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    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had one of my best games in my North Carolina, I was making a push to C, where 3 enemy BBs were at, when I thought my team abandoned me. Thankfully though before a Hatsuharu went to torp me, 2 of the DDs that turned back to help distracted him.
  2. bulletmaster22

    wargaming destroyed the aircraft carrier playing

    Don't the higher tier CVs get higher hanger capacities than lower tier ones to compensate for the improved AA? Isn't that how they counter it?
  3. bulletmaster22

    The Hilarious Adventures of Bulletboon

    Glad some of you got a kick out of this, but you're probably right. O'ught not to be sharing rage stories like these, might have repercussions... :| Happy sailing. ;)
  4. bulletmaster22

    The Hilarious Adventures of Bulletboon

    Naw. Funny thing is he was on my own team. I had no interaction whatsoever with him in the game until he died early on in his Hatsuharu. XD
  5. bulletmaster22

    The Hilarious Adventures of Bulletboon

    Came across this in a game in my Ranger today, thought you all might enjoy it. Covered the name of the guy of course, annonymous rules and all. (I think...) ;) [edited] I had no idea what this guy was harrasing me for, also... Was kind of funny seeing the messages until he started giving away my position... not cool... Though thankfully it was near the end of the victorious game so I guess it had no consequences. Also happened to be a great game in my Ranger, with something like 180k dmg I think. (though partially down to an AFK BB, and fortunate circumstances) So, anyone care to share some rage stories?
  6. bulletmaster22

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Aw, that's a long wait. What are TeamBattles?
  7. bulletmaster22

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    I was going to make a thread in the general discussion and ask but I guess I could just ask here; When's Season 5 starting? I haven't really played Ranked but really want to know for the chance for all sorts of cool goodies and more competitive play. I haven't seen a date anywhere yet...
  8. bulletmaster22

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Probably will be my best game of the day so here; I've been trying out new tactics with my Ranger, whereas I go for the 0/1/3 loadout and go in with the torpedo bombers first, bait them into using their repair, and then roll in with the 3 dive bombers. Gives me about 2-4 fires that causes much more damage than without the fires. It has its drawbacks though. Defense AA can be a big problem, aswell as enemy CVs that have fighters around, but this was the best case scenario I've had so far.
  9. Hi. I've been looking for a 'clan' of some sorts for a while as I feel it would really help increase my efficiency and success in the game, as I play primarily in battleships and CVs at the moment. (can't one-man win the game XD) I have ships up to tier 8, will be available often for the next 4 weeks and play on the EU 1 server. Mind if I join? O.o I found the other clans to be a bit spammy.
  10. bulletmaster22

    Lower Tier Guides: The Magnificent Fuso [146k damage]

    Was very interested by this, thanks for the tutorial! By the way, was that a mod you were using to show if your shells were bounces/over-pens etc.? I could really use something like that.
  11. bulletmaster22

    Some help with the Fuso

    Thanks for all the advice here guys, really, I appreciate it I'll upload a few battle replay files together some time later, for some of you to go over. ;)
  12. bulletmaster22

    Ranger help (but US CV in general)

    I have the Independence, and feel that yes, it does feel wrong to be neglecting the fighter setup but the torpedo bombers are absolutely necessary if you want to have any say on what happens on the waters.
  13. bulletmaster22

    Some help with the Fuso

    Thanks for all the advice here guys, especially VC381, I'll keep the angling tips in mind. ;) To make this more relateable to me and as they said, "a picture paints a thousand words", I recorded a game I had in my Fuso. (and coincidentally it happens to be among my best games damage-dealingly) Here's the whole game for anyone that would be helpful enough to go over it and point out to me my flaws; FusoGameplay.mp4 and here's a couple of moments where I feel the shots should have resulted with better outcomes. FusoGameplay_1.mp4 -I feel these 6 shots should have rewarded me with 2 citadels, and whilst I'm certainly not complaining about dealing 14k damage, I still feel as if I should have recieved a citadel penetration. After all, that's what BB guns are for, right? FusoGameplay_2.mp4 -This one's less clear cut, although I feel I should have got more damage out of it. I know the Cleveland is notorious for having a teeny citadel, but I feel robbed of damage here. Am I just expecting too much out of shooting these guns? Some advice would be appreciated, thanks. ;) Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm not ignoring the fact that I scored several citadel shots on the Kongo near the end of that match, and I know why those shots did indeed cause citadel damage. I'm only confused as to why others did not. RNG maybe?
  14. bulletmaster22

    Some help with the Fuso

    Hi all. The Fuso's been proving to be a bit frustrating for me. It doesn't seem to agree with my playstyle. I read of people here on the forums talking about how awesome the ship is but I have not been so lucky with it. The armour I feel is inadequate against similar teired battleships and the gun dispersion doesn't allow me to land shots where I need them to be. So, if I try and play long-range? I avoid the fire of enemy ships whilst still being able to fire all 6 of my guns, but the dispersion, as I said, is preventing me from hitting anything 15-20km away. Playing short-range also doesn't seem to be playing out well. The gun dispersion for the most part isn't an issue anymore but now I have to start guarding my sides, meaning I can't turn broadside, making 4 of my 6 guns useless. I can only fire 2 guns with unpredictable dispersion at target 7-15 km away, if I want to keep my HP, that is... So can anyone give me some tips or videos to show me how I'm meant to be playing this ship? I land maybe 1 or 2 citadel shots per match and in a bad game I might get none.
  15. bulletmaster22

    Just a word of thanks this time...

    With all of the posts going on in the forums about it at the moment, I'm sure they know what needs to be changed. They ARE trying, guys.