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  1. Ryuuteimaruu

    What are the f....... russiand DDs good for?

    On the Kiev now and think it's rubbish.
  2. Ryuuteimaruu

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Going to put this game on hold I think, almost unplayable half the time due to destoryers getting sick of the unavoidable torpedo walls.
  3. Ryuuteimaruu

    Russian dds glass modules

    Frist ship line where all my guns had blown up....
  4. Ryuuteimaruu

    Soviet DDs detection range

    All the Russian DD T5 upwards apart from the T5 premium get +5.9km per shot, so gnevny with it's base 7km is spotted at 12.9km after shooting.
  5. Ryuuteimaruu

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    Never bothered to install the torpedo upgrade waste of credits, I think I've used the torps once in 25 games something daft like that. Most of the time I'am at the 11-12km range been totally ineffective shaving health off ships.
  6. Ryuuteimaruu

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    Ya won't be going past T5 on the Russian DD line they're frankly crap, just Cruiser wannabes with awful damage output and incapable of performing normal DD duties.
  7. Ryuuteimaruu

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    I find the Gnevy guns pretty useless against BB, it's very rare to do over 300-400 damage a salvo and fire chance is pretty low.
  8. Ryuuteimaruu

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    My experience is they simply don't do enough damage to warrant there place on the team, they lose most of the benefits of been a DD to try be a CL so your pretty much limited to been a ineffective minor nuisance at range.
  9. Ryuuteimaruu

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    Turret rotation also make you either a easy target for Cruisers or means your damage output is pathetic as your turrets can't even keep up with slight movements.
  10. Ryuuteimaruu

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    T5, another useless ship 30 sec turret rotation LOL it can't even deal with other DD never mind cruisers of BB.
  11. Ryuuteimaruu

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    Up to T4 they've all been rubbish so far, useless torpedos and slow turrets....
  12. Ryuuteimaruu

    New consumer rights for the UK

    EULA generally don't hold up in court.
  13. Ryuuteimaruu

    AP Vs HE against Cruisers?

    Depends on the situation what ship your in and what ship your shooting at, but AP is most of the time more effective than HE as 1-2 citadel hits will most of the time do more damage than 10-15 HE hits. Generally with 8 inch guns I shot AP at all cruisers other then the Cleveland which seems to be near impossible to citadel, only time I switch to HE is if the other ship is pointing straight at or away from me or is really well angled as AP is less effective. With 6 inch or smaller you can take advantage of the ROF and spam HE and burn targets down, but don't forget AP it's one of the biggest mistakes I see lots of Clevelands make if your fairly close range and another crusier shows his sides switch to AP rather than just continuing to spam HE.
  14. Ryuuteimaruu

    Lots of events for October!

    Doubt I'll be around anymore so don't care.
  15. Ryuuteimaruu


    I've found the kongo awful so far same complete troll guns that can't hit a barn door 5foot away.