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  1. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    Some small Suggestion to inhance the HP loss of the own team. Due to the massive DMG potential of enemy ships and the limeted HP pool of friendly ships. How about a consumable that regeneates a part of the HP only for PvE mode Like the Repair Party but also for all classes and including the possibility to repair citadel dmg. Maybe something to refill planes for CVs too ? I personaly would also like a support vessel or auxiliary ship on each map maybe hidden behind an island so evreyone can repair and refill the ships there. maybe its time for a new PvE only class. if plyers get to steer the auxiliary ship they this would also fix the problem of support ships ignoring torpedos like in the raptor mission.
  2. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Technical

    22:18. 1.300 Players online. any Hope of fixing this soon ? Of course after i complained it works...
  3. DeKaktus

    Get rid of camping BB

    "Sometimes" isnt rare ingame usualy the CA that goes in a fight like this wont be there for long. but it wouldnt be a big problem if BBs would start to nuke other BBs instead of Cruisers that pop off for a second. But i know this will simply trigger the old BBs will always camp Cruisers will allways die and DDs will allways kill the camping BBs even if origonaly not intendet to.
  4. DeKaktus

    Get rid of camping BB

    i dont think its that easy with the current camera angel and so on i think the fast ships will dance around it ... Because you are a Alpha tester you should have Iwaki Right ? do you think its easy to hit a DD heading to you running evasive maneuvers with the accuracy of Iwaki ?
  5. DeKaktus

    Get rid of camping BB

    Its as always a simple account bashing and a "Anchor" contest here in forum even if someone like vaderan will say somethimng the awnser will always be BUT MY "ANCHOR" is longer and bigger... So far he only stated that RNG will somehow always enshure a hit, if proper aimed but if you put the RNG aside and simply unse a pinpoint accuracy would you say a target is easyer to hit if it moves ? You dont shoot a duck with a sniper rifle you use a shotgun. the same principe is in game too.
  6. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 General Feedback

    One oft the many reasons i stoped at T7 on the live server. eco is a pisser at T9-10.
  7. Absolutely this is no low budget Ios/Android game. Does WG realy has big money issues so they have to let the players pay 20 dublones to skip the 30 minutes block time ? I know WG wants to prevent players from "farming" this missions but whats the difference between "farming" the PvE missions, or "grinding" in Random or Coop ? usualy Random would generate even more income and aditionaly gives flags and other stuff, but some people simply dont enjoy Random (myself included.). Also some missions are harder than some Random battles due to bots seventh sense for torpedo beats and superior accuracy, at least in my humble opinion.... I personaly have more than 8 T5-6 ships so i could skip the blockingtime by playing another ship but still this 30 minutes block doesn't belong here.
  8. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    There are no other scenarios with a repair ship so far, its only in the Raptor Mission. I hope they add more oft them to the other missions.
  9. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    So far: Now i played all the Missions a couple of times and the ranking goes: 1.Rescue the Aircraft carrier Raptor. Awesome mission realy fun to play even with random people, due to the repair victory (i love you), the good enemy spawn locations and the good ai of the Raptor and her support ship (see also Aegis). 2.Newport Base Defence. First i was really sceptic about the mission and the facts that a Izumo Spawned next to my Furutaka, well i aged a bit that moment.... overall a doable mission even with CA/CL but gets pretty easy if a good CV player joins the team. 3.Aegis. I simply discripe my first battle in Aoba well first i was happy a intercept a convoi mission.... but after i saw what was moving towards us... and in the first two small fire exchanges where the Shchors and the Farragut ran into my ship multiple times, awesome ai guys realy.... we where abel to destroy the forward heading scout fleet, now the Shchors and the Farragut charged straight into the convoy where they where brutaly murdered by Furutakas big guns wich triggered the apperance of three BBs, additional to the next seconday mission for Rescuing Captain Urrrraaa and his Conscripts. which also failed due to the 3 BBs that keept us from closing in, so Captain Urrrraaa and his Conscrips gave their lives for mother Russia. Now after the escort Crusers where defeated aswell as the BBs, the convoy proceeds in a line formation towards the evac point. Where a Raiding party of the IJN including some carriers await them to blow them out of the sea one after another. Mission failed... Overall its doable but tend to get realy hard at the end where evreyone lacks health planes and support. 4.Killer Whale Basicly a good idea raid a port, scorched earth and head out bevore the enemy notice and comes running back.... Now the actual mission is far worse. usualy the team splits destroys all the gun emplacements (expect the two at the top of the map) and proceed to the habour districts. the first enemy guard ships get destroyed and the first support wave arrives this is where craphit the fan, now we where trapped between multiple enemys. The Tankers make a run for it and the Bayern moves in battle range supportet by a Königs long range fire from a dock and a Hosho also docked. now the couple times i played we already suffered casualties at this point. In addition the second and third support wave closes in, soon after all the vital base parts are down, aswell as 50% from HP. Now the escape was always a mess we never made it to the zone the time it takes to destroy all positions in adition to the enemy ships leaves with a tight time window of not much more that 4 minutes to head out, under fire, constant torpedo bomber attacks, Fires, Leaks, engine and Rudder failures. I actually never won the map even in a carrier i was later totaly dominated by the two enemy Hoshos and small destroyers even if they die after a hit, bombs tend not to hit the targets and the strong AAA of the Gun emplacements tend to wipe your planes out of the sky. I guess this is best played Division only in voice coordination and the knolage for the classes and theire weaknesses. in my opinion the worst mission of the update. I hope this was helpfull and Readeble in my Kraut english.
  10. DeKaktus

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    Same Here Newport now has the Rescue the Raptor Operation Results.
  11. DeKaktus

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    So after playing Newport (PTS Name ZeKaktus) since the testserver Startet i have to say its quite fun and challanging. If the team screws up well 30 minutes of waiting... overall a good addition to the game, mode eco looks great too. Somehow sometimes the AI maneges to get caught on the island at E5 happend around three times. A Carrier is greatly recommended in order to have a chance against the storming Hordes of rampaging AI Ships. for the other classes... DDs well still get focust because of the low HP and have a hard time because of the Bot Torpedo sence. CA/CL a outstanding map to play at. BBs well ... to slow and uncaccurate for the map in my opinion, but for "BCs" like Kongo it fits perfectly. So im looking forward for more Testing.
  12. DeKaktus

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    AkosJaccik, on 22 May 2017 - 09:59 PM, said: Personally, I'd rather take a new operation once a month or even one in two months if they are varied, rather than one "yet-another-horde-mode" every weekend. Still better than the normal coop mode at least if the Tier isnt limited. iJoby, on 22 May 2017 - 09:30 PM, said: I had no idea you had to wait 30 mins after a loss, I have only played 2 games, both won. is the wait of 30 mins only if you try to use the same ship? Just lost a Battle in the Independence, ship is loocked for 30 minutes.
  13. DeKaktus

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    the Reward is nice if you Win, and a Defeat is of course not profitable. also why gets the ship locked for 30minutes if you loose ? i understand it after you won, but it seems a bit mean if you loose to wait 30 minutes in order to try again.
  14. DeKaktus

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    Cant load into the mission. 0:55 Awaiting Players, sitting here for 5 minutes now...
  15. DeKaktus

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    Yes the jump from T3 to T6 and finaly T9 is... as Lord Wellington said in the battle of wateloo :" A bit of a pisser". But im more concerned that all Battles i had without a CV in Team endet in a Defeat. All the CAs, DDs, and BBs where depleted even before the Izumo came up.