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  1. Rowboat_Cop

    Captain Jingles

    @Todger_Fairmile Yea, I heard that one too, even made a bug report for it. Also just got "We took out an allied destroyer" when killing an enemy dd. Is it supposed to be like that? /Me
  2. Rowboat_Cop

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    The install has taken 45 minutes so far and is not yet done. By the way, the last 40 minutes it have been stuck at "Installing... /1 MB remains to download," And yes, I have allowed the installer to use all my resources when installing. This is not a problem with my connection or computer. I got a 1 gigabit both up and down , raided M.2, 32 gb DDR4 ... well you get my point. The installer should not take this long, unless the installer is doing things it should not be doing. /Me
  3. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Antoher sound issue. The space camo reload sound is way too loud still. Playing La Galissionniere /Me
  4. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Yes. Sometimes the notification responds with that I reported another player than the actual one that I clicked on. I have in fact heard several players say the same thing. /Me
  5. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Oh, by the way, I think the sound is way better now, still slightly worse than before /Me
  6. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    You are right, it should be done now. (4 minutes ago) /Me
  7. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    There is still another hour left on the dedicated patching time/downtime for the servers. /Me
  8. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Seriously, fix the extremely unpleasant noise level and unbalance in this game already. The explosions and incoming fire impacts are too loud. The gun fire on battleship guns are so loud they are distorting even at low volume level set specifically on guns (Mine is set to 35% and it still almost breaks my headphones) And the other audio notifications like You killed someone, or the sound when you get citadelled or the sound when clicking on buttons and stuff is almost not possible to hear ever. And what is this annoying chat message sound that replays every time you go back to port and there are messages you already saw or read. If you keep getting the audio this wrong so many times then you should really reconsider the way you handle these updates and the quality assurance. /Me
  9. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Daily Shipment screen shows just a black window for some players.. No way to get out from it without terminating the application.
  10. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    You do not get the points instantly. You get the points after winning the first time with each ship, starting with Tier VI in the branch that you reset. All points will have been given to you when you reach tier 10 again and win the first time with the tier 10. This whole challenge thing is in my opinion a pretty bad idea, even if I already have the colbert now. It is something I will never attempt again after the pain I had to go through to get it all back. /Me
  11. Rowboat_Cop

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    The audio is extremely broken..... I can not express in words how broken it is :) I am not joking when I say that it is really difficult to endure this audio abuse. And it seems the game has altered my audio settings from ultra down to high during this installation. The bullet splashes next to your ship are extremely loud and is not easy to figure out which volume setting it is. I mean, try setting your gun volume to 50% and shoot the water next to your boat and feel the torture... (Yes, my sfx is set to 50% also, makes no difference) The engine sound was too loud. The explosions are waaay too loud. Consumable activation sound is extremely loud. The "Click"-sound in game is suddenly too low or connected to some volume option that is not logical, completely different volume from popup sounds like "You have a new battle report" in port. All the above is in comparison to other sounds. My personal opinion is that it makes for a really uncomfortable noise-spam-experience. Also. changing the volume makes extremely big steps in volume difference This needs a fix ASAP.
  12. The first post in the bugs thread tells us this : Visit https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/8544/8576/ to submit bug reports. If you experience technical issues (e.g. your update is stuck), you can submit a ticket to our tech support instead.
  13. Rowboat_Cop

    Bug Report - since the bugs thread is locked

    I apparently missed the info about submitting bug reports as support tickets rather than as posts in the forum.. And I also found out how to reproduce this bug.
  14. Description : Naval Battle Results Table Bug Steps to reproduce : No idea Result : Attempts counter showing totally crazy numbers. Expected result : I would expect the result table to show accurate data. Details : Date time : April 27th, 2019 at 15:20 CET Clan : X0T Best Regards Me
  15. Rowboat_Cop

    sound bug Cleveland

    can confirm that the sound is fixed now