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  1. Mulik_Itzkov

    [-WB-] Warboats Need You!

    Gonna throw this a late night bump. Still spaces in the clan left.
  2. Mulik_Itzkov

    Wargaming is NOT fair

    Good luck and fair seas o/
  3. Mulik_Itzkov

    Not install new update

    He was saying that he cannot update the game but as he has not returned to this post, we can assume he solved it.
  4. Mulik_Itzkov

    Royal Navy CLs fix poll

    I appreciate that they are somewhat unique with their AP only and such but I feel that since they are basically glass they either need to have longer range or to keep their current abysmal range and have less citadel damage/more armor, I am trying to get through the Emerald right now and it is not fun at all, I even bought premium just to get out of this ship, It is awful. Just awful. Yes sure it does a lot of damage but the moment any other ship sees it or it's plane expires so it has to get closer, It is dead.