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    [MDF] Marine Division Fenrir

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    [MDF] Marine Division Fenrir

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    [MDF] Marine Division Fenrir

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    [MDF] Marine Division Fenrir

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    Chaps, I need some advice regarding the KIDD

    Hey, I think I just start with the build. I'd take PM, LS, SI, BFT, AFT, CE and AR. Ofc. this depends on how much you queue with CV's, but from my experience this is a build in which you have enough survivability, AA-power and gunpower. If you dont queue with a CV that often, I would replace BFT with SE and maybe AFT with RPF. Personally I have no issue with the arcs of AFT, but this depends on how much you play US-DD and how much you are used to them. Torp-reload isn't worth it, because you just have one launcher. To your other questions: Try to cap, but be aware of the risks (radar, planes, other DD's outspotting you etc.). Disengage if needed and come back at a later point of the game. Stay alive and don't die in the first minutes! Also help your team (smoke up your mates, use your AA to protect them etc.). If you queue with a CV, communicate with him, let him spot the caps for you, so you get information etc.. With a bit of time, you'll get used to it. At T8, you are able to figth almost every DD, except Aki and a smoke-hydro Lo Yang. Kiev is also a hard match, but you can figth him at close range. Just don't let him kite you. Thanks to your heal, you are capable of healing your HP back after a hard figth oder an unlucky torp hit. Other DD's at higher tiers are a different story. Look at their HP, think and then decide if the figth is worth it. Especially at T-10. But never rush a smoke-hydro Z-52 and shoot at a Khaba. Those will always beat you. If you have any other questions regarding DD's feel free to ask o7