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  1. Rendering in game naval battle settings unavailable. Hoping WG is working on it.
  2. Rowboat_Cop

    Feature Request - A proper captain manager gui.

    Yea, look at this : That is for just one submarine.
  3. The current method of managing captains in the reserve is a bit... clumpsy. Could we please get a gui where we can see, manage or dismiss captains without having to go via "Change Captain" to get there.? A place where we can see all nation captains.
  4. Hey Wargaming. I wonder why I can't find any dedicated place for Game Center Feedback. Anyway. I have a suggestion/feature request. Some of us players have multiple installations of the same game. I personally have one modded and one vanilla installation of World Of Warships. (For troubleshooting purposes) Problem: Both installations of World of Warships show up as just "World of warships" with an added (2) in one of them. Request: Make it possible for the end user to put a personalized title on the game instance. Best Regards Me
  5. Rowboat_Cop

    Dont add submarines to random battles

    Yea Pings do not do damage lol
  6. Rowboat_Cop

    New Fire, Flood and Modules icons

    I would love it if WG did not override my already set settings for things like this. That way I do not have to go back and re-set them.
  7. Rowboat_Cop

    Hate subs! C*ncer of the game

    @Wargaming : Remove the entire submarine class from the game!
  8. Rowboat_Cop

    Update 0.10.8 - Bugs Reports

    When I chose "Show in port" for the Bumblebee Transformer Camo , One of the buttons is not showing in the correct language, everything else on in the same "View" looks ok. It turns out this same issue exists on all of those camos.
  9. Rowboat_Cop

    log in or lack of

    Yea login takes almost 3 minutes for me every single time since I installed 0.10.6. @wargaming: This is pretty much an unacceptably long time for a log in to take place. My theory is that it is related to how many ships I have in port. I have 127 Ships.
  10. Rowboat_Cop

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    My chat started working now. Not sure if it was fixed by itself or after trying what that other guy said. 1. Open the wargaming launcher. 2. click on game settings 3. Check additional software.. 4. Wait for it to finish 5. Play. However, the Naval, Clan, Armory and such are still broken in game.
  11. Rowboat_Cop

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    Naval battles are and were stlll doable if you enable them through the web page. This was in the information from Wargaming. Naval Battle page: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-wars/war
  12. Rowboat_Cop

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    For three days (so far, for the affected players) of not being able to invite your friends to a division and having to use a web browser to handle in game stuff? I think that is waaaaaaay too little.
  13. Rowboat_Cop

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    I think you are right, we have the same information in our clan. My game is 9.12 and I have the issue, 2 of my friends games are 9.11 and they does not have the issue. Clan members say the same thing.
  14. Rowboat_Cop

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    You can use the shop through the website if you really want to use it. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/?utm_content=cm-top&utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-portal