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  1. Phroco

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    Hi @cherry2blost Checked into your TS but say I have no permissions to do anything including type messages in the recruitment channel. Not sure what to do next?
  2. Had a battle yesterday in Tears Of The Desert where I was near an island and somewhat surprised to see enemy (Khaba I think) torpedoes appearing on my side of the rocks. I assumed it was maybe a sync issue but it's not even a close thing, they are coming right through the middle. There was no other enemy ship in the neighbourhood and no CV so it appears that this particular set of rocks lets torps through!
  3. UK CBT player with 4.5k battles to date looking to have a crack at a clan now that WOWS is gearing up for them. Play a mix of ship classes and nations usually T7-10 though occasionally dip lower. On the wrong side of 50 so not really looking to be spending all night at it ;) I play most evenings but usually dip in and out, and generally with a beer or bourbon to hand
  4. Phroco

    Mistaken Identity...

    Well this is a first for me. I just played an entire game in a Zao convinced I was in a FdG. I thought it was odd that the camo looked a bit weird and that I had HE selected to start, though switched to AP for the whole game. But I stuck with it. I focused my secondaries at 10km but thought it was curious that they didn't open up immediately. I got penned bow on to BBs which was odd too. Even when the consumables didn't seem to be in the right place I didn't twig, and I was also pleasantly surprised to see three barrels firing at a time, but still none the wiser. I've gone half a game before thinking I was in something else but this is the first time I've not noticed throughout the whole game until the results screen. I have had a beer or two however, though that's not unusual when playing WoWS.
  5. Phroco

    tiny immersion nitpick

    My pet animation peeve is the lack of any churning water during sharp turns. In game it's basically just the normal wake in a curve. If you see any real film of ships doing hard turns then the water get thrown up in a maelstrom when going round corners (e.g. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-is-what-a-high-speed-turn-in-a-us-navy-destroyer-l-1466951441). TBH the straight line wake isn't great especially at high speed but it's the fact that you can hang the back end of a ship out at 30+ knots during a 180 turn in a few seconds and it raises barely a ripple.
  6. Phroco

    Invasion of Tulagi

    I got the 125 2ndary hits in my second BB game, actually got 175 in my Bis by engaging and killing a FdG and an Amagi together at close range and flipping the manual secondaries to whichever was side on. Buggered if I can come anywhere close to getting 2500 base Xp tho, just getting 2k is hard enough. Edit - Oh well, there you go, got 2800 in my next game. Had to use my Belfast and get a Kraken, Confederate and High Calibre to earn it tho. So it's doable, but I think for me those games are very few and far between.
  7. Phroco

    Belfast is "slightly" overpowered?

    This, totally. Especially when you are hunting DDs in it. As soon as you see you're spotted you can flip the radar on and go at the DD. Usually they panic and fire back meaning they never go invisible again before they're dead. IMO, in the right hands the Belfast is borderline OP but it's not easy to play and in the wrong hands it's definitely meh. You can't just play in one style, hiding and chucking HE over an island or from within smoke. You have to keep moving and confuse the enemy as to where you are and changing ammo all the time. I had a ranked game last night in mine as the only one on our team against 3 on theirs, plus an Atlanta, so they had 4 x radars against 1. In the end it was an easy win for us as they split up, didn't really move or coordinate at all and could basically get picked off one by one.
  8. For me the most irritating thing about the bug/feature is that even if you sail out of your first puff you can still see smoke spewing out of your smokehole (or whatever it's called) then as soon as the counter hits zero all this smoke that has emerged for those last few seconds immediately vanishes! So you can (by then) be sat completely still and see smoke being squirted out of your ship but that smoke magically has no effect at 0.0 because some programming parameter or other decides that smoke only exists in circles and because you were going a little too fast (or too slow) the smoke that you saw being generated was never deemed to have existed. The whole mechanic seems just very poorly implemented.
  9. Phroco

    post your rpf results

    I was willing to give the skill a chance and went into it with an open mind. Based on today playing both with it and against it I can say that I have to agree that it's a disaster. It's made people so much more fearful that DDs turn away from caps once they're located even if they appear to have a clear run. BBs have never been the bravest of souls but now they too turn and run as soon as they see the the 'located' icon pop up or see RDF indicate that they are being flanked. I've played a dozen games tonight and and in half of them my support (if I'm in a CA) just turned tail and ran, or hid being an island, as soon the RPF finder started pointing away from the nearest regularly spotted ship. I know it's an arcade game an all and I was willing to accept that hydro doesn't really work like sonar and even that radar only can stay on for a few seconds at a time (and see through islands) but this 'skill', whatever real world tech it's supposed to be based on, just takes the fun and strategy away from the game especially if you are a DD or CA player like I am. I have loved WOWS since CBT but now I think I have finally fallen out of love with it.
  10. Phroco

    New Soviet DD split

    Cue a thousand threads about "what do I get after the split if I have XYZ DD already"!
  11. So I have read the patch now which explain what ships you get if you this or that IJN DD. However I currently only have a Minekaze and a Shimakaze in my port. So in simple terms, is there anything I should be doing to benefit from the patch? Is it worth re-buying the lower tiers so I get extra slots/reserves and other bits and pieces? It's not really very clear to me from the notes whether it's going to give any benefit. I'm not really short of slots or reserve places but free stuff is free stuff!
  12. Phroco

    RN CL take a breath

    This ^. To me the Leander plays like a Soviet DD, Tashkent and above. You have reasonable concealment but not the best, decent torpedoes and smoke. Plus more HP, heal and hydro, minus the speed and the HE. So you need to be reasonably cautious and not engage the first ship you see. Either stay with support or try and sneak round the enemy to engage them from behind while they are focusing on other players. Then use your concealment to disappear if they start to notice you, or smoke if necessary. I don't normally use the smoke for spamming purpose, for one thing you have to stop first which takes ages, but as an aid to escape or even as a decoy to make the enemy believe you are in one place while you reposition to another. But maybe drop one or two torps en route to confuse as well. I have to say I do like the single torp option. In my opinion the RN CLs take a lot more thought and planning to play well. If you are used to the German or US cruisers where you have to engage early as you get spotted from distance you might not like them but having played both Russian DDs and IJN CAs up to tier X I think that using concealment and choosing when to fight is a bit more second nature. Having said that, not all games will give you the opportunity to use their strengths and if you stumble into multiple enemies then you are pretty much dead! I'm still doing that a bit too often
  13. Phroco

    Carrier suddenly popular?

    CV players can make it tough for DDs for sure. On the other hand I have recently stuck my Shima captain in my Kami R to treat him to feast on some German BBs. I was in a game yesterday with 2 x CVs per team. I sunk both of the enemy CVs as they were both just parked behind islands the whole. Neither were using planes to spot or did any thing when spotted, and neither moved an inch, or sought me out, even after being hit by the first torps and just sat there for a minute or more waiting for the rest of them to hit.So it works both ways.
  14. At the moment I prefer Air Sup setup on Saipan. You can totally shut down the enemy CV especially if he's gone strike, I mean literally kill _all_ his planes before they get near your ships. At the same time you can spot and kill DDs pretty easily and do large amounts of damage to BBs. It's only CAs you need to be careful around but then that's true with any setup. The Saipan isn't like other CVs, the DBs spread is so tight you can often one shot DDs, much easier than trying to torp them. This is with a Midway captain though so I have the extra plane skill which I think probably makes quite a difference.
  15. Phroco

    Crusiers Radar - Changes Needed

    I have no problem with radar seeing through smoke but it is nuts that it sees through massive islands! It can't be that hard to make it faintly realistic and line of sight only.