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  1. zerotolerance_1

    WoW double standards

    And of course the cherry on top had to show up. The type that has a reply for everyone and opinions about everything.Yo, smart [edited]READ again my post.
  2. zerotolerance_1

    WoW double standards

    Can you elaborate? Maybe something that has some [edited] ? Dont just throw some fancy words you've learned on facebook.
  3. zerotolerance_1

    WoW double standards

    "Admiral"... dont mistake a game for real life. Unlike you, some people do something more besides gaming. And guess what? The real life is also crowded with [edited]
  4. zerotolerance_1

    WoW double standards

    I'm very curious what's the purpose of the reporting system. What does it do? I've noticed that you are very prompt in punishing player that express frustrations in the chat (aka bad language). But what do you do against [edited] that usually are the cause of the aforementioned frustration?! What measures are you taking against players being reported for "poor play" or "unsporting behavior" or the akf-ers?! What do you against [edited] pushing other players into enemy fire? Or hiding behind the islands instead engaging the enemy? Apparently you do nothing against this [edited] but somehow you are very disturbed by some hard language. After all, we are mostly males here and strong language comes very natural for us. WoW, are you some [edited] that cant take a manly expression? Then maybe you should play Barbie and Ken or something similar. I'm still waiting an answer regarding the measures you are taking against players reported for "poor play", "unsporting behavior", etc.
  5. zerotolerance_1

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Crysantos, I fail to see how does your answer addresses my post!! But just to be clear, this are the steps I took: I logged on the website, clicked on Japan forces, start the game. I got the Zulu flag but no mission. You are saying that I'm taking part of this Philippine battle in some "incognito" mode? Without being to see even I'm actually taking part in the battle? Or progress? Or whatever?! if the answer is "yes"... well... its completely ridiculous :)
  6. zerotolerance_1

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    This doesnt make any sense!! The only thing I see is a Combat mission called: Part 4: Philippine Sea. Completion criteria: US or Japanese ships tier 5 or above. Completion time: 28. June. Also I'm getting points from both US and Japan ships. Maybe you WoW should test it better before release. My 2 cents...