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  1. Duncandonut

    Minekaze.... what have they done !

    Hi all, Havent played WoWS in a few months, however thought it was time to dust off my old and trusted Japanese Destroyer line. So I logged on and am currently at my Tier 5 Minekaze. Stupidly I didn't check the recent patch notes and was stunned to find that the Minekaze has had its torps nerfed to 7km. What the hell. The torps were the only good thing on this ship. All of us that play IJN DD's know how woeful they are when it comes to firepower. The only thing that balances the gun issue out is out torps. Now that has gone. I mean really, what brain dead moron thought it would be a great idea to nerf the Minekaze torp. It wouldn't be so bad if they buffed the guns, but they haven't. After getting to Tier 9 IJN DD before the Open Beta started, I have to say that the only really good DD in the whole line was the Minekaze. Still cannot believe they nerfed the trops....... seriously....... nerfed..........
  2. Duncandonut

    Hotspot :- fundamentally unfair to carriers?

    As a DD player this is pretty bloody hilarious. Sure get to within 2-3km of a carrier, send out a spread of Torps and watch in amazement as the carrier successfully avoids them all.
  3. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Talked a friend into buying into the CBT. He asked me what classes he should go with. I told him that I went down the IJN DD line and am at Tier 8. Warned him about how bad they were, however he was insistant that he wanted to play the IJN DD line. He gets to Tier 6 and cannot believe at just how bad they are. He couldn't understand the reasoning behind the insanely long reload times of torps, especially on the IJN side where torps are really our main weapon. He also could not understand how a massive ship like a Battleship could turn so fast to avoid his torps. I explained about the recent patch and how the US BB's have stupidly fast turning circles and other BB's have had their turning circles buffed. He immediately went away and bought the Sims US DD. The difference between the two was, and I quote "Like Day and Night, I could actually attack ships in my Sims whereas playing my IJN DD often meant suiciding into close range to maybe get a lucky torp hit".
  4. Duncandonut

    What happened to DD's?

    This post here just about sums up the way I feel about my Tier 6/7/8 IJN DD's. There is very little point at the moment in playing an IJN DD with the current state of US BB's or even BB's in general. Yesterday I got spotted by a torpedo bomber, next thing I know I am sunk by a BB at their max range. Yet if I were to suicide run into say 4-5km from a BB and give them the full spread of torps I can guarantee that I would get maybe one hit. And the damage from that hit would be repaired by the BB's repair crew. Now to add insult to injury, one of the best things about DD's is their stealth. However at the moment this completely goes out of the window due to the amount of aircraft zipping around. My 6th sense is pining on/off every couple of seconds. Even when I lay a smoke circle and sit in the middle of said smoke circle, enemy aircraft still spot me. This makes smoke a complete waste of time. Now add to the fact that every upgrade on IJN DD's somehow makes their guns worse (usually by removing turrets and adding AA) and we find ourselves basically at the mercy of every enemy ship. The only time I feel like I have a chance is if I come up against another enemy IJN DD. At least then I have a 50/50 chance. 2 nights ago there was a tier 9 BB on the enemy team who was AFK. The enemy team told us this. My own team told the two of us sailing DD's that it was our kill seen as though DD's are in such a poor state. You know you are in a sad and sorry situation when your own team mates feel sorry for you and give you a free kill.
  5. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Well for me anyway I don't think I will play my IJN DD's anymore until they either nerf the turn rate of the US BB's or buff the woeful IJN DD's. Just pointless playing them at the moment. Hopefully with some of the feedback they will change things about a bit. At least we are still in beta.
  6. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Thank you I started this thread so that we can all discuss what I feel is an issue. However as always some lower themselves to insult others.
  7. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    The difference between a DD hitting a BB and a BB hitting a DD is that the BB can one shot a DD, and when I say one shot I do mean literally one shot. You can sit 15-20km away and get a lucky hit on us and were gone. At the moment we have to close to an insanely close distance to even have a chance of hitting you with one torp. Even then with the current state of BB's hitting you is a 50/50 gamble.
  8. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Perfect post MeanGreenUnseen. This shows those on the forums that think there are no issues with BB's and Torps that there is a definite issue. These pictures perfectly sum up most of my games. DD's missions are to attack BB's and CV's. Yet when we do we are either one shot or all our torps miss. It is even worse playing an IJN DD as our guns are utter crap.
  9. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Ok, The US BB's don't have the range of the IJN BB's. Like the RN Warspite they have shorter range guns. This is compensated by the fact that they are slightly better armoured and have a better turning radius. Much the like the US DD's have much better guns with better range, gun turret rotation and firing speed. The IJN DD's have crappy guns but better torpedos which have double (and at tier 8 triple) the range and also move alot faster. US CV's get better and more fighter aircraft and the IJN CV's get more torpedo bombers. Don't ask about CA's as I haven't researched them. They do not use the same model or figures as the IJN BB's. This is the case for all Nations ships.
  10. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    How can you compare how a US BB turns now than before the patch. I say this as the US BB's have only just been introduced. My complaint is about the US BB's. Go and watch Jingles video about the new US BB's, even he says they turn ridiculously fast. Now try playing a T8 IJN DD, firing your torps at 6km and then watch the US BB avoid them better than most CA's and other BB's. Now yes, I havent played BB's just like you haven't played any higher tier DD's. As you can see though, others do agree that the new "US BB's" (please note how I have highlighted US BB's) are stupidly fast at turning.
  11. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Am not in anyway trying to deflect. Am just pointing out that you are not someone who has played alot of DD games, especially DD games at higher tiers against the new US BB's. Its like you complaining about how over powered DD's are whilst your playing a BB. I then come along and say "Hey I sank a DD in my BB, no issues here" when I have never played a BB. So you have one game in which you manage to sink a couple of ships and you think that because of that there is no issue. Come back when you have got to a T8 IJN DD and then let me know how well you are doing against US BB's and BB's in general. As you can see from alot of the responses in this thread and others, there is an issue. Just because you managed to sink a couple of ships (and well done for doing so) does not mean there isn't an issue with the current BB turning circle.
  12. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Yeah about that. I see from your battle sheet that your top tier DD is the US Farragut of which you have played 5 battles. You've played 77 battles in DD's and am guessing here but I don't think you have played those 77 battles since the last patch in which the US BB's were introduced and BB's in general got turn buffs, Just played on my CV (tier 5 only) and it is even worse watching BB's turning to avoid your torps from above. Am worried that soon everyone will be playing BB's as they are just so easy to play.
  13. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    Am guessing here that you either don't play DD's or that you do and haven't had the pleasure of going up against the new US BB's.
  14. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    They can turn nearly as well as my Tier 7 DD. Speed isnt everything, however manoeuvrability is and the US DD's are very agile for a ship of their size. Nearly pointless firing torps at them at the moment as they just turn so well they avoid them all. Only way to get them is to suicide run into point blank range and shotgun them with your torps.
  15. Duncandonut

    New US BB's and Torps

    True, however the new US BB's are even worse for us lowly DD players. They can turn so fast it is beyond a joke for a ship of that size.