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  1. 2 things I've learned. 1. If you're going to dive under Rasputin to use your rear torps, don't try it at periscope depth. It'll end in tears. 2. If you learn from this and dive deeper to pass under Rasputin, make sure you have enough air or you'll pop up like a cork and smack into the side of him. It'll end in tears, 1k ramming damage and a little salty language.
  2. Goats_Beard

    Captains - What are they and what do they do

    Good luck with the Kawachi, you're going to need it. I expect you're thinking nothing can be worse than the South Carolina? you could be wrong...
  3. Haven't played tanks for quite a while so it may have changed but there was a user definable key combination for small repair kit, a common choice was to have 4 select kit and 4 for tracks so hitting 4 twice would get your tracks back up very quickly. If we take that idea and transfer it to ships then we could have something along the lines of the following, DCP r r Heal r t DefAA t t Aircraft t y Radar y y Hydro y u Smoke u u Engine Boost u I Torp Reload I I
  4. I thought this would work out to be really expensive but it isn't actually that bad. Around £17 for 214 captains by my calculations. I would.
  5. Goats_Beard

    Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    Disclaimer, my highest tier ship is T7. I watched most of the replay and the following is intended to be constructive. Unless there is a glitch with the replay you spent most of the game fully zoomed in? and didn't seem to react to the minimap (a couple of dd's popped up which you totally ignored. When you had torps incoming you didn't zoom out and look around to see where they were so you could try and avoid them). You also appear to be trigger happy with consumables. imo your biggest failing is in situational awareness, you seem to have tunnel vision and target fixation which is very common at mid tiers. What I would recommend is watching your own replays after a battle and seeing what you missed. With practice, keeping an eye on the minimap becomes second nature (much like the rear view mirror when driving).
  6. Goats_Beard

    Halloween waste of time

    If you wanna do that mission You gotta do it with some friends
  7. Goats_Beard

    New smoke rules and how very few actually know them?

    I thought I'd understood the new mechanics til i saw this vid. I was puzzled by what happened to me yesterday on 2 brothers in a BB when a friendly dd smoked me up but it's now clear.
  8. Goats_Beard

    Slot 1 on a ship

    The way I figure it, you aren't always detonated from full hp, sometimes you'd have died anyway so I go for main armament.
  9. Call me old and cynical but I can't help thinking it's an attempt to clear the shelves of stock that no-one is buying.
  10. Goats_Beard

    CW solution

    Bathtub battles were a lot of fun but the potential income for WG at T1 would be miniscule compared to T10. CW isn't so much about fun for players as it is about income generation for WG. Peer pressure is an extremely powerful marketing tool,
  11. You probably hit a module? I had the same thing where I damaged an aa mount. It triggers the shell but doesn't count as a hit.
  12. Goats_Beard

    A Public Apology, and shout out to you special unicorns

    Maybe, but because it was so much better than where we came from we decided to stay.
  13. Goats_Beard

    Public Test 0.6.11 - General Topic

    Straight from Hamsters to Capybaras? What about Guinea Pigs... oh wait, that's us isn't it. Still can't connect.
  14. If you join the test server next time it's open you can try them all. (you can also try the GK before throwing free xp at it) A common failure is lack of minimap awareness, most players don't pay enough attention to it. When you're torped out of nowhere, watch the replay paying particular attenton to the minimap, quite often you'll see something which you missed in the heat of battle that may have allowed you to predict and avoid it.
  15. Goats_Beard

    strange object off map

    A dev in the map creation section had a momentary lapse of reason and decided to meddle. There's a piper at the gates of dawn but he's obscured by clouds. Not content with that he wanted more so added a saucerful of secrets which also made the final cut.