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  1. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Same issues here, no mods whatsoever installed. On a side note, WG are looking for update testers.....[edited]. Could hamsters please forward your details to [edited].fools. All other species sod off, we don't need you!!
  2. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Captain Jingles

    Just watched Mingles with Jingles and he has confirmed he will be re-recording some or all of the lines, as well as rewriting some to be more Jinglesy. I’d like to say that Wargaming have taken on the criticisms fans have made and done the right thing. It’s easy to criticise, let’s applaud them for standing up and admitting they got it wrong and making captain Jingles voice lines worthy of him....as he himself says “I’m old and crap”. Wargaming, well done....looking forward to hearing Jingles 2.0
  3. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Captain Jingles

    I have watched the video released by Jingles himself this evening, and it is TERRIBLE. Why do I say this? Because WG have seriously dropped the ball here, the lines are dull monotone and boring. Only two lines really stand out, but for opposite reasons...."It's a paddlin!" and "fire fire fire". The first is classic Jingles and I was so pleased it was done, the second is irritating and is in my opinion the worst line of all. It defies logic why WG would dumb down what is without doubt one of the best personalities associated with WoWS, up until the point I watched the video I was really looking forward to attaining Jingles as a ship captain, now though...…..I'm really not sure if I will even bother now. WarGaming PLEASE, get him back and give him lines that work...not this tripe. Hell, just get him into a studio in England a email the damned files if necessary. This is a disastrous screw up, fix it!!
  4. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Server issues (again)?

    Had FIVE disconnects in last few days, have to shut down client to get back in. Getting pretty annoyed by this. Had compensation for first round of DC's, will probably get some again but would rather WG stop messing around and fix the issue.
  5. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    New CVs

    Horrendous. T4 cv planes just disappear in seconds, T6 take 2 or 3 more seconds to disappear, T8 sometimes get to fly a couple of planes out the other side before they just go pooof!!! The damage done by these mind numbingly squishy planes? Abysmally low, considering how they vanish so rapidly. Cannot fathom how this was the best WG could come up with. I do however have a suggestion, put the CV`s(all of them) back to the way they were in 7.9 but keep the attack runs as they are now and tweak the numbers(plane HP AA dmg etc etc). Get rid of the pathetic drop 1/3 of armaments then come back for next 1/3 and then again for last 1/3(if they last that long). The AA "buff" to one side or the other is kind of ok, could do with a better UI, maybe just have two different keys for starboard and port instead of holding O and clicking a side. In the meantime I have resold my CV`s as I have no interest in suffering through any more of the dire frustrating headache inducing tripe we have been served up with this patch. Thanks for trying WG, but you get a 1 out of 10, and that's me being generous!
  6. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    WG EU incompetence level just increased, maybe they should employ a new semi trained chimp to plug the server back in???
  7. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    WG EU has now earned a 3rd mark of excellence(incompetence), yet another patch that all other servers get right except EU......gratz on the mark of incompetence guys!! Quick edit...ANOTHER hour to wait as WG EU fail again. Is it possible that they can earn a 4th mark of incompetence??
  8. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Go look at the main page on WoWS website at the very top...….tells you in plain language they effed it up again and we have to wait. So well done WG for making EU the laughing stock of the servers, funny how NA and Asia had no problems
  9. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    The fun and engaging game mechanic

    That one game mechanic that ALWAYS frustrates the hell out of me?? Detonation! Well today it happened, and it was a real kick in the balls too. Happily closing in on a Hiryu in my Kamikaze R, when a single secondary shell from the Hiryu detonated me!! I mean come on WG...really?. I couldn't do anything but stare at the screen, then after it sank in(pardon the pun), I simply exited the battle and then the game. I`ve had my wrist slapped before for commenting on WG employees making dubious design choices etc.......but this just utter B******S!!!! When I detonate other players I apologise to them because I hate it when it happens to me. *Edited
  10. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Renewed Faith in WG Customer care !

    I too received that same email, what form the compensation took was not important to me....what was important? WG admitted a mistake and compensated for it. And I didn't even make a complaint, how easy would it have been for WG to just ignore the technical issue? Its easy to give WG a hard time, I have joined in on WG bashing at times....now I shall join in on this WG praising too.
  11. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    My impression so far? Guns troll you far more than they ever will the enemy, and the shells themselves? really inconsistent...over pens, shatters and bounces happen a lot more than I expected and the occasional good salvo that actually does more than 8k and if you have been a really good little sailor then you may even get to citadel the enemy ;). The ship herself is fine, though with such large super structure the enemy doesn't really care if your citadel is hard to get too, they just hit you in the super structure instead.....still does enough damage to make you reconsider getting too close(less than 9-10km). Over all she is a good ship, pretty good balancing and for me at least fun to play. She certainly has problems with the shells, so maybe a tiny tweak and I do mean tiny then she will be just where she should be. And as to the bundle pricing and staggering? WG have been a bit naughty there, still I paid the money over within seconds of it being released...so I cant say too much against that. Would I recommend others to buy the top price bundle? To be honest yes and no, it is expensive, but I`m British and have read stories of naval battles since I was a kid and HMS Hood is a name that pretty much everyone has heard of so I didn't hesitate emptying my wallet...it boils down to how much the name means to you, just as Tirpitz, Bismarck and Scharnhorst are also great names in naval history the value of owning and sailing of these ladies of the sea is personal to each and every one of us. And yes I have all four of the ships I have named.
  12. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Duca D'Aosta mission

    Ships armour is utter garbage, with just 14km range and up against T7 & T8 angling is worthless. Why am I surprised? well I`m not...it`s another typical T6 cruiser with worthless armour. I can see the faces on the enemy teams when they see this thing on the team list...big grins all round!
  13. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    does WG want to make the game more campy?

    Well now, whatever the new skills may or may not bring to the game one thing is for certain.......camping at the back has become worse. And its not just BB`s either, everyone is afraid of being the front man/girl. Just had a game in the Fuso, had a sudden rush of crapto the brain and thought"I know, i`ll push through the middle, that`ll help my team with B cap and also split the enemy forces into two groups" and after I was focused down by 7 ships I took a look around and guess what??? The closest battleship to me was 13.2km away, the closest cruiser was 8.9km and destroyers? well one poor soul was 1.8km away though he could do nothing to help. I`m tired of my battles being decided by camping and long range sniping until enough ships been sunk to allow the "brave ones" to start pushing up, it`s tedious in the extreme. Although I have been playing since closed beta, and have many many hours and far too much money invested I feel the game has become steadily worse with every update. Balancing has become a joke, how can there be balance when few if any people play carriers? The list of issues is long and varied, with arguments for and against each of them, but for me it boils down to one thing.....the "fun" has slowly been drained away. It would appear that WG either don`t care, or don`t care that the player base is becoming more vocal of their displeasure at the direction the game is taking. I feel its time for me to also adopt this attitude and as a result I will still play, but by a vastly reduced number of games per week. WoWs had such potential, but constant tinkering "balancing" (not for the better either) has slowly but surely taken the game to a place that is just no longer enjoyable. I am not a whining noob that`s played 200 hundred games and cant get to grips with the mechanics or tactics....I have played over 5k games since closed beta and have had the unenviable pleasure of seeing the slow decline of the game. I have played all classes though not so many in carriers, so I feel I can say I have a fairly good idea of what I am talking about( and no I am not claiming to be a bloody expert). Well, I`m off to play games that are not WoWs...and I have quite a few to choose from, funny thing is I don`t think I`ll miss WoWs that much...though I will still keep my eye on the game, you never know, WG may see the light and WoWs will be great again!!
  14. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Update Service Unavailable

    Had enough, so uninstalling and reinstalling in the "hope" it will force the update. If doesn't work then WG will have lost a customer that has spent a large amount of money with them, wondering what, if anything, that they would say to me about this abysmally bad update service.
  15. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Update Service Unavailable

    ​Have no problems with NA account, also streaming from YouTube no problem playing diablo 3 or The Division.....doubt a problem my end. Although I`m no techno genius, so any advice is welcome. Edit: the update service thingy now says "unable to connect to update service", if this the issue then how in the name of all that's holy do I "fix" it??