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  1. The CV Captains Cabin

    [rant] Son of a ####! My second day with Midway. 12 battles, below avg PR, 93k avg dmg, 30 or so planes. Lost 11/12 battles. I dont remember when this game has been this frustrating. No mather what you do and how, total horses#it. Quick analysis of propable reasons: - I am just piss poor bad with this (CVs) - T10 never fails (campfests, ships clustered together, AA is ridiculous, battles are 100-0 steamrolls to one end...) - Downtiered planes (this is when I sold my beloved Essex 6 months ago..., even DDs shoot them down like flies) Overally I got back the taste of that madhouse rush, frustration and sheer stress playing high tier CVs. Its not fun, its not relaxed... Why the heck should I spend my sparetime with s#it like this? Even good games are far from satisfying. I have no words... [/rant]
  2. The CV Captains Cabin

    Actually some of those captain skills might effect the gameplay. AS is clear, more fighters per squad, and also T9 planes vs Haku T10 gives some edge from DfE... CE is also always useful. How did those modules and skills sound? I know BFT is pretty useless and I didnt get struck in those 21 games.
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    Yep. This is one fundamental thing I have to change with Midway. With Ranger I propably outplay 90% of other Rangers and this allows me to play much more freely. Single small caps are one thing. Both sides have some AA around, maybe even AA cruisers and space is small. Propably its enough to keep enemy planes from spotting or at least from striking DD. Epicenter games are different but even then you can protect own DDs on their side of Epicenter and not rush to control entire area.
  4. The CV Captains Cabin

    By the way is it even smart going to fighter duel over caps? Its risky and if you lose enemy team has significant advantage. How about just do my best keeping enemy planes spotting friendly DD and keep some distance without actual contact? I actually did ok until I started fighting them. Fighter presense send enemy CV move his planes around the map. And then again if I spread my strikeplanes, TBs one way (propably with fighters) looking for DDs or big hits to BBs and DBs other side of map hunting cruisers or burning BBs. I was actually amazed how few top tier cruisers actually had DefAA. Lots of Hindenburgs for example had only fighterplane/spotter.
  5. The CV Captains Cabin

    I actually dropped some DDs and even with my limited crossdropping skills (havent played IJN CVs that succesfully) and captain didnt have TA retrained it was pretty easy. Two tight spread 6 torp drops... I've used HE so far for the damage over time. Tried AP on Essex when it changed and didnt like it much. Of course playstyle is different. Doa vs alpha... Actually my Doa tactics, as effective as it might in theory be, does need quite a bit time to do and normally enemy CV has plenty of time to react... Should I also spread my strikeplanes? Some Haku players did so today. Again not that much doa but at least get some strikes in where enemy fighters are not. But then again some Haku players defended their team pretty effectively spreading fighters around the map. There you have to muscle it around somehow. I think I have to practice. I have some CV division pals I can use for trainingroom sessions and fight it out. At least one is pretty good CV player and if I can handle him I should be ok on the field. Then again keyboard control is one thing to learn. I misclicked a lot. Results are not dodging strafes, strafing own planes, circulating empty bombers back to battle etc. Too used to Ranger 1-1-2... Took all airgroup mods, consielment mod and damage control mods. Captain has ASE, DFE, TA, BFT, CE and AS. 17 points total, two to spare atm. Allthough all battles today captain was under retraining and just got it complete after last battle so didnt play any battles using proper captain.
  6. The CV Captains Cabin

    Okey. Midway in port with full upgrades and just got the captain retrained. All games with retraining though but I dont think thats a big dfference... So 21 games with 33% wr, avg pr and 107k avg dmg. Abysmal, absolute horror. Ups: + stacking damage if enemy team allows it is easy - 100k just like that. ... Thats pretty much it. Downs: - Absolutely horrible gameplay. Am I really just this bad at this level or do I try something totally wrong... 33% WR is abysmal. - some games were lost by the team and I might be top of the board but still couldnt make enough difference - also met some AA divisions which are predictable and almost sure losses. 4-6 min and battle is over... So what do I do wrong. Maybe the worst thing is fighter control. If enemy CV isnt a total noob I get my butt kicked like no tomorrow. Midway or Haku, doesnt mather. Map awareness is inadequate and with poor fighterplay I cant protect friendlies. How should I play this? My present old style is basically outdamage the enemy CV. This is the gamestyle I've used to up to old strike Essex and I really enjoy. So fighters are primary thing to protect own strikes and maybe then something else. This tactic is also pretty aggressive - I tend to strike to enemy territory. So is this basic tactic just wrong? Should I play more passive, fold back or maybe start using those fighters for strike escort only? At least those fighter duels above caps are going horribly wrong and after that enemy CV has free strikes and spotting...
  7. The CV Captains Cabin

    It sounds like typical top (T10) problem in any shiptype and even game. World of Tanks suffers the same T10 problem. 2-3 unicums in certain tanks and they can take on couple teams on their own if needs to be... But this is also one thing I cant get rid of in any shiptype. Same unicum division problem with DDs, cruisers and BBs as well. Goes with the game. This is actually one reason why I've considered my entire playing philosophy. Is it better to stay lower tiers having fun...?
  8. The CV Captains Cabin

    I have unlocked Midway and free xpd best planes ages ago so I dont have to touch previous ships. Just buy one and retrain my 17pt cap on it. How is the MM and playermass up there? From my recollection T8-9 was maybe 80% nobs and donkeys, presently at T7 its 70-90% easy atm. Against the enemy CV I mean. MM is totally different mather. Lots of AA clusterf#cks at T10?
  9. The CV Captains Cabin

    Midway keeps haunting me. I guess the only way it to get one. What can I expect?
  10. Gneisenau advice

    Well I've played quite a few games with LoveYouTooBuddy and his Gneise. I personally tried AA Gneise but it was far worse than my regular build that I grinded through earlier. Those guns are total horror even with accuracy mod and without it, picking AA module, its even worse. Sure you can have wild RNG and in a single game do miracle dmg output but consistensy was horrible for me. As division partner I like AA Gneise. Sure you can burst more sheer AA output from ships like Atlanta but it isnt as consistent without DefAA and overall it loses quite a bit of AA under HE spam. Gneise AA build is pretty rugged and 7,5km consistent, reliable to division CV point of view, AA umbrella is easy to use.
  11. [FINSF] Finnish Special Forces

    Mitäs teillä on tarjota?
  12. Looking for Finnish / English clan

    Ok, back to fishing. Maybe more competitive approach wouldnt hurt... Anyone need a dude like me?
  13. The CV Captains Cabin

    Well just thinking. I've played a lot with other underdog Ranger and its a keeper for me. But overall... Been grinding some shiplines like IJN BBs and KM DDs but not that much success. So how do you do it? Do you hammer your head to the wall trying new things or just remain in comfortzone and play the ships and lines you really like?
  14. The CV Captains Cabin

    How is the T8 bracket these days? MM considering different CVs, MM in tiers...? There is Lexi, Shoka, Big-E and GZ? How do they stack up in random battle? How often you are thrown into T10 AA? Just considering to try out new Lex. Thats why I ask... I played it with 1-1-1 stock and 0-1-3 strike and I think present loadout is better. At least I like it with Ranger.
  15. Gneisenau advice

    Yep but it was only a AA platform when I tried it. Only 6 main guns and dispersion is totally horrible. Played few games with avg dmg around 15-20k/battle.