B Command/Quick Command idea

    Dear WG Developers, Since, this is an international community of players (EU, etc). I was wondering if WG would like to add two or one more quick command option. Primarily this being the use of either Radar and/or Hydroacoustic consumables. Just like requesting a Smoke within it. It would really be nice to add another Radar/Hydro request option with the B command/Quick Command rose. Main, reasons for this idea. Is that while typing in chat may be acceptable. To be more efficient to get the message across in the heat of battle. The Sound notification when others use "Smoke"/"Air", it gives the whole team the notification more effectively. The chat messages can be missed by the players very easily (one reason could be spam minimap pings/clicks), or some players have their Chat off completely. Making a request pretty much useless in battle. I really hope that the WG Developers could look into this idea and implement it in upcoming patches. Regards,
  15. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    This being my second account (other on NA); Yes, I am without a doubt "burnt out" due to essentially replaying all the tech tree ships all over again. Since WG doesn't allow us to change regions, even for some doubloons...