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  1. PuKama


    preferences,, delete and go again, works. Dont have eny mods , but ok now.
  2. PuKama


    Help ,, how to resolve this
  3. PuKama

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Last game on Neptune, 235 xp before this game. Grinding is over
  4. PuKama

    How to make play CV impossible

    So ?
  5. Cruiser role, support bbs. Try to do this but, sometimes (often) feels like bbs thinks that you go ahead and stay behind. I hate running away from fight and so how do i support. Be a chiken and run whit them. Solo player so try to look what others do beginning and then help team good as i can.
  6. PuKama

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    got that Campbeltown , first run whit it.
  7. PuKama

    Iowa skin

    My Iowa looks like this after latest patch, in game its more red
  8. PuKama

    World of Warships, in a nutshell

    Sniping, yes. Lot of that but what can you do. Just play 2 games whit Amagi and enemy has 5 tier 10 bbs. What can you do in those games, just survive and hope that you are not a target, waste of time those games. Main reason is MM i think. Your team like to run and enemy push, normaly your team lose. Radom games, what can you do. People say that stay together and then when shooting starts they run, you purpose is to follow chiken herd. No can do, I rather sink. Like i say in my opinion, MM Sollution? Dont know.
  9. PuKama

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Defeat but ok, good game anyway.
  10. PuKama

    T10 repair costs

    Maby we get this topic so often because its true, i think it is. Dont play if you think...... what is that. Of course I want to play those ships , but repair is so expensive, I dont mind if i dont get profit but ... Bad game is a bad game, i think we all get those now and then but ,250000 or so... And its hurt the game, players are too careful to play as they like to play. If you dont mind to lose so much credits you have it lot and no need to save it to eny new ships. Haven lost money so much whit tier 10 but couple game went so under table that ..... here goes credits and lots of it. Hope they change that one day and i can realy enjoy those tier 10 ships, rather no credits at all that lose losts of it. After all grinding to tier 10 is long and hard job. Sorry my bad english, old man trying See you all in seas
  11. PuKama

    Yorck ..tips...

    Hate that ship,, Hipper is good, Roon is sooooooo nice. Hindenburg, my favorit. If i remember i use my free xp and skip Yorck after 20 games or so.
  12. PuKama

    Accused of Kill stealing

    Im shooting ship, spamming he fastest i can. Island comes between me and target. After passing the island target is still there, low helth. Put final salvo on it and boom, down he go. You steel my kill as......, fu..... noob. you steel my..... 47800 damage on that ship but still im the kill stealer There is no Kill stealing, sink them all and fast.
  13. PuKama

    Best high tier ships in each class to aim for.

    I have Shima, Gearing, Hindenburg , Zao , Des Moines. All are ok but my favorit is Hindenburg ( like the Roon was ) . Dont play the destroyer enymore, should by Fletcher back maby Fupuki as well. Next coal is Moskva, after that bb s , at the moment i have tier 8 only. Need to get that Bismarck
  14. Yep,, you can earn some money now and then but. My point is that its not fun enymore, you cant take eny risk or you lose your ship and 200 000. Play like a chiken and hope that you have good team, if you dont you lose money and lots of it. Its nice to have those ships but not so fun when you are on bad team or just you have a bad day. Grinding tier 9 ships to tier 10,,, not gona happen. I have 5 tier 10 and 2 of them are permanetly in port, dont like to cap enymore whit destroyers, no support and down you go, and 200 000. At least whit cruiser you can be chiken Maby im poor player but, least lower tiers i can play in my style. But, when you have those nice ships, lower tier ships feel like driving moped. hope that i learn to play this game some day