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  1. _Katsukai_

    Toxic Behaviour

    Wouldn't hurt if they hire couple of GMs
  2. _Katsukai_

    Aircraft Carriers,

    There is no point of it, if you dont have 2 groups of bombers. Since they can just use repair.
  3. Fuso has formidable AA defenses that makes lesser tiered carriers fear to approach with their torp bombers and with your main battery guns you can just Zone opponent ships without them even getting into firing range playing BB is all about positioning yourself correctly, but yeah if you cannot hit anyone with your main guns at long range you make yourself vulnerable to fast approaching ships and it kinda defeats the purpose playing as BB.
  4. _Katsukai_

    Aircraft Carriers,

    As a CV you just follow where majority of your team goes and stay in safe distance and about balance, an small damage buff for dive bombers wouldn't hurt considering their only use is setting ships on fire due almost non-existent damage output.
  5. _Katsukai_

    Your best game? Post result screen here

    Only setting on fire 2 times? Did you use solely only AP? Lol.
  6. _Katsukai_

    Dive Bombers

    Usually use bombers after torping enemy carrier so they use their repairs to fix the flood then I just set their deck on fire with the bombers.
  7. _Katsukai_

    How to sink a BB easy

    Using manual aim on Torpedo bombers does the trick for me, kinda feels dirty tho dropping them like 200 meters away.
  8. _Katsukai_

    planes with torpedoes

    any CV is helpless against a DD, since it's near impossible to hit an DD with torp bombers and normal bombers have really bad damage output.
  9. _Katsukai_

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    First time really enjoying a WG game, suprised the amount of polish at this stage of the game. It's really impressive and the gameplay is really fun.
  10. _Katsukai_

    The impression of a Navyfield 1 Veteran

    That kinda makes me fear BBs on my CV since maps aren't really big.
  11. _Katsukai_

    Error when launching the Launcher

    Turning UAC off mostly helps to deal with all the permission error crap.
  12. _Katsukai_

    Warships - strange facts

  13. _Katsukai_

    Meanings of Slang & Basic Pointers

    Very nice guide, now only to get access to the game. Lol
  14. Pretty much, one doesn't simply escape it.
  15. Uuhh.. The Cockpit episode 2 And... this.. Doesn't have subs tho, this show is still pretty damn hilarious.