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  1. TheFurst

    Has anyone else noticed??

    Im one of those new players and ive got to admit my experience and pleasure so far had its ups and downs, but are pretty much constantly decreasing. I dont rush the tiers, i consume tips and tutorials wherever possible, ask questions, but yet i dont really feel that its worth the effort. Furthermore, i begin to hesitate whether i should play the game and click "battle" since i already doubt ill receive a good experience worth my time. Reading this thread it kind of makes me ask if i just arrived at the wrong time, seems to me its near impossible to get any victories out of this. Coming from World of Tanks i know those losing streaks, im familiar with weird teams, but here it feels just so much more unrewarding to play and the fun / pain design of the game seems completely flawed at times. Many things with a bitter taste going here, sealclubbing being one of the bigger bad impacts for new players for example, teamkilling, incredibly many AFKers wtf?!, ultra passive teams. But it all happens for a reason and i feel the randomness is just way too much and the balance is tilted, leading to rather disappointing experience. It is an arcade shooter, but jesus... Shooting from smoke? Torpedo carpet spam that one could walk on them without getting wet feet? 10 shells fired on a broadside ship and not even one leads to damage, because dispersion likes to prank? Ramming leads to Michael Bay effects, disregarding HP left?
  2. Nice guideline, thank you! Im currently rather at the start of my ship career and mostly stuck between battleships and cruisers. Im curious about the suggestion for the BBs. While i kind of understand the profits of Super Intendant and the two obvious others, i struggle to comprehend why its a common advice to get Concealment Expert on them. Isnt a battleship visible or spotted most of the time per definition and attributes, given that one is not a very passive player or using an asset which demands a "safer" approach? Watching many streams and videos another conclusion is also that its overall counterproductive and mostly pointless for BBs to stay far away and out of the main battle zones. Myself being a rather aggressive player in shooters in general i also tend to find myself directly at the frontlines or even overextended. Do those suggestions actually make more sense or gain importance for ships on and above tiers 5 or 6? My question is pretty much, why are those 4 skill points considered chosen wisely given all those aspects when there are other options which rather improve the strenghths of an asset?
  3. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Funny that you mention it! Yesterday i was browsing the tech trees a bit, searching for DDs which could be interesting to get started with. One criteria was the ability to avoid brawls or options to sneak around them - meaning torpedo range above 4km. The IJN ones definitely caught my attention and today i discovered the Wiki due to lack of knowledge about modules / equipment and adequate captain skills. There was another website which provided awesome information, but unfortunately ive got to look through my history to find it again. that one it was - http://wowsft.com/
  4. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    That BB part feels very obvious, but besides the gift Dunkerque i dont have any BB above tier V, so i dont get to see the brighter days yet. And Dunkerque dispersion is ... meh? I guess! However, i think it feels that the more practice i get with leading shots and overall aiming it gets a bit better sometimes. Slowly! I thought i give the BBs a try to get into the game bit by bit, starting with Cruisers over Battleships to Destroyers. The Cruiser part feels best so far, but DDs are still a huge mystery and i think i might start getting into it soon. My gifted Ochotnik could be helpful, maybe? I think ive met some of those sealclubbers on my way, how could i not? Two carriers hiding behind an island and dominating a whole tier IV match for example :D Nice and fun to watch, sure, but felt painfully helpless. The problem with the divisions is that there simply aint no or not enough people around for operations and last time it took about 2 hours to get 5 players for some attempts. The general chat rooms are weird as usual and the "find division" button shows barely any players, even if then mostly people promoting their clan. Anyway, not that much of a thing that is. Thanks, i got myself a nice squirrel now that i understood the badges :D Yea, Epicentre surely does not seems like one of the strenghts of this game! Might work on a wooden table with people constantly having shots though. Indeed, but as a new player i probably feel like being more on the receiving end :D Not that much anymore since i figured one or two things, but its all in the process :D
  5. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Yea, ive already finished a couple of the operations. However, Newport remains unfinished and the tier 7 ones. Its more about the dispersion of the shots. So much wasted potential in so many shots, anything to minimize that would be great.
  6. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Ive got to take a look at my inventory then, but i guess i wont find that much except mostly consumables since most ships dont get permanent camo anyway, right? However, there is one question that grows the longer i play this game and that is.... how to fight RNG? How to counter it? That dispersion on some ships, this unreliability is just incredible. Indeed, my aim is still developing, but missing all shots with the Nassau or South Carolina at close range, because the shells decide to go below and above the target feels just hilarious and rather puts me into coop battles with it :D Im asking this, because in WoT you have the modules which help to counter it, the "premium" consumables and whatnot, but here i did not find any solution. Maybe even on purpose? Nevertheless, even though it would be awesome to have all of my shells hitting citadels, but the more relevant for me at this stage appears to be getting good captains. Quite a struggle it seems, is that Newport operation really so tough? I somehow got 5 people together for a division and we tried it twice, but we only got 3 stars out of it. Are there other ways to get those captains? I saw the premium shop offer with the cartoon captains, but that seems a bit overpriced. What can i do with the badges i earn via the current missions? Are those just awards or they provide any purpose? One more - Is it possible to disable "Epicentre" game mode?
  7. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Sounds fair, even though ive taught myself to not go into live battles while being handicapped with a less than 100% crew for example. That means you buy equipment, but sell them with the ship? Elite Captain XP sounds promising, yet im to get in touch with it. The maximum skill points however is 19, right? (Seems impossible to reach to me, but anyway) Speaking of those camos, during the christmas event i received some via boxes and im left with a collection of them. Are all of them reusable or do they vanish after use? Some of them have the info that it takes a certain amount of credits to mount them again, but since it says a number i wonder if a pile of say 5 camos will be gone after 5 matches. Ive understood so far that only some ships, except premiums, can mount a permanent camo for gold. Thanks! Thanks!
  8. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    The usual things like demounting items, retraining captains. Compared to the 10 Gold in WoT to remove a certain item, 25 obviously will grind through the reserves way faster for the identical service for instance. I didnt understand the availability and management with the camouflages yet, but im sure thats also a place to lose a lot. As i understood it you can and you cant stockpile stuff. You can passively gain flags, signals, equipment and such as via missions etc, but there is no store to buy em. Kinda sad, true. By the way, reached the tier V Königsberg today, such a fun to play it! Really enjoyable.
  9. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Thank you! Ive found his channel quite soon after i got into the game, nowadays its one of the first things for me to do when getting into a new game to consult youtube and google for more in depth information and experience. Very helpful indeed! However, i think youve got me wrong a bit with the economics. Im not making a loss in battles, in contrast im getting flooded with credits and xp, at least until now which is tier 6. My comment was about dubloons, even though i might be biased by WoT. The proportions of the dubloon expenses are yet through the roof in my opinion. Yea, ive got me one tier 7 premium DD to be able to participate in the operations, but i never got to it due to lack of players, tried a couple random battles instead to try it (bad decision, i know) and found myself in a league where i dont want to be and cant be in for now. Youre absolutely right about the drop in efficiency for me in tiers above V. The feel that my impact in the match is significant went pretty much towards zero and i find myself commando in a bit too much and often, leading to me being surrounded and out of position to get proper support. So i still search for the most errors on my part ;) And like i said, coming from WoT im also familiar with questionable teams in WG games :D
  10. TheFurst

    New player - Progress report

    Thats correct. Also very satisfying when you finish the mission and finally having a good captain in your barracks, but then you click on the other operations and the game does not allow you to do so. Having the main goal to get the 10 skill captains out of all operations this seems unjustified and weird given the huge lack of options to bypass that barrier.
  11. Cheers! Now after almost two weeks into the game i felt it was about time for myself to get some kind of summary out of it. Reason for it occuring so early is probably that im familiar with the WG titles and similarities are all over the place, which eventually speeds up this progress. However, after being welcomed with a gift code -thanks again for this, it made some things easier- i am on the edge to arrive at tier 7 in the game. So, how was the journey? I'd give it a 5/10 so far. Even though the game is quite good at being an arcade shooter, the usual mechanics become apparent quite fast. The necessity to invest money to avoid shortages or annoyances feels way stronger than in WoT or WoWP in comparison. Its not that much of a problem since a game deserves to be supported if one enjoys it, but it seems that in this title its definitely a bit out of proportions and the circumstance that gold from the regular WG account is not shared here does not improve the overall taste. The playerbase appears to be significantly smaller than in WoT and up to tier IV the game provides that typical low tier feel. It appears to be relatively forgiving and fast paced, but tier V changes this drastically. Suddenly the game decides its time for a huge skill gap and the most helpful information to bypass this is to gain tips and hints from external sources. The battle interface to me is rather mediocre and lacks options for customization, but luckily there are some mods out there. The hangar interface appears to be stuffed with information and options which could use some more explanation or details. Even though there is the introduction up to rank 15 and its incentives feel quite beneficial, but that only covers some basics. After i got familiar with the point and click adventure which are the orders / events / operations opportunities i was quite settled to realize that there are indeed options for new players to at least somehow meet advanced or veteran players "at eye level". A high skilled captain, loads of flags and camo etc. make it seem more rewarding in theory. Thats not debating map knowledge or professional ship and class utilization. Nevertheless, why is there a necessity to be in a division to participate in the operations? Given the small playerbase it is not that easy of a task to be able to do so successfully, if one does not have hours and hours of free time to find available players, which do not only want to promote their clan and leave with a trail of dust and questionmarks. This feels like one of the bigger unsubstantiated obstacles. Aint nobody got time for that. Speaking of knowledge and skill, after finishing the low tier progress it felt a bit discouraging to constantly find teams in tiers VI and higher which remind me that it is indeed a free to play game. Giving up 3/4 of map control within the first two minutes seems to be a thing. Anyway, im sure ill find ways to adapt with that similar as i did in WoT. However, i probably did not expect it to have such an impact since its a rather slow paced game which on average allows more time to think about your moves and its not rocket science. Seems like i forgot to mention the more than usual amount of teamkillers yet! Ill see how long the game will hold me, but since the days of Silent Hunter 3 are pretty much long gone and im happy that ive finally found a naval game which somehow suits my taste ill stick to it. Somehow mediocre regards!
  12. Cheers, Im about to download the game and see if it suits me. However, before i get started, are there any invite codes or similar incentives for newcomers which one could grab before doing so? Do invite codes actually work with existing WG accounts or do they demand a completely new one? Thanks in advance