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    Sorry, but how tier 6 BB can take half of HP from tier 8 CC in two salvos?? Unbalanced like a crap. Fail if you need to add tier 6 players in tier 8 games and make tier 8 weak for them. I hear a lot of frustration from players about where this game is sailing to. The same like WoWp. Decrease of amount player is the proof of i'm right. And what WG is doing?? Implementing useless voice messages which are turned off since many players spamming with those ... WG never learn. WG never listen ...
  2. del525180292

    Broken game

    What's a point to play cruisers if enemy BB can destroy you with one salvo even when you not able to shoot so far back? Armored Warfare is now open beta. WG got last money from me since their games are broken and frustrating to play. btw, trolls feel free to spew here....
  3. del525180292

    MM broken or no exist

    10 games and one win only.. Low XP gain and this is annoying... Something wrong with team balance. I have no willing to play&pay if this is going to be in this way. Btw, I assume there will be bunch of trolls highlighting how many games i played and which ships i have... I save your time > stop reading now and go trolling into next post