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  1. Anubisaeth

    0.4.1 full patch notes

    The aircraft carrier Hiryu: changed the composition of the Type 7 mod. 2 flight control to contain 2 torpedo bomber, 2 bomber and 2 fighter squadrons instead of 3 torpedo bomber, 3 bomber and 0 fighter squadrons The aircraft carrier Hiryu: changed the composition of the Type 7 mod. 3 flight control to contain 1 torpedo bomber, 2 bomber and 3 fighter squadrons instead of 2 torpedo bomber, 2 bomber and 2 fighter squadrons Ok, this one confuses me. Why not just leave Type 7 mod. 3 the way it is and change Type 7 mod. 2 into the 1 torpedo bomber, 2 bomber and 3 fighter squadrons. So you are changing one mod into a mod that already exists and then that one which was there into something completely different. Just doesn't make sense to me. Also it bothers me since yesterday I bought type 3 mod and now I have to grind 10k xp to go and buy it again so that I can use mod I already had researched and installed on my ship instead of saving xp to go and buy hull upgrade for example, in my case.
  2. Anubisaeth

    Tirpitz on sale tomorrow Sat29th

    If it's going to be on sale then it will be put up after 7 AM CEST, I have noticed that all their sales, so far, were ending at that time when they were on Wargaming premium shop.
  3. Anubisaeth

    Fuso range

    With this ship I have now stopped playing Japanese battleships. I will wait for the update and see if they fix upgrades and make them cheaper because this is awful now. 90% of my matches are when I am thrown in tier IX matches. With the range of 13km, speed of 21kts and armor of a paper ship I find myself either burning to crisp when attacked by cruisers, getting citadeled all over by battleships and torpedoes all over by carriers and destroyers since turning rate is slow. And getting 18k xp takes forever since I can deal no damage since I can not hit anything because of range in an environment where it seems even destroyers have better range than me.
  4. Anubisaeth

    Mikasa Tier2

    Well I have 47% WR in it from 17 battles, yes small amount of battles but I just can't force myself to play that ship any more. I have sunk 18 ships in those 17 battles. However I have only 4 battles survived because the moment I am spotted I draw all HE spam my way. So I still stand by my opinion that this ship is useless piece of metal that floats. Not even upcoming buff of accuracy up to 3 km for battleships is going to help her, because when you get to that range your secondaries are already doing more damage than you will ever be with your main guns. This ship need a serious buff to her reload, I would be even happy with 20 sec reload. And I am not sure but I have feeling that deck of this ship is covered with kindling because you catch fire like crazy.
  5. Anubisaeth


    Sadly it seems it will only buff accuracy within 3km so it doesn't really help poor Mikasa. Only good thing on this ship are secondaries. I never thought I will hate another ship more than Furutaka but seems Mikasa took it's place. And to think I actually paid for it.
  6. Anubisaeth

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    What is better to use against enemy battleships on Aoba, AP or HE? Currently I am using AP for everything except Cleveland and destroyers. Also, any suggestions for Aoba, and further on IJN cruisers, captain skills?
  7. 11 in Omaha, all done by firing AP on Kuma, Furutaka and Omaha.
  8. Anubisaeth

    Daily Missions

    Yep I had get 15 ship torpedo hits, 3 & 4 ship torpedo hits in one battle sitting in my daily missions list. In the end I bought that tier 2 jap dd and done them all in 2 matches. Low tiers are good for doing ship torpedo ones. Don't really plan do go further in the dd tree, will just keep that one for those ship torpedo missions. Hmm don't think I've seen planes mission for over a month, I keep getting spammed by ship torpedo mission. Probably to annoy me since I mainly play CVs and BBs.
  9. Anubisaeth

    Mikasa in premium shop, is it good?

    Trust me, save money for some other ship. This ship as it is now is just awful.
  10. Anubisaeth

    Mikasa Tier2

    After constantly ending in tier 3 matches against St. Louis I call this ship piece of utmost c***. 4 guns that reload 30 second and can't hit a thing makes it that way. Sorry but this ship needs some serious rework if it is meant to be able to go into tier 3 matches.
  11. Anubisaeth

    Mikasa Tier2

    More I play her more I regret buying her. Accuracy is terrible even at closest of ranges, and seems more and more people are learning to stay away from Mikasa and shoot you from range. She really needs a change to that awful accuracy, I am sure that it would be able to miss Yamato with how bad it is. Only good thing are those secondaries but they are no use when people avoid you and shoot HE from range refusing to come close.
  12. Anubisaeth

    Mikasa Tier2

    I keep ending in T3 matches with mine and getting destroyed by all those St. Louises. But I like it so far.
  13. Anubisaeth

    Ishizuch- Tier IV Premium IJN BB in Premium Shop

    It is 3,5km. And yes, 30 sec reload for main batteries.
  14. Anubisaeth

    Kawachi in tier 6 game?

    Had a match like that yesterday evening, map Ocean and 1 Kawachi on each side, poor fellas. Both were singled out pretty fast by big boys. Kawachi with it's range has nothing to do in T6 matches.
  15. Anubisaeth

    5 mins at loading always

    I have that problem when I start the game for the first time that day. For 1 or 2 battles it takes ages to load, by the time I get into the battle my BB has already finished loading the guns, or in a CV planes can already be launched, and so on. However after those few starting battles game loads faster and in all the following battles I have it load at around 20 sec before battle start.