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  1. Flavonov

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Posted my application on enjin
  2. Flavonov

    Animosity is recruiting!

    Hey I was wondering if I could join the clan. I was in ShellShockers before, and I need a new group of guys to play with. The website is down right though. Cheers!
  3. It's ironic that your signature is "You'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take". Sure, this thread might not/probably won't make a different, but we can at least try.
  4. I really hope this thread isn't closed like the last one... this should be pinned to the main page of the eu website.
  5. Flavonov

    Dropping numbers of players.

    I definitely agree with this. I would expect a jump in players when the German CA/CL and Soviet DD lines come out
  6. Flavonov

    The capturing system - broken.

    It's tough to counter this thing considering that there is rarely coordination between teams in random battles.
  7. Flavonov

    Merged MM threads

    Yeah, it's kind of tough to balance getting into an unbalanced match vs. ridiculous waiting times in times when there's not a lot of people on the server.
  8. Flavonov

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    Bravo to you sir, thanks for making a chart that's easily readable to the common layman. I really like how you're able to actually see direct comparisons with ships.
  9. Flavonov

    Asus Wows free ingame gear promo

    Only open to Australians... Damn
  10. Flavonov

    premium ships pay to win :(

    I don't get it... you say that we should make premium ships only play premium ships... but what is your logic or reasoning behind that? Simply complaining about something doesn't do much. Offer reasons to back up your claim at least.
  11. Flavonov

    Can we please buff Battleships?

    BBs can be a challenging class to play... but also a very rewarding class!
  12. Flavonov

    Sound bug

    The 4 gun 11km range thing... Are you talking about the South Carolina?
  13. Flavonov

    Ships are way too rusty

    Rust means the ships have character(?)