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  1. Acetessigester

    PSA: Aircraft Carrier bots removed from four Operations

    Also in Hermes and Frontier?
  2. Acetessigester

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    two questions: is the lock on bug fixed? are the bugs in Cherry Blossom fixed?
  3. Acetessigester

    Almosr ready to Quit this game

    BBaby detected
  4. Acetessigester

    disable clan drops

    WG like players with low IQ, because money can be taken from their wallets more easily.
  5. Acetessigester

    Adding the option to sell permanent camo for 50% credits

    CB is not the only mode in the game.
  6. Source: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0711/
  7. Acetessigester

    Do German BBs need IFHE for secondary builds?

    I am using version 1, but only for fun. Secondary build is not a good choice in pvp anyway.
  8. Acetessigester

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    yes this operation has been bugged for several weeks. btw sometimes night never ends and the Zaos stay on the map and fight against player team.
  9. Acetessigester

    Bug Reports

    EDIT: re-login then everything is ok
  10. How can man train a captain from another ship to Lightning already? Lightning is a premium ship now.
  11. Acetessigester

    Fed up

    Go to SEA server and join those smart passive players there.
  12. Acetessigester

    More and more BOTS.. Something needs to be done.

    Some people play more poorly than bots