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  1. Niekolaus

    Suggestions thread

    What about consolidating the ships from the very small factions/nations (Pan-Asia, Pan-America, Poland and the Commonwealth) into ONE single new tech-tree, simply called the "Rest of the World" and flying the UN-flag (or something similar) in port. The commander's nationality (in this new "Rest of the World" tech-tree) would then include all the nations that had ships in the tech-tree, i.e. Polish, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Argentinean, Canadian etc. Btw. The ships from the Commonwealth tech-tree could also simply be included into the British tech-tree, so they would fly the Royal Navy Jack into battle.
  2. Niekolaus

    Button to hide/remove naval ensigns on ship-models

    Oh,I don't hope it is some kind of insult, that has slipped under my radar ;) A million thanks for your input, which has been somewhat GHTYXUs
  3. Niekolaus

    Button to hide/remove naval ensigns on ship-models

    I do like that mod very much. However, I hate to have to download it every time there has been a minor update to the game. It would be much easier to simply get the choise to hide the naval flags on ship-models in the Graphic settings.
  4. Niekolaus

    Button to hide/remove naval ensigns on ship-models

    What has the faces of commanders to do with hiding the national naval-ensign flags on the ship-models in port and battle mode?
  5. Niekolaus

    Button to hide/remove naval ensigns on ship-models

    What I mean is that WG puts a huge effort into making "the ship-models appear as historical correct as possible", NOT the game, the game is NOT a simulator nor should it be, it's an arcade shooter game with historic warships. However, I would really like to have the choise to hide/remove the naval flags from the ships on my PC, because the current in-game Japanese and German naval-ensigns have no place on these historic ship-models.
  6. Here I go again I really think it is horrible to put a red Nazi-like naval-flag on a WW1 era German ship like the Emden, it devalues the otherwise huge effort that has been made by developers, to make the ship-models appear as historical correct as possible. It would be nice if WG gave players like me an option to hide naval-ensign flags on ship-models in port and in battle-mode. Adding a switch button in the GRAPHIC SETTINGS would not influence the game experience for other players. If activated it would simply remove naval-ensign flags from ship-models in port and in battle-mode. But keeping Signal Flags and Special Event Flags visible to the player, as these influence gameplay. Just like the existing color-blind button in the GRAPHIC SETTINGS, which allows players to see the enemies in a different color than red. But it doesen't change the way other players see the enemies, they are still red to all others.
  7. Niekolaus

    Flags on ships in battle

    I can see that many people are opposed to this idea of totally neutral game flags on the ships. Just like many people were opposed to my idea of putting historic flags on all ships and just replacing any Svaztikas with an Iron Cross or the WOWS logo. Please read the whole text before answering ;-) I think it is horrible to put at a red Nazi-like ensign on a WW1 era German ship like the Emden, it takes away all the historical correctness of the game and devalues the otherwise huge effort that has been made to make the ship-models appear as historical correct as possible. It seems the only acceptable options are to either install a correct flag mod every 14 days or have WG remove all the default naval-ensigns form the ship-models, just like there are no people on the ships. If default naval-ensigns are removed from the ship-models, then players who wants to put flags on their ships should be able to buy or earn naval-ensigns, national flags or special flags in the FLAG section of the EXTERIOR panel. The FLAG section should have a large variety of national flags and naval-ensigns to chose from, just like you can customize your tanks in WOT. This would allow players to personalize the flags on their ships the way they want them to look, or the players can chose to save their money and keep their ship-models clean and free from any flags. Or there could be a button in the GRAPHIC panel in the SETTINGS menu that removes all naval-ensigns from the ship-models. It should be the individual players choise not modders or WG. Sorry for the long post and thanks again for the many replies.
  8. Niekolaus

    Flags on ships in battle

    I suggest that all naval-jack flags should be removed from the ship-models, as many are incorrect or illegal in various countries. Instead. once you start a battle your ship and your allies should get a "GREEN FLAG WITH A LARGE WOWS SYMBOL" and on the enemy ships there should be a "RED FLAG WITH A LARGE WOWS SYMBOL". So when you zoom in there will be an enemy RED flag hanging on the baddies and an allied GREEN flag on the goodies. The GREEN and RED flags in battle could then have small variations to the symbols on them, depending on the players honours, length of service or skill level. The enemy RED flags should of course automatically change color if you plays as color blind. It would also be cool if it was possible to add current national flags of your choice to the rear flagpole of your ships, just like it is possible to replace the national markings on the tanks in WOT, with markings or flags of your choice.
  9. If they are afraid of being banned because the in-game flags are sen as Nazi symbols, then they should replace the red Nazi-look-a-like flag in their games with the present day German flag Black-Red-Yellow, which dates back to 1848 and is viewed as a symbol of German democracy and freedom. I know that this would not be historically correct, but neither is the current red Nazi-look-a-like flag in WoT, WoWP and WoWS.
  10. And the War Ensign of the Nazi THIRD REICH does not have strong Nazi connotations! It is NOT forbidden to show the Imperial War Ensign in Germany or any where else, whereas the Nazi War Ensign of the Third Reich is banned in many countries today. The Germans of WW1 were NOT Nazis and by having a Nazi Third Reich flag represent them during WW1 you make the Nazi-flag the normality of Germany. If people or WG doesn't like pre-1933 German heraldy and emblems, because they are used by morons today. Then they should NOT have any German warships, tanks or warplanes in their games, because they can all be seen to have strong Nazi connotations, and replacing a NON-Nazi historical flag with a Nazi-look-a-like Reichskriegsflagge does not make that any better.
  11. Please, please, please make the ships more accurate, by adding the Imperial German War Ensign to German World War 1 era ships. Because the War Ensign of the Third Reich should NOT be mounted on any ships of the Imperial German Navy (1871-1918). I am wondering why the ships of the Imperial German Navy from the World War 1 era (Emden, Dresden, Nassau, König, Kaiser etc.) are flying the War Ensign (look-a-like) of the Third Reich (1933-1945), and not the historic War Ensign of Imperial Germany (1871-1918), while the WW1 ships of the Imperial Russian Navy are'nt flying the Soviet Naval Jack. Why? The Imperial German War Ensign (White with a black cross, an Eagle in the center and the Imperial German flag in the top corner) is very iconic for the WW1 era and should be used on all German WW1-era ships. Just like Russian ships from the WW1 era are flying the historical correct Russian Imperial Naval Jack and only ships from the Soviet-era gets the Soviet Naval Jack. When so much effort is put into making these ships as historical correct as possible, Why can't the flags on German ships change like the flags on Russian/Soviet ships does?