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  1. Yep, Shokaku AA isnt as punishing as Lexingtons. Overall I still dont recommend striking CV. Sure gains are huge if you pull it off but you'd need to do it with single try, two separate strikes is double waste of time. And there comes one thing to learn and improve over time. Moving your CV. Some players even at T9 think they are airports ans never move from spawn. Easier to spot and strike there. But if you keep up with the team AA helps with potential airstrikes. Actually this is one aspect I'd need to improve. I play mostly too safely which increases flytime to targets and back to CV decreasing efficiency. Then again being too brave causes being spotted and nuked very faet by enemy fleet. Its a balance...
  2. The radical increase in CV AA is the reason you should learn not to strike enemy CV by T8. At T7 it can be viable option, especially those 2CV games, after that its always one CV per team. Many players notice this difference at T8 the hard way. You think striking no-fighter CV down to be childsplay but lesson can be harsh. You easily lose full 2+2 strikepack (for example Shokaku) and a lot of time chasing it. With strike loadout I used CV AA against enemy fighters as well. If enemy CV just clicks your squad and forget about it just fly your squad above our ship, focusfire and keep hovering. You lose plane or two, enemy loses his whole squad.
  3. Strangers is propably one of the really best. By the way I added some additional information to my earlier post above. Check out Aerroons CV guides too. And naturally also Flamu has good CV stuff.
  4. Good way. Was it strangers123 in one of his videos. Used strike Lexington which has no fighters at all and got clear sky with it. Enemy CV just kept feeding planes and Lex AA says nom nom nom. At tier 8 CV striking is pretty much dumb if there is anything else to drop. T8 CVs get Defensive AA consumable that boosts AA even more, lasts two minutes and as you know from cruisers mess up TB and DB drop accuracy. If you react in time with Lexington (with basic firing training) enemy planes drop lie flies even without Def AA. Just focusfire to nearest squad and blaze away. Focusing gives you 30% bonus even without manual AA skill (manual AA gives 100%). Sure you can sink even Lex with planes but it just isnt worth it. You lose too much time and multiple attacks to do so. Not to mention loss of planes. When CV is only one left its natural target. I actually got enemy Essex fooled today. I use 1-1-3 strike loadout, enemy used stock 2-1-1 so fighter superiority. All essential ships in both team in cap B, pretty even situation. I rushed in with fighters on point and engaged enemys both fighter squads. Then strafe out of dogfight and noticed enemy fighters in pursuit. I just put my fighters fly all the way around the map back to ship. His fighters were out of the battle ans I could demolish their ships in B. Finally got fighters close to ship, def AA on, focusfire squad by squad and engage them above my CV. Essex AA says nom nom nom, free kills.
  5. So primary objective is to piss people off?
  6. Subjective question. When do you feel content after CV battle? Started wondering this today. Played Essex, 9 battles total, avg damage above overall average at 119k, just under 78% winrate (7/9 vics), new damage (248k) and planekill (62) records and I still feel kind of ... Meh. So whats wrong with me?
  7. Thode mentioned are good. I dont remember my Essex captain skills. One point skill, I have no idea. Two points torp accelerstion, three points torpedo armament expert or basic firing training for extra aa, four points consielment expext and air superiority. Does that make 14? I guess it does. I have 16 point captain at the moment, two points free. I dont know how to use the rest. Really. I have the basic firing training so maybe torp armament expert next. You can also get Advanced firing training and manual aa but I am not sure is it worth it. Indepedence and Ranger are vulnerable to CV attack, Lex has ridiculous AA and its very hard to sink, Essex has good AA but also planes are much better... I heard aa at Midway turns back to ridiculous.
  8. Is the client russian only? Damn easy to use.
  9. In that case I might give it a try. You still need another account with the same email address to make it work? It was somewhere in the PTS guides...
  10. Nope, no notice, warning or penalties from killing friendly planes. You can strafe your own planes too if you fly them through your strafingpath. Of course its not recommended to do so but you dont get punished for it. At least not from the game / WG. Learning curve for CVs is very long. They surely have way highest damage and team effort potential but getting that potential out is not easy. I have some CV games played and I still keep learning every day I play. I might have decent stats but I still time to time run into those elite players that just make me look plain stupid. It just looks so effortless and it seems enemy CV knows your decisions before you do... So still very much to learn. For example just staying calm, make good decisions and keep all squads working under battle stress is a big thing. You can farm great damage if enemy CV dies early, you have a safe position and team plays well. Then its relatively easy. But if team doesnt do well, you lose some ships and caps, enemy is at your tails, DDs pressuring... There differences really rise. I've seen plenty of CV captain who just totally lose it after they are spotted. Squads stay hovering in the air, CV is not moving for cover... Whole packadge just falls apart. Got one decent Essex game like this last week. Enemy Essex was decent and didnt screw up but own team was shaking first half of the battle. We hold only fourth of the map, enemy team had two caps, we fought for our first... Some one from the team started blaming me for losing... Well, we got it turned around, some 200k damage, +40 planes and 4 kills, confederate, high caliber.. But I have to admit I was shaking too at some point. It really isnt easy. Much easier with any other shipclass, just focus enemies in hand, angle, do one thing at the time... But with CV. Spot for team, fight off enemy planes, map awareness where own and enemy ships are, striking correct targets to help the team as much as possible... Its a madhouse. I really dont blame you for feeling the stress. Its real for all of us.
  11. Darn. Can you have both PTS and EU game clients installed at the same time?
  12. Yep. Its careful learning process and you also have to consider when to strafe and when just point and click at enemy squad. After all strafing takes a lot of ammo and that puts you out of action for a while. Even at higher tiers two fighter squads can mis-strafe each other few times before one takes wrong turn / evades to wrong direction and gets wiped out. Some tutorials suggest torping directly from the side at 90 degree angle but the best result comes if you torp little from behind. Maybe 20-30 degrees from straight angle. That way first torpedo closest to enemyships bow will travel a bit further distance and enemyship drives straight into them. This is little advanced tactic but for example USN 6 torp squad can score 6/6 hits with it to a Gneisenau size target. Ships up to T6 are just too short to hit all. This applies both IJN and USN gameplay. You can try this with autodrops as well since you can adjust the angle of your approach.
  13. These planekills are intresting. My personal record is something like 58 and its with Essex. My primary goal has been dealing damage what ever the tier and killing planes is being more of a hobby at the side. But looking at the overall I'd say Certios ha done his job in that game. Both enemy CVs, including tier higher Hiryu, are without kills and both have less XP gained even while they are in winner team. 65 planes and couple kills as well, good job.
  14. Looks like you're getting hang of strafing. It sure is very satisfying to get a nice strafe off and just vanish multiple squads of planes. In some cases its even a bit sad. Other player can be a total noob, a kid for example, and lose pretty much all planes in one strafe. You almost feel sorry for them.
  15. Well that was not meant for critique. We just play the game differently and both have their ups and downs. Just like with everything else. My gamestyle for example with CVs propably doesnt suit some others etc. But thats the thing with these games. We are all humans and make very human things and mistakes. This is what makes it more intresting and challenging. Most AI based games have AI of earthworm and after you find out the logic how it works gaming challenge and fun is mostly gone.