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  1. Rework of CVs

    Yep but good Saipans then again control the airspace quite well and while doing that cap spot DDs without problems.
  2. Rework of CVs

    Well I love my Kiev for certain reasons. Guns are great, stealth is decent even for capping if enemy DDs arent contesting and 8km torps can cause nasty surprices to people chasing you down. Edit: And even radars arent that bad because you are not a stealthy ship anyway and your main purpose is to push full speed ahead around the map left mouse button glued down and your hair in fire.
  3. Rework of CVs

    Yep. You wanna guess why I dont play IJN DDs that often? I have Akatsuki and quite like it but its in T7 "protected" MM. Sure sees T9 battles but its not as FU as T8s are. How I play Akatsuki? Like a total coward. Very very carefully like IJN DDs should. Straight to cap only if you are 100% sure its unattended, torp from range and wait for mid-late stages of the game. Its pretty common that you should not die in IJN DD in first half of the battle. Or if you do you play too aggressive.
  4. Rework of CVs

    So basically you are referring to Ryujo, Hiryu, Kaga and Saipan? They all have two torp squads and play at T6-7. USN CVs have only one TB squad up to T9.. But you dont know how often I alphastrike first DD rushing into a cap with my first to takeoff 6 plane torpsquad in my Ranger? A lot. Try it everytime because its just so succesful. But if you get destroyed by single TB squad you are doing something seriously wrong in DD. There is no way around it that you as DD are a premium target for enemy teams experienced players. If they are in a CV ok but in other classes as well. DDs win games..
  5. Rework of CVs

    So? Sh*t happens. If you can pull CVs full attension to yourself and map border your team is winning big time. I've done this with Russian gunboats plenty of times and it applies to other ship classes as well. If you can take T8 DD and pull cruiser and two BBs chasing to to map border its a huge advantage to other DDs and team to cap and win the game. Even if you die doing it.
  6. Rework of CVs

    Experienced CV captains also know how short that repair is. Only 5 sec etc. So you repair and he can strike you again on the next flyby - 1-2 more fires and you are more visible to the team, losing health, permaspotted... I dont see these problems being CV related. You can run into similar issues with reckless play without any CVs in game. Some people consider overpopulation of radar (X-ray actually) ships instead of CV problems and I think I agree. Top tier IJN DDs are pretty much F U because of this. No use from stealth when there is 2-3 radar ships on each side, hydros etc. Torps are also visible from moon etc. Played up to Yugomo and didnt suit that well. Its a nightmare far beyond any CV.
  7. Rework of CVs

    Yep. Those rocketplanes particularily seemed total doom for DDs. Way more fearsome than DBs today.
  8. Rework of CVs

    So its CVs fault that caps win games and experienced players attend to kill DDs on sight just because of their stealth and capability to cap / spot? Thats common to all more experienced players. I kill DDs with every shipclass I play and they are the primary target just because of those mentioned things. If enemy cruiser spots you in DD and BB - which one is he targeting? DD if he is not totally nob. Cause damage that he can, maybe kill you and farm BB later.
  9. Rework of CVs

    It all depends how they balance it. Did you check out what kind of damage those rocket planes make to a DD and how big area that rocketburst covers? 12 planes in squad, 4x3 attacks before running out of planes. 1-2 fires on each pass. You really think that is going to be balanced and not causing some crying with DDs? But sure. seems like no more crossdrops from multiple directions. Unless they allow multiple CVs in each game with platoons which is also possible. But even without, you can die straight away from crossdrop now or burn away slower against rocketplanes...? Its just like SPGs in WoT. Now you cant get one-shotted with AP shells but they can pummel heavy tanks to permanent stun, permanently dead crew members... Its just death by thousand cuts now.
  10. Rework of CVs

    Sure but is that the enemy CVs fault? Any CVs fault? No. You just dont push caps without support - period. Even if there is no CV in game you dont solocap without some info whats coming that way etc. You can still run into radar cruiser and gunboat DD and still die even without any CVs in game. But thats just plain and simple stupid way to push. Cant push because friendly CV is crap / dont have support in caps? Then you dont push. You do something else. Spot what you can, try some other cap, support the team. It might not be enough to carry to victory but you cant do all. And rushing into a cap and get killed first by CV (or radar cruiser) is just dumb way to play. No games are won like that and it isn't even funny.
  11. Rework of CVs

    Only if you solo which is bad anyways. When there is CV in game it makes DDs play more cautious - el2aZer just made the same point. If you rush into a cap or solo around the map there is no help for you. No mather what class you play. Solo BB is a snack for CV as well. You need to play with the team. CV in game and DD going cap? You can ask friendly CV for air support and call some AA cruisers closeby to assist you as well. There is really no need to be untouchable in the smoke. Top tier CVs can drop from multiple directions but you can still make bigger smokebloom and manouver in there. Not stay stationary like many lower tier DDs do and get struck even with single 6 TB squad... Going alone into cap without proper intelligence information whats coming, without airsupport... Its just asking for trouble. You can also run into enemy gunboat DD rushing in with 1-2 cruisers where one of them is radar. No escaping that either and you are 100% dead.
  12. Rework of CVs

    So? Its the same with any other shipclass as well. If you want some cruiser, BB or enemy CV dead you can do it. Should you not to? Some ships should be untouchable to CV? Is there any other ship like that? Untouchable to some ship(class) in the game? BB that any DD cant sink or DD that any BB cant sink etc?
  13. Rework of CVs

    I dont agree. Whole T4-5 change was wrong. Now players are thrown into T6 without any actual experience how CVs play out. They just point and click with helluva lot more AA, skills, not enough reserves and get their seals clubbed. All these basic manual skills are mandatory to learn at low levels with low AA. What is it with this dropping smokes? All other ship classes can drop torps and blind fire - why CVs shouldnt? Have you been surpriced in the smoke by CV too many times? Thats not the CVs fault.
  14. The CV Captains Cabin

    Should they not...? Every ship can drop torps into smokes and blindfire stuff they dont see / render. Why CVs shouldnt?
  15. Strafing and counterstrafing

    I think they added exit strafes deliberately. Earlier you had to wait until your 1st squad has died to 1 plane only before strafing in with other squad with minimum own plane losses. Now you can strafe in and out and only lose one plane. And its also very welcome against all sorts of AS loadouts. Without it you they just tag and you lose all fighters every time without very heavy friendly AA. You can counter exit strafes as well and enemy CV loses all his fighters doing exit. Also very valid tactic if you play with single fighter squad CV and enemy has double. For example Ranger vs Hiryu. But like mentioned. Whole shazaam is going to change and propably down the toilet so ...