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  1. Gneisenau advice

    Hmm, this is intresting. I am only at Queen Elizabeth with RN and havent played a single game with French. I thought Richal would be superior to Bismarck in almost every aspect. I dont know why but I manage with Bismarck guns. Surely it has third more guns to Gneisenau but they just work for me. Also overall combination of 11,3km manual secondaries and solid armor suits my style. At the same time I am not that confident with NC even while it has way better guns. But actually your answer didnt answered the question. How do you play AA Gneisenau? Take central position and try to gain advantage of your AA, ok, but thats just fraction of the game and gives good overall game only if enemy CV is stupid enough and feed you planes.
  2. Gneisenau advice

    I have developed a habbit to play T7 divisions and took this advice. Dedicated cap for AA to Gneisenau. I only have 10 point cap atm so its limited to BFT+MAA atm, AFT coming up. But overall how do you play this ship? Even accuracy mod mains were horrible when I leveled the ship and now with AA mod its even worse. Only use as AA platform?
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    I am quite sure you all love me when I ask this... T7 division gameplay. Played it quite a lot lately. Sometimes taking my Ranger out for a spin, sometimes let others play CV and pick my Shcors(?). But thats pretty much because its the only T7 atm. But if you'd pick a ship dedicated for this CV cooperation gameplay what would it be? Atlanta is out since its premium. Cleveland works but its tier lower and basically too obvious choise (for the enemy team as well). Cleve (and her AA mounts) are also soft for HE bombing losing most AA pretty quick. I guess Gneisenau could be one? AA mods, BFT, AFT and manual AA. Pretty sick 7,5km 128mm flak umbrella. I am also at Bismarck so Gneise is all reseached. What about other options? Is Yorck any good if you really spec it? I have it researched. Other nice options / surprices? Maybe a DD?
  4. The CV Captains Cabin

    I have a thorn at my side. IJN CVs. I just cant get them working. Ryijo is ok'ish but single fighter squad is limiting. I tried Shokaku and partly because of MM sold it pretty quick. Now I got Hiryu back. Retrained my IJN 14 point captain and got all upgrades and mods. 8 games with 25% WR, 1414 PR and 66k avg dmg. WR isnt an issue since there was some ridiculous MMs in the mix. Meanwhile played 6 games with my belowed Ranger, 66% WR, over 2900 PR and 75k avg dmg. Difference in numbers is pretty huge. But the main difference. The crusial thing. I am comfortable with Ranger and even with my best effort I cant get those IJNs working. Frustration is unbelievable and I think thats the main problem. Gameplay should be rewarding, relaxed and most of all fun. These just arent. Massive stress and frustration. Why? I dont know. I do missclick some and that takes time to get used to but planes feel like total paper in every situation. Cant even spot T7 DD without losing planes like a monkey. Am I doing something totally wrong or is it just me?
  5. The CV Captains Cabin

    Yep. I play almost every time a battle or two where I can totally wipe the floor with enemy CV in every aspect of the game but the team is still losing 0-6. There is just no way to carry hard enough. I guess its the triangle Fara use to talk. Aircontrol (defending team), scouting (spotting esp DDs) and being offensive aka do damage yourself. But I've also seen the flipside. Great division agaisnt you, ok'ish game for yourself but not nearly enough. They kill, do damage and drop planes. Last ones standing and still the team falls. Even those so called cancer divisions dont win them all.
  6. The CV Captains Cabin

    Basically issue is real and I have encountered such as well. Problem is also wider than just CVs. Check out under week old video of Flambass playing div with AA Des Moines with a Asian DD. Also OP combination as well as many others. Real question is what are you suppose to be done about it? Remove division gameplay from the game? Ban certain level players playing division? Nerf/handicap their ships if they team up? Do these also apply on teams that you form during the battle? And also should they also ban misformed divisions from game? Noobs that take totally different tier ships and with their skill level / deliberate fooling around lose the match for their team and piss people off.
  7. The CV Captains Cabin

    Thats BS. Even as an idea. Should they also remove Flint its smokescreen if one wants to team up with couple Atlantas? Issue is eternal. Sometimes even divisions just suck and you just steamroll over them. The issue is pretty much those capable divisions (with perhaps OP ships) but its the same issue with a one exceptional individual in proper ship and solo game. Makes helluva difference. There simply is no point to even try to balance these out. Noobs should always perish while unicums rule. Skill has to be rewarded. Without this the whole game goes braindead.
  8. The CV Captains Cabin

    Its not 1:1 if division is formed in certain way. Put T7 CV in division with Atlanta and AA spec Gneisenau and you can dominate most matches. AA ships create huge denial areas to any any CV they encounter and can cover biggest consentrations of friendly team. Division CV can abuse this AA help to handle enemy CV and crush opposing team. Sure you also lose some games but overall +70-80% WR is perfectly viable.
  9. The CV Captains Cabin

    I kind of agree. I play both solo and divisioned with others and I cant imagine the queque lenght if we would also have to wait for matching another division along with tiers etc. I understand so called cancer divisions where you take good CV player with couple AA spec ships and kick the living s*it out of everybody but how does it differ from other cancer divisions? For example Flint and couple Atlantas or Fiji division...
  10. The CV Captains Cabin

    Dammit. Do I really have to try again with IJN CVs? Last try was with Shokaku. Only 35 games total but I have pretty good captain for it. Didnt enjoy it that much since planes, even upgraded ones, felt so weak in enemy AA. I guess its also a MM issue as we know. Would it be better to return into Hiryu and try it again? Played it last time long time ago and really didnt get that much out of it. MM is more gentle with T7 (I know, play my Ranger a lot these days) but of course there are those casual Saipans and 2CV clusterf*cks. Allthough Hiryu should have best chance in them and against Saipan as well?
  11. The CV Captains Cabin

    I agree. Buff up the tiers of the planes would be my suggestion. Makes a lot of difference. T9 fighters and TBs, T10 DBs maybe...
  12. The CV Captains Cabin

    All this is very incouraging to even try T10s. Soft T8 TBs with limited reserves was too much for me in Essex. With all T9 planes it was very different.
  13. The CV Captains Cabin

    I guess I meant more like the true jewel of the lines. Independence is nice for noob kicking but it faces T8 MM and some high(ish) AA ships along with very limited replacements. And at the same time all T8 CVs face relatively brutal T10 MM quite often. Old strike Lex shined there, stacking up 3x7 DBs you could drop on Montys. But precently... Even Shokaku felt so fragile in most games. T4-5 are both out since no manual attack anymore.
  14. The CV Captains Cabin

    Condering the Midway is getting real nerf hammer to its hangar capacity and overall my impression of T10 gameplay isnt the most fun got me thinking. What are the present (and post Midway nerf) benchmarks of CVs? Considering opponents tier by tier, dual-single CV games, AA defences, matchmarking and maybe most of all sheer fun of gameplay. Even against all odds I like Ranger and I think I will keep it but thats one. I also have pretty trained IJN CV cap and my Essex 18pt or so cap available to some ships. Opinions with reasons...? I guess Ryijo could be one. Its a real sealclubber to tier and also usable in most weekly missions.
  15. The CV Captains Cabin

    Ok. There are some differences between the lines. I havent found CE essential to any IJN CV at least below T8 while at T8 its basically mandatory for USn CVs (Lexington and up). For example Estuary and Two Brothers are small maps for detection range of +15km. On other hand for example Lexington has ridiculous AA so basically dedicated Lex cap would need less AA boosting skills and use point for other stuff like CE.