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  1. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    HSF Camo for Musashi

    Hey all, I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding the HSF camo for Musashi. Will this camo be limited time offer in the store, or an it always be bought for doubloons in game? Even after the event is over? I'm planning on getting Musashi long term, but I'm not sure if I should spend that money on the camo now or not...Moeka'd be nice too. Gotta budget at least a little after Christmas hehe Thanks all, good luck Edit: Just saw a related topic below this that I missed the first time. I guess I must be blind, 'cus I noticed most of the other topics. Sorry mods
  2. Cheeky bump inbound And here it is. You're welcome Thanks, good luck captains
  3. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    Christmas Postcard Contest [STAGE 3] - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    Nice. Congrats to io_pilot for coming first, I kinda thought that submarine would catch the top place. Surprised I placed above MrFingers though, as I thought that entry was a whole lot better than mine :) Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the comp, and for coming along to the clan Discord; I wouldn't have seen this otherwise hehe Finally, Merry Christmas all
  4. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    Christmas Postcard Contest [STAGE 3] - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    I'd like to give this competition a go too :) A bit of fun like this is always welcome, and it also gave me a reason to use the London port for once hehe Not the most skilled, but sure... Good luck all, and Merry Christmas
  5. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Oooh, I'd love to enter please. It'd be pretty cool to somehow win 1. Prinz Eugen 2. Molotov 3. Doubloons Thanks a bunch, good luck everyone
  6. Hmm...another bump ought to do it
  7. Cheeky bump... Four spaces still left in HAIFU if anyone wishes to join Thank you, and good luck captains
  8. Howdy all, back for another bump. We are currently seeking players for HAIFU again, and it would be preferable if applicants were willing and able to participate in Clan Wars as part of our team. We'd like to move a little further into that area and additional players would be great for this goal. As previously mentioned by Khabarovsk, our requirements to join have changed, so please take that into consideration if you wish to apply, but if you do meet these requirements we'd be very happy to welcome you along. Thank you, and good luck captains
  9. Great An invite will be sent to you very shortly Thanks, and good luck captains
  10. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    Team damage in the Full Nelson contest

    Ah right, thanks. I kinda thought that anyway because of certain premiums at that tier, I was just curious about the damage is all. I didn't turn pink or anything but I just wanted to be sure one what 'significant' was exactly. Thanks, and good luck
  11. Good day to you Yellow_destroyer Sorry, but both HAIFU and BLUMR are full at the moment, so unfortunately we can't allow you into the clan. Also you are definitely good enough for the clan; our only requirement is to have at least one ship of tier 5 or greater. Maybe a space will open up at some point, in which case you'd be fine to join. Perhaps you could join the clan Discord as a Non-Member and get informed about a space immediately if you're still interested. Thank you captains, good luck
  12. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    Team damage in the Full Nelson contest

    So I had a 2.9k base xp game in Fiji earlier (screens attatched), and I'm not sure if that'll be good enough to place in the contest, but I think it may stand a chance for tier 7. You never know, and Nelson would be lovely. However, the rules state: "You must not cause significant team damage in the battle (accidentally bumping into a friendly ship doesn’t count as team damage)" My problem is that a friendly Fiji sailed right next to me in smoke as I fired my guns and one of my turrets must have fired into this poor chap, so I have done exactly 4004 team damage. Does this count as 'significant' team damage as it's more than collision damage, or is this still low enough to be considered accidental? Thanks captains, have a nice day
  13. Ar_Es_Two_Thousand

    HMS Hood

    Well, according to these photographs of HMS Hood you can see that plating wasn't there, if I've got your drift right Unfortunately, I don't really know what it was for...but I doubt an armour hole was left for no reason.
  14. Hello again everyone HAIFU is full again and BLUMR has one space remaining, so we're still looking forward to applications from you in the Blue Mermaids. Thanks again, good luck captains
  15. Just another friendly bump to let everyone know that HAIFU now has a free space, and so we are recruiting again BLUMR still has two spaces left if anyone is interested in joining. Both clans would be glad to receive an application from you Thanks again captains, good luck