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  1. You probably hit a module? I had the same thing where I damaged an aa mount. It triggers the shell but doesn't count as a hit.
  2. Maybe, but because it was so much better than where we came from we decided to stay.
  3. Straight from Hamsters to Capybaras? What about Guinea Pigs... oh wait, that's us isn't it. Still can't connect.
  4. If you join the test server next time it's open you can try them all. (you can also try the GK before throwing free xp at it) A common failure is lack of minimap awareness, most players don't pay enough attention to it. When you're torped out of nowhere, watch the replay paying particular attenton to the minimap, quite often you'll see something which you missed in the heat of battle that may have allowed you to predict and avoid it.
  5. A dev in the map creation section had a momentary lapse of reason and decided to meddle. There's a piper at the gates of dawn but he's obscured by clouds. Not content with that he wanted more so added a saucerful of secrets which also made the final cut.
  6. I think it's because of fov distortion, cos if you put them the other way around
  7. A couple of things you could try from the game launcher, There's a dropdown/popup on the play button to launch in safe mode. If that doesn't work then under settings/support in the launcher is "check and repair game integrity".
  8. There are many things I'd rather play than Emerald but Pensacola isn't one of them.
  9. Your first battles will be against bots (called co-op or pve), as you gain xp your rank will get higher and random battles will become available where you are playing against real people. (note: a lot of your early random battles may have bots to make up the numbers, you can tell which ones are bots as their name starts with a colon eg :captainname) You should receive the Diana after your first battle, if you haven't then the accounts haven't been linked correctly first try using the link your friend sent again it should confirm whether the invite has worked. If it still doesn't work then contact support, they can fix it if you haven't played too many battles.
  10. In port, on the left, mouseover combat missions and select challenges. All the requirements are listed there.
  11. It's like opening a supercontainer and finding a useless upgrade.
  12. Funny old world innit, to quote another Nelson (Phyllis) "Move closer"
  13. Jolly good chaps, well done, I think you've grasped the basic principle of capping. Plenty of support for the dd including a couple of BBs, good to see you all working together as a cohesive group. Now, can anyone tell me what we did wrong? Anyone?
  14. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  15. Not every active player will have selected the missions/campaign, I didn't so won't be counted.