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  1. Because the size of the radar-target ship and the range to radar-emitter, plus the class/strength of radar and height above waterline of the transponder in use, are all factors that should be taken into account BEFORE smoke enters the equation. Smoke is no different to fog or haze (mostly) to radar. Solve the clear-air issues first.
  2. Wrong - go back and read the OP - he was referring to having different ranges for the detection of different ships based on their class. Within that train of thought, why not at the same time have different radar ranges for different ships based on the height of the radar transponder above the waterline? Or even have different ranges based on how many smokescreens the radar has to penetrate, and whether or not a cyclone has been activated, or whether their is sunspot activity, or whether the battle is on the Northern Lights map as opposed to the equatorial maps? Varying radar range by ship class (emitter and reflecter) and by nation (technology available to the ship historically) should be enough in a game like WoWS. A much bigger issue is the RDF skill in nerfing the stealth ability of DDs - being detected and triangulated before the start-battle timer hits zero is getting old already.
  3. There is a LOT of logic to that ... bigger ships are taller and appear over the horizon before small ships / bigger ships reflect back more radar signal at longer range, etc. Please think before typing.
  4. BBs run by poor players - I agree 100% about those on any team I am in, but 100% disagree regarding every opponent BB. I am sick to death of screening in front of BBs who run for the back line as soon as the enemy is spotted, leaving me to then get sunk in 2 volleys from an enemy BB, when I am in a cruiser. Wargaming you need to heavily and viciously nerf the credits and XPs for BBs that do not deliver damage equal to or greater than their own HP, or make BBs only available to players above a certain PR (which would fit with actual naval promotions and ranks) ... or something similar to get the campers off the back line of the map. I had determined to never use XVM or other mods in WoWS, but am getting to the stage of wanting to put it on so I know which of my own team's BBs to torpedo in the first 30 seconds to ensure no-one on the team gets a false sense of security from the fact the useless idiots are still alive.
  5. Wargaming need to urgently address this "current client version only" issue with replays. It's a complete nonsense that the game creates very small (1k - 3k) replay files to save disk space, but requires a 1.5GB - 3GB install of every client version in order to replay them. Then there is the issue of the file extension binding to the last used client version (which admittedly is a Windows issue at its core). Yes, I know that some game elements change with each client version, including maps, but if should be possible to retain archived graphical versions of maps etc. within a hierarchy in the install folders and have the replay file point to them for viewing the replay. I'm not too worried about having an in-game replay manager/viewer interface because I'd want to copy/move the replay files to a hierarchical archive from which they could be triggered in the same way as currently ... but with all wanted replay files in that archive and able to run on current client version regardless of which client version created the replay. This morning's unexpected update (v0.5.8.0 on 7 July 2016) just lost me a load of replays that I had intended recording today and tomorrow. Imagine my horror at firing up the game at 5:00am this morning and going to make a coffee while it loaded, only to come back to the computer and find it 2/3rds of the way into updating the client. I've racked my brain but cannot remember seeing notice that there would be an update today (although admittedly it's only the last couple of days I returned to playing after a few weeks off). It's not just WOWS that suffers from this - it's all of WarGaming's games. Surely with their resources they could get this sorted out ... if they had a will to do so. It surely is not a capability or capacity problem.
  6. Gazbeard

    Server Problem?

    Had the log in problems, finally got logged in, and won a glorious victory in my Mutsuki (sunk a CA and a BB) then as the victory sound played |I got dumped at the login screen - hope the victory and sinkings were recorded on the server? (UK here, and yes I read the support page announcements - AFTER getting dumped out )
  7. Gazbeard

    British Navy

    Let's be honest guys, as the world's longest standing (standing in the correct sense meaning permanently commissioned and "employed") professional navy, the British Royal Navy should have been in this game from the start as a full tech tree. If that had happened, then there would not have been any need for some of the concept-only vessels that have crept in a-la-WoT. Additionally, as the RN was fighting the IJN and KM before the USN even left Pearl Harbour in WW2, and was fighting the KM before the Americans knew there was a war during WW1, the RN plus either IJN or KM SHOULD have been the opening fleets in the game. As an additional thought, 10 tiers is far too limiting when we have vessels originating in the late 1800s through to the 1950s - in my opinion they should be spread across a minimum of 15 tiers (I say the same for WoT too btw). WarGaming dropped the ball by not introducing the RN early, but they did the same in WoT by introducing the British lines late. However, we should remember that the Western timelines of military history may not be the same as those taught in Russia, and WG will go with their understanding of the history of warfare.
  8. As the title says ... after the update I cannot sell ships after buying their successor. I normally use right click on ship in the carousel, then choose to sell and go from there. The cynic in me says this is a ruse by WG to make us buy doubloons to buy more port slots. The IT manager in me says someone in development screwed up again. ;)
  9. Gazbeard

    I'd like to see "Station Keeping" made an option

    You do realise that lemming trains in naval terms are known as sailing in line astern, and were the approved tactic until late in WW2 - it was also standard procedure for convoys and escorts.
  10. Gazbeard

    RN ships

    Despite the fact the Yanks were two and a half years late getting into the war?
  11. Gazbeard

    Patch Update 0.5.2 - Your thoughts?

    TWO hours into downloading / installing the update so have to ask ... Has the replays recorder been implemented yet? You know, the same style as in World of Tanks where in Settings you can choose to have only the last battle recorded, or all battles. I'd like to start converting some replays to videos for YouTube from time to time, but the "Workaround" hacking the client files in not something I'm happy to do once, let alone every time there's a game update.
  12. I bought Warspite immediately after the game entered open beta, when Warspite was only available for the first week and on the advertised premise that it would be available one time only (during that week). I also bought her because I wanted a captain trainer to prepare for the RN line appearing. I can't remember if she was bundled with anything other than a port slot at that time, but the price looked OK-ish, so I bought her. I bought Murmansk for broadly the same reasons - to prepare Russian captains ready for the soviet lines appearing. I desperately wanted Tirpitz for the same reason, but the price tag made me say "hell no" and wait in the hope she would appear again but with just the port slot. Heck, if Tirpitz appeared as a standalone ship without even the port slot I would buy her immediately as I could buy the port slot with some of the stagnant doubloons I have sitting on my account. What has put me off playing both Warspite and Murmansk more extensively is that ship XP cannot be given to captain training the same way as premium/elite tank XP can be given to crew in WoT. I think they have got that right in WoT and colossally ballsed it up in WoW. Until they address the ship XP overflow in WoW and introduce a similar mechanic to WoT, then my wallet stays closed except for game-critical minor purchases (e.g. small amounts of doubloons every 2nd month to retrain captains on researched ships). They also need to pour massive resources into team training missions & systems for new players to prevent WoW degenerating into the chaos that exist in random battles in WoT.
  13. Gazbeard

    Game Modes

    How about a "Convoy" game mode ... with one team escorting a non-combatant convoy and the other trying to sink the convoy and escorts? Convoy's route to show up on escort team's minimap and attacker has to try to guess where the convoy will be at different times in the game in order to shoot the non-com ships. Can imagine this to be a lot of fun.
  14. Gazbeard

    so, the BB's

  15. Gazbeard

    cleveland howitzers

    Clevelands are OP - end of story - nerf them - either range or damage per shell ... and reduce the chance of fire from HE. BBs are supposed to be kings of the ocean, but right now they are just target practice and free credits for Cleveland drivers. I'm almost at the point of either going AFK when I see the enemy has Clevelands and I'm in a BB, or giving up on WoW entirely, because of the blasted Clevelands.