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  1. My chat started working now. Not sure if it was fixed by itself or after trying what that other guy said. 1. Open the wargaming launcher. 2. click on game settings 3. Check additional software.. 4. Wait for it to finish 5. Play. However, the Naval, Clan, Armory and such are still broken in game.
  2. Naval battles are and were stlll doable if you enable them through the web page. This was in the information from Wargaming. Naval Battle page: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-wars/war
  3. For three days (so far, for the affected players) of not being able to invite your friends to a division and having to use a web browser to handle in game stuff? I think that is waaaaaaay too little.
  4. I think you are right, we have the same information in our clan. My game is 9.12 and I have the issue, 2 of my friends games are 9.11 and they does not have the issue. Clan members say the same thing.
  5. You can use the shop through the website if you really want to use it. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/?utm_content=cm-top&utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-portal
  6. Do you still want those check-files?
  7. Rowboat_Cop

    0.9.8 - General Feedback

    I have some feedback regarding the Dockyard view and I think the best way to relay this is through a video. Sometimes the popup window shows the wrong stage when hovering with the mouse over the stages. Give the video some time to be processed by youtube, should eventually be available in high quality. Best Regards Me
  8. Not really helpful :) I asked a question about nerf's, the rest I can deduce myself. /Me
  9. Hey guys. I tried looking around for any posts about this normally very awesome ship. But I could not find any information. It is just that all of a sudden it no longer performs even near what it used to. I can not really put my finger on just what it is but it just feels like it performs at 20% of what it used to . So I just wanted to ask here ;) /Me
  10. Rowboat_Cop

    How do I get rid of this red [NEW] indication on Tech Tree?

    After clicking frenetically on the reset links, I managed to make it go away. Still, really annoying to have to go through it ALL just because of a server side bug. oh, I just realized, it also forgot my settings for primary ships... :(
  11. So, today I was playing the game... enjoying all the server issues like everyone else.. I have played the game for several years and already checked all the ships, already looked at all the new items in the collections.. Then I logged out , played something else for an hour or two and then came back to this game. To my surprise, the server had suddenly "forgot" about what I had marked as "read" in my collections and in my tech tree. I literally had to go in and "look" at 280+ collection items ... again. (Note, image is taken a while after actually looking at some of the items: Looking at 280+ collections takes an extreme amount of time because of the slow animation speed of the collection items and because of no "Mark all as read"-function. However, now comes the real problem. After clearing out the profile -> collection tab.. the Tech Tree-indicator still remains. And I do not know how to clear it.. I went up through all the pages but no ships indicate that they are new, I hovered and clicked on the reset-buttons to see if that helped but nope.. If you tell me to click on every single ship in every single nation-tree then forget it. In that case Wargaming has to fix it because I will not waste more time clicking on items because something broke with profile saves on the server-side. I am hoping that there is a quick way to get rid of this stupid indicator /Me .
  12. Rowboat_Cop

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    So, time to get serious. Lately (before this Puerto Rico shenanigans) wargaming has showed an increasing amount of money sucking behavior. Small things. Things like when you use auto resupply on signals, the "Please take my doubloons"-check box is always checked by default. some players do not think about that and do not want to spend their doubloons on signals. Things like pricing a single Tier 8 battleships at the same price level or higher than some good full games and still wanting us to also buy premium. Things like giving us the chance to earn an extra camo for premium ships, trying to make us buy those premium ships. Sure, we get some things for free... well not free, but for time spent grinding. But when I realized the level of financial vamiprism that has been put into this event. Trying to start a hype with "OH; look at this new shipyard thingy, build your own ship.... only to realize that most of us wont even be able to complete it because it has a ........ time limit ... and stupid directive missions. That just makes a lot of us players retreat, run away, feel hatred and literally want to throw curse words at Wargaming. Lucky for wargaming, a lot of players are not reading the forums, a lot of players are not paying attention to the requirements for getting this ship, they are simply just playing on with a smile, blissfully hoping that they will get the ship in the end :) On a side note. I might still try to get this ship. Hoping that reality turns out to be somewhat different than we perceive it to be. But in all honesty, I almost have no time to waste during the Christmas holidays. I do not think I will be able to get it.
  13. Rowboat_Cop

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    7 hours... That is almost a full work day. Was the entertainment + reward worth the equivalent pay? /Me
  14. Rowboat_Cop

    server interruptions, 19h

    I have also played for 4 years, but mostly with premium, sadly they can not forsee everything :) Least of all spanish posts in an english forum :) Yea it has been impossible to log in now for a while. I had one tier 10 battle victory that did not count towards the snowflake, I hope I still have the snow flake when this restarting frenzy is over. Sad about the wasted time and effort for no XP and no rewards.. :)
  15. Rowboat_Cop

    Unable to log in currently (19:15 CET, Dec 12th)

    PS. I got in after 5 minutes.