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  1. Reliance1903

    Quests for a free Scharnhorst

  2. Reliance1903

    Pax bonus code

    Thx for the code, that port slot was just what I needed. Port slot sale Wargaming - do it!
  3. Reliance1903

    New York (C) ?

    Personally, I dont think we will ever see it. 10 Quad-Bofors and 42 single Oerlikons would simply be overpowered. Another example would be the fully upgraded Kongo - historically, she had 122 (!) 25mm cannons on the final refit, not 12 like she has in game now. Modeling all those AA guns without actually having an impact on gameplay would just be silly.
  4. Reliance1903

    Rename New York to Texas

    Could be related to WG visiting the Texas for gathering data (pictures/measurments) and not realising their mistake - or just not researching/caring about details like that.
  5. Reliance1903

    Rename New York to Texas

    Pictures from navsource.org http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/013515b.jpg "Final wartime appearance of the Texas as seen is after the summer of 1943 and before January 1944." http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/013529b.jpg "Underway near Casco Bay, Maine, prior to 25 January 1944." I am not at all an expert on Naval history, but these pictures in my opinion dont match the final appearance of the New York we have in game - especially regarding the number and placement of AA guns (note the AA mounts on the superfiring turrets). There are some nice pictures of the New York on navsource aswell, if someone wants to do this properly. €dit: Ninja`d! €dit 2: Pictures not working turned into links
  6. Reliance1903

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    Tell me more. No, seriously show me some replays or screenshots because I was under the impression that stuff was banned?
  7. Nooo not my beloved HMS Repair - stop it you [edited]! Cant wait to sail her in the game..
  8. Reliance1903

    Missions for new port slots

    They could have just put them on sale for gamescom - instead they cooked up some packages with credits and consumables.
  9. Reliance1903

    2 new US tier 10 CA (patch 4.1)

    Interesting. Seperate CL branch ending with Worcester in the works?
  10. Reliance1903

    Happy 17th anniversary from WG

    Sweetness, not gonna say no to a free Albany - thx for spreading the word!
  11. Reliance1903

    Speed up the Grind?

    I do not feel that it is a tedious grind at all. Had two T5 ships unlocked before I played game #100 - focusing on US and IJN cruisers. Gold spent; 0 - Premium account time; 24h. Of course I have to mention that I am a dirty casual and will quit playing after getting the daily "double" (x1.5) win. Usually that means I play around 4 to 8 matches a day. Works like a charm, if reaching T10 ASAP is not your primary goal.
  12. Reliance1903

    Next Patch?

    As far as I know, credits are not part of Wargamings unified account system, meaning they are not shared between tanks, planes and ships. Only premium time, gold and free xp are.
  13. Reliance1903

    Good WoWs streamers/Youtubers?

    I personally prefer to watch SirSpam28 over some other names mentioned here because his style is very calm and collected - focused on tactics and strategy, and reviewing his actions after battle.
  14. Thanks for your effort Cala, works like a charm!
  15. Reliance1903

    Russian Premium Shop sells Signal Flags

    My thought exactly. Limit buyable flags to +50% exp and +20% creds. Pay to progress - not pay to win.