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  1. SharxX8

    Just like WOT forums

    And what good does your thread do then? and why does it have to after all. I agree there s a lot of [edited] on here and the atmosphere isnt the best very often,too but thats true for all popular forums anyway. Anyway, making a useless thread about how useless the forum posts are is quite the irony
  2. SharxX8

    NyxWGA on why ships are being hold back at times

    Although i m not that sure how smart it is to show off the Tirpitz at Ganescom in Germany only to make those customers see that they cannot buy/play any of those as soon as they get home. Selling the Mikasa (from the Russo/Jap) war in the EU store at the time of Gamescom is also a pretty weird decision IMO, but well... Anyway, as you said, when it comes to NyXWGA s post, its restating the obvious, but sometimes that is needed. And its a better approach in my opinion than saying, "You`re a tester. test."
  3. So NyxWGA(Lead Community Manager - NA) has made the following post in a topic on the NA forums ( link above). I hope you dont mind me copy/pasting this here ;). So while this is hardly anything new or surprising, I thought I d share this with you guys since that is the kind of response I ve been missing around here. It`s also a little out of context since its mostly about the Mikasa which we do have but I think the same has happened here before and will probably happen again. Just fyi I m not posting this to take a stand just to inform those who dont know about it. Cheers
  4. Nice to see something like that. Self reflection is always great to see and its always a hard road to go down. Just to add my 2 cents too it, if everyone was as good as you "good" players are, then you wouldnt be good either. Just so you dont forget being good means someone else has got to be bad. I think its important to put that to mind every now and then. Don t sewat it tho, we all have out bad days.
  5. I guess what you mean is the Early access game Ark: Survival evolved. If so i can only second this because it seems like many who post here havent played other "work in progress" titles yet, because apart from the few black sheep out there pretty much every one of those games develop way way faster than the WG titles. And even without any deeper knowledge about coding or drawing its quite obvious that many of the latest titles require more work than WoWs. Just to take the "Ark" example a little further, if i was posting the changelogs of their patches from the last ~3 weeks i could probably fill 2 forum pages. And that contains not only fixes, but also loads of new content.Quality content. But again, "Ark" isnt a f2p title, its early access. They already have their money and could theoretically do way less than they do now. In fact, they could do as much as WG does for WoWs and the game would still generate revenue. Thankfully though , they don't. Encouraging a more user friendly development proccess isnt whining but rather compassion for the game itself and the constant harassment of those that do that is quite sad to see. And its about content in general which includes fixes for already existing systems, not about "Aaah gimee diZ nu ship now wG etc." Honestly people, if you want a bunch of yes-men, go to church. ( Yes , i had to, sorry!) This is a "Discussion" forum after all, isnt it? And as caldrak said, who knows what the future will bring.Hope dies last, so I heard
  6. Oh I guess we do feel like that already. Apart from the few people that actually won something, that is.
  7. That wont help. Besides, the ppl who win the Tirpitz (Ingameship) get it as soon as its available. Not earlier!
  8. Watched the stream, there are Tirpitz (Ingame Ship) codes as well as the Bismarck model kit with a Diana Code in it. Thats all.
  9. SharxX8

    Missions for new port slots

    nuff said #nohate
  10. Oh dont worry the longer I am here the less i expect . Anyway my post wasnt supposed to be a criticism of the moderators/comm managers etc. I m sure they do their job as good as they can. But ofc only in the limits they re given by WG
  11. Thanks a lot for digging it out. While it explains the lack of content on the Forums and the Eu server its not much of an explanation when it comes to the uncoordinated newsupdates. It might have been a little better in the past when they had full team but as mentioned before theres another thread about this problem from April and I guess they had a full team back then. Well at least theres hope for change in the future.I guess..
  12. Just started playing the Bogue with 2 fighter and 1 dive bomber and tbh that is in some ways a good setup because i can really clear the skies and protect my team. But as we all know the amount of XP i get for it is laughable. Plus I mostly do very little damage which apart from the XP issue isnt that good either. I also dont really know what do with the dive bombers, I can get some decent hits if I do it manually but thats rarely the case. And automatic seems to be completely useless. Anyway it mostly comes back to the balancing, as long as shooting down planes isnt rewarded properly i guess its something we need to deal with.
  13. Is there a chance that you have a link/name to said thread?
  14. Yeah, I probably should have clarified that, it is understandable if news arent put out in like 20 different languages simultaneously every time, however it doesnt even work for the few languages where the majority of the playerbase is located
  15. As I said in the first post, that is hardly an excuse. They knew advance that GC will be a busy time. Normally that means that certain preperations need to be done. Also this issue dates back a lot further than just during GC. Theres a very similar thread with the same issues dating back to April. The key here really is coordination. It does not have to be more work for WG. Also, I m sure that no one expects to them to write and translate a 1000 word essay for every bit of news every time. Keep it short I say