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  1. The CV Captains Cabin

    So even Midway is getting downtiered. Sounds like I better get my Lex back and just have fun? Even more so when I see what mish mash T10 gameplay overally is. Very often tactical campfest where actual battle is over in minutes and rest is just waiting the points out. You'd think top tier would be the best but not even close. Same with Wot where true unicums rule T10 and could handle two enemyteams single handedly or with division mate. You know the outcome before battle even starts.
  2. The CV Captains Cabin

    You have skipped me. I've been complaining whole time. Or was until I sold the ship. Second squad makes huge difference. You can focusfire one and other gets unharmed through.
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    Well my Shokaku days were short lived. Sure I got some good games, especially the last one.. Unicum enemy Shoka, strafing contests, plane preserving, good damage, double strike (Tirp and Izumo) and pushed past enemy team in last seconds of the game. Enemy Shoka deplaned long before the end.. But it just didnt felt my cup of tea. Planes are too fragile, squads too small.. Plane preserving comes too big issue. Ship sold and saving up for Midway.
  4. The CV Captains Cabin

    I guess both complained but those AS captains might be bigger majority. One thing I really didnt like was those T8 TBs. Using them as single attack wave they are expendable. They dont return to carrier that often. Significant difference to old T9s.
  5. The CV Captains Cabin

    I guess complaining comes from allmighty potential of old strike loadout.
  6. The CV Captains Cabin

    Well my point was not to argue about evasive manouver. I just mentioned how WG changed AA mechanics in the game. I think high tier British cruisers were close to only ones that could have long enough AA range compared to spotting range from air to invisi-AA. And they can still invisi-AA from their smokes. Someone mentioned mininap. I actually play most of the game nowadays from minimap. With all ships. Started doing so with CVs of course but it has followed me go other ships as well. It has its ups and downs. With a BB you keep yourself aware of your surroundings and keep yourself angled to proper direction(s). But at the same time I might be totally blind from DD in smoke because I just stare the minimap and DD doesnt show there.
  7. The CV Captains Cabin

    I think they changed this patch or two ago. Now there is no invisi-AA either. Earlier you could invisifire with some DDs ans cruisers without using island cover but this still left invisi-AA effective. So those really low detection range ships, like Mino, could start shooting down planes before ship is visible from air. This is now removed so as soon as AA starts blazing ship gets spotted. I think this has developed new tactic. Minos and Moines turn their AA off, wait until planes are close enough to spot them from the air and then turn it (and potential Def AA) on and shred them all down.
  8. The CV Captains Cabin

    I tied AP in Essex for a while. Way too inconsistent for my taste. Maybe they work out at T8, Lex and Enterprice, but against top tier BBs they dont work. Sure you can nuke German BBs but thats it. Its way too selective to targets. I have to be able to hit every ship in the battle. Sure aim circle means you hit well but they just dont do damage. Against ships like Montana or Yamato its almost useless. 3-5k damage in worst cases. You do more plus fires with HE. I've got struck by Lex AP bombers in my Colorado few times and it feels effective. With T9-10 CVs I'd stick with HE and doa. But of cource this is only my personal opinion. Try them out in different battles and decide yourself.
  9. The CV Captains Cabin

    Total 31 games with Shokaku. Below avg WR around 48, about 68k done damage, 24 plus planekills, mid 1700 PR. Still not convinced. Partially I blame the MM. It seems T8 CVs are pretty often thrown to T10 mish mash and that just isnt Shokaku cup of tea. Old strike Lex was quite at home there. Stack up 3x7 DBs with 1000 pounders and bomb the s#it out of some Monty. Earlier I though my better success with USN CVs was my experience. I started with IJN and so with USN I knew what I was doing. This has something to do with it but not nearly all. I been thinking maybe IJN CVs just dont match my playstyle as well as USN. Happens all the time with other ship classes so why not with CVs. With USN you can use more brute force doing your attacks. Planes are more rugged and squads are bigger. Of cource crossdropping DDs is always satisfying. Got two hits to one Khaba and other game Gearing with Shoka planes. But even this changes with the Midway which has best of both worlds...
  10. The CV Captains Cabin

    These are good points. Those 1000lbs bombs are very different from 500lbs you have used before. And Lex truely has awful consielment. You get spotted over half the map in smaller maps you encounter. Not that much you can do. At T8 USN I'd recommend consielment expert skill on the cap. Not that important to IJN cap since they have much better consielment values. Good luck with Lex. I might get it back one day after these changes. But overall you'd need 14 point captain for that AS+CE build...
  11. The CV Captains Cabin

    Yep. That AS issue is clear. Switching from 4 fighters to 5 is huge difference. +25% to everything. Also some plane health improvements and long waited torpedo acceleration which makes some things easier. Overall I find same micromanagement problems I had with Hiryu. 2-2-2 is powerful and can do it all but managing it isnt easy. I run into problems with present Essex loadout and this is one reason why I wanted to learn things with Shoka before getting into Midway. Edit: Actually start wasnt total loss. With 10 games (+one earlier ages ago, all stock) I now have about 300 better PR and 8k more avg damage in Shoka than I ever had in Hiryu. And that was 127 battles. I guess I have to keep spinning. Learn the loadout and IJN playstyle, get that captain all trained and so on...
  12. The CV Captains Cabin

    Allrighty. Back in the saddle. The Shokaku. Got enough free xp from USN CV rework so I could research everything I need on Shoka. So all better planes, best hull and 2-2-2 loadout. 10 games today with 66k avg dmg and 50% WR. Met all but Zep on the opposite side. My captain is still in retraining so I dont have all perks in use. Aircraft Servicing Expert, Dogfighting Expert, Torp Acc, Torp Arm Exp, Air Superiority. Few points to spare, 14 point cap. How much those cap skills effect on the actual performance? I am a bit rusty so some blunders of my own but overall ... Planes seem pretty weak and fragile. For example Enterprice fighters seem tough even while they should be tier lower? Best game was over 134k dmg which was pretty nice but still lost. Also got Clear Sky while novice Lex player fed planes for strafing. I'd expect fully upgraded Shokaku to be one or even the most powerful T8 CV. So is it the captain or do I just do something very wrong?
  13. Should I try Bismarck?

    Dont know why but I feel like Grobe is a mediocre ship (tier to tier) between two good or even excellent ships in the line. What I've noticed in games Grobes havent really prove themselves compared to for example Iowas. Allthough I dont really be afraid either of them in my Bis. Nastiest opponents are some T10s. Well I guess Izumo has some same issues. Sandwitched between Amagi and Yamato. I got Grobe researched but I dont think I'll be buying one in near future.
  14. Should I try Bismarck?

    Hi again. I've been lots of fun with my Bismarck and its propably my favourite BB at the moment. Fried Grobe is very close but is that ship worth getting? I've understood its less powerful than Bismarck compared tier by tier ans I think some othe BBs are scarier to confront that Grobe. How does it stack up against other T9s? Izumo, Lion, Iowa... Ar least it recuires at least 14 point cap just like Bis to make it work.
  15. The CV Captains Cabin

    I actually think the most grotesk difference is somewhere middle tiers. Maybe 6-7? AA isnt that strong and a unicum CV can really wipe the floor with the entire team if other CV captain is totally noob.