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  1. Mr_Burke

    BB HE, HE everywhere

    No islands to cover from. Team hidding behind me and not pushing in.
  2. Mr_Burke

    BB HE, HE everywhere

    You cant do anything against HE. I just got out of an battle in my fuso. 14km away, a clan of 2 people in their BB's appeared. They shot HE only. A october revolution and a kongo. They cooked me alive. I had constantly 3 fires on me the whole time. While I dealt between 2k up to 8k AP salvo.
  3. Mr_Burke

    BB HE, HE everywhere

    What is going on with this trend here? In my last 6 mid tier matches, all enemy BB's shooting nothing but HE...... Last match: I'm in fuso. Kongo shooting HE against me, New Mexico shooting HE against me. I was full broadside to'em. The match before that, scharnhorst shooting HE on enemy targets, regardless of distance and angle. Is it the cancerous royal BB line, that have created this trend? Maybe I should jump on the train. And forget about my tasty citidal hits, and do HE only. But then I'll be no better. If you believe the royal BB is to blame for this HE party, do you believe WG all is good? Also question: About AA firing and secondary firing. Does your ship angle depends how much AA / secondary that can fire at once?
  4. Mr_Burke

    The overbuffing of BBs

    BB's have a harder time to disengage from a fight. If the supporting team behind you suddenly bails out and ditches, as soon red dot appears on the map 18km in front of them. You in the BB will be in deep trouble. You'll have a harder time to disengage, will have to show broadside to return to your cowardly team, you are slower to get to safety. I 99% play random matches alone. And I have learned not to trust my team(s) at all. For these reasons, is why I stay at mid-range (sometimes even longer range) My last previous match was an fine example. We were 6 left on my team. We all pushed in (I was at front in my nagato) to cap the enemy base. At halfway through 1 enemy DD started to cap our base, all 5 allied ships returned to reset our cap. But at the same time, 4 enemy ships started to shoot at me since I was the frontguy. I had no chance to disengage at all. And all my support (4 cruisers 1 dd) still went back to base, despite they could see what was going on in front of me. So yeah. I'm done being in the front forever.
  5. Mr_Burke

    Musashi will cost 92... nope! 750k freePex !

    I struggle for at least 1½ week, just to get 50k freexp.
  6. Mr_Burke

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    Fuso and Nagato for me.
  7. Mr_Burke

    Sunray in the Darkness ?

    I must have played this mission at least 10 times by now. Not even managed 1 star. But I play with randoms only (not even sure if division can play this)
  8. Mr_Burke

    Did HEchange?

    I just recieved a 11k dmg from Queen Elizabeth with 1 full HE salvo coming from it. I was in my NY, and decently angled -.- Why WG made RN BB so strong with HE anyways?
  9. Mr_Burke

    Did HEchange?

    lol. I have Ishizuchi. So I know what an HE BB is like. I'm a main BB guy, so I cannot ignore a new unexplored line. Regardless of that ammo type I'll be using
  10. Mr_Burke

    Did HEchange?

    So its a Royal Navy BB thing with HE? Guess I should start to grind that BB line. I only have warspite.
  11. Mr_Burke

    Did HEchange?

    Been a good many many months since I last played. So I've see many new ships ingame. But did fire stack change? I was in my NY and got hit with 1 salvo from an enemy Iron duke / oktoberrevolution and BAM, I had 4 fires on me instantly. I know FP is suppose to somehow counter that. But I've never had 4 fires on me instantly. Any changes?
  12. Mr_Burke

    so i just played against a Conqueror.

    I still believe its a Yamato v2. She heals a massive amount of health with repair party, I believe its actually better than Yamato. She has WAY lower detect vs. Yamato. The HE damage is just ridiciously OP. Add all this to what I said back in August. Sorry Yamato, but there is a new king.
  13. Mr_Burke

    so i just played against a Conqueror.

    Such a shame I grinded to Yamato. Now I'll have to get the Conqueror instead. Only 3mm less turrets than Yamato, longer range, faster top speed, better rudder shift time, radar. Whats not to like. It's a yamato v2 ship.
  14. Mr_Burke

    Damage farmers

    If you are just farming damage, you are still to some degree during a favor for your team, since you are helping to keep enemy ship health low. However if someone is poor at trying to farm damage, then they're no good. Good aim shooters on the other hand........
  15. Mr_Burke

    Arizona OP in 7v7 ranked :)

    So 132k dmg is a decent game for you in Fuso? Or was this screenshot just cherrypicked?