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  1. Hoganbiiki

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    91 Kidd Thanks for thr lottery and Happy Holidays sir
  2. Hoganbiiki

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate. thanks for the generous initiative
  3. Hoganbiiki

    Public Test: stagione autunnale

    Ciao come riportato dal bolletino degli sviluppatori: Sul server del Public Test, il VII Gorizia e il X Puerto Rico saranno sostituiti da altre ricompense.
  4. Hoganbiiki

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    The same happened to me
  5. Shimakaze 15,000 coal Harugumo 7 premdays Zao 50.000 FXP Yamato 100 zulu Hakuryu 50 anniversary Yoshino 100 india xray Gearing 100 india delta Des Moines 100 zulu Worcester 25 scilla Montana 50.000 fxp Midway 50 halloween camo Salem 100 november echo setteseven Khabarovsk 50 ocean soul camo Grozovoi 100 india yankee Moskva 50 halloween camo Kremlin 25 dragoon Stalingrad 7 premdays Smolensk 100 zulu z-52 50 anniversary camo Hindenburg 25 vivern Grosser Kurfurst 25 red dragon Daring 50 feile camo Minotaur 1000 dobloons Conqueror 100 zulu Audacious 50 halloween camo Henri IV 50 Leviatan Republique 7 premdays Bourgogne 50 gamescon camo YueYang 50 ocean soul camo Directive 15000 coal
  6. Hoganbiiki

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    Got the 2 french dds containers, still nothing about the T6
  7. Hoganbiiki

    Error connecting server

    Yes, me now it works
  8. Hoganbiiki

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Thank you very much I want to join the lottery
  9. Hoganbiiki

    Parlare liberamente

    Risulta però che Activision abbia brevettato "il complotto che esiste solo nella vostra testa" e che anche EA possieda un algoritmo il'EOMM (Engagement Optimized Matchmaking) n grado, volendo, di piegare il matchmaking ai desiderata dell'azienda. Quindi hanno l'arma, hanno il movente (soldi), hanno l'occasione (maychmaking e RNG) e a giudicare da certe serie positive o negative statisticamente difficili da spiegare, a certi cambiamenti radicali nelle prestazioni con determinate navi (avevo il 58 e passa per cento con la Missouri da un po' ne vinco una su 4 se va bene e son diventato l'imperatore dell'overpen) non è incauto escludere a priori che il delitto sia stato commesso?
  10. Hoganbiiki

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle. 1) Atago 2) De Grasse 3) Doubloons many many thanks
  11. Hoganbiiki

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    Like the idea like the name, can I join? best regards Hoganbiiki
  12. Hoganbiiki

    CV's need their own game

    So? what's your point? Ranked is pure farming said the imaginary friend...laughable 1) Read the very first line of your screenshot, thanks for posting the evidence that i'm neither tomato nor Bbaby, double strike for me! 2) learn, if you can, the differences between 56,2% and 47%, between 262 and 1300 games, and between a real person and an imaginary potato friend. (why your friend? why not you (don't even start saying this is your only account please)?) by the way I'm not sure but showing a screenshot like this maybe breaks some rule. nevertheless de hoc satis, I have one more reason for despise CVs and many less reasons to talk about it
  13. Hoganbiiki

    CV's need their own game

    Don't think rank 1 in ranked (where Cvs strangely disappear, bizarre and unexplanable thing, nay?) make me full tomato (and neither partially tomato) and my wr is above 50% without playing "world of supermario Cvs for better stats" aka "world of harassing noobs with a zuhio and a new account".
  14. Hoganbiiki

    CV's need their own game

    It's curious; I agree word by word with Namolis, (or better I find him too soft) and I have only 30% of battles played sailing a BB (45% commanding cruisers). I don't think "Watch out!! BBabies!!" it's a valid rebuttal
  15. Hoganbiiki

    Rethinking CVs in general

    Dear destriyer, cruiser, battleship skippers, I have solutions, simple and cheap solutions. For ranked battles: you play ranked to test your skills not those of some random dude in a Ryujo so when in the queue you see there is a Cv you press "leave queue" and retry later until the number of Cvs in queue is equal or less than zero. For random battles: the solution written above doesn't always work, but an alternative (historically accured and highest form of teamplay) exist, it's what we can call "playing Task Force": when the game starts you place your destroyer, crusier or battleship near the carrier (let's say inside your AA bubble) and stop right there. Watch the planes of your teammate takeoff and salute them waving your beret. then press ALT+TAB, For the next 20 minutes you can check your email, read the last twit of The Donald, insult someone in a forum, comment the last episode of GOT , watch some porn and so on. You can also do some gym, go to the bathroom, pretend to do some work. When the 20 minutes are over you press again ALT+TAB, if you won, compliment your Cv player, otherwise report him. I assure you,the skills required to win playing this way are exactly the same than those needed playing in the traditional way, so are the chances fo victory, on the pro side you'll improve slightly your surviving rate (the match often will end before the enemy finds you behind that island in A10) and suffer a lot less frustration.