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    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Crysantos, I fail to see how does your answer addresses my post!! But just to be clear, this are the steps I took: I logged on the website, clicked on Japan forces, start the game. I got the Zulu flag but no mission. You are saying that I'm taking part of this Philippine battle in some "incognito" mode? Without being to see even I'm actually taking part in the battle? Or progress? Or whatever?! if the answer is "yes"... well... its completely ridiculous :)
  2. zerotolerance_1

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    This doesnt make any sense!! The only thing I see is a Combat mission called: Part 4: Philippine Sea. Completion criteria: US or Japanese ships tier 5 or above. Completion time: 28. June. Also I'm getting points from both US and Japan ships. Maybe you WoW should test it better before release. My 2 cents...
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    Update 0.6.3 - General Feedback

    yup... you manage to fu(k up the destroyers. Yet just another update that brings more bad changes than good. Nice job WG
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    Bug Reports

    INSANE SERVICE COSTS Not sure if this a bug or a feature but for some weird reason the servicing cost is insane even for 5-10% damage of the ship. For instance: Mogami- damage 4400 from 35500 service 56 250 credits. Is this normal? Thanks.
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    Saving Transylvania

    Looky look: this dude had stayed behind getting wrecked by the enemy while the rest of us were struggling with zombies and catapults and crap. Of course in the end we all died except the dude that was afk. Guess what?! He came on the first place.Lololol! Good Job WG Or maybe he was just cheating ;)
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    So this guy rammed me from behind pushing me into an island. The nice talks chat begins obviously. Instead apologizing, the imbecile decides to torp me. I know WG dont give a rat [edited]about tk. But I've decided to make a post about this primitive sub-human. See the attachment [edited]
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    another bug on a long list

    hey guy, what do you think about this one? WG says is a known bug and they are working on it. See attached. Any ideas?
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    weird bug - have you seen this before?

    Nope. All clean. Fresh install. How do you fix it for WoT? Btw, my WoT work just fine. WoW also
  9. zerotolerance_1

    weird bug - have you seen this before?

    How can i fix this?! worldofwarships 2016-03-11 22-07-02-75.bmp
  10. zerotolerance_1

    Update 0.5.2 - General Feedback

    new Update... new bugs... Thank you for wasting my money and time. worldofwarships 2016-01-21 14-17-39-73.bmp 4.12MB
  11. damn worldofwarships 2016-01-21 14-17-39-73.bmp
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    Hi, I couldn't find an answer on the forum so I'm asking here: will the progress be reset at some point? Just as it happen whit World of Airplanes? Are we going to loose al the XP and credits and ships to start all over again? The second question: my game crashes all the time during Land of Fire map loading. Any idea why is it happening? The PC specs seems fine. Windows 10 Home 64-bit AMD A10-5800K (GPU) 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Peace, ZT