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  1. CPL_Sivi

    Shikishima review

    I just wondered why OP put Graf Spee in a cv context with Lexi. I guess you ment the other Graf. Zeppelin. For a terrifying moment i thought that my favourite mini supercruiser got badly nerfed into a cv line...
  2. CPL_Sivi

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    Well i have Pommern. Got some 80 battles in it. So i guess i have some exp in it. The ship is fine. Typical GE brawl BB. Snipe and u will fail miserably. But when u hug some land close to cap pop hydro and butcher that dd inside, ur face turns into a grin. Didnt play in a while but i took her out tonight for a spin. Not a stellar fight but ina 3 dd game took out 2 dds, secure 2 caps got some 50k dmg and survived till the end. Dmg is on a low side but i was fighting those 2 dds most of the game so i couldnt farm dmg. Anyway fletcher and friesland were not enough to bring Pommern down even with some bb and ca help. But when u deny enemy to focus u Pommern has the power to brake the game. All in all if u like ge bb style like gneisenau, tirpitz or bismarck, u will love pommern as well. I know i do.
  3. CPL_Sivi

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    Must say i didnt know about rear angles. Never thought about running away when in GK. Always bow angled and angles are bad in that position. Will try to do stern fight for a chamge :) Having virtualy no citadel GK is forgiving when going in a full turn. Yamato cant even dream to show broadside to any bb when in turn. JB will take out a full hp yama or musa in only 11 seconds. GK wont take that kind of dmg so its a possible to trade some hp for a better positioning and turning the fight into ur favor.
  4. CPL_Sivi

    puerto rico

    Just got thunderer few days ago and if im not mistaken HE pen is 113mm. Citadeled angled colbert at 15 km with HE. Minotaur and smolensk would both be citadeled if caught off guard. I even prefer shooting those with he cause i only get overpens with ap. Even when shot lands perfectly amidships. Landing 15k salvos on bbs is not uncommon so i guess cruisers would suffer even worse. But i did notice puerto rico getting destroyed early in the game. I think the meta doesnt fit the ship. Bunch of bbs like conq and thunder, cruiser with lot of dpm like smolensk and wooster throw in a harugumo colbert and des moines salem... Puerto Rico is out of stream. I didnt manage to build it, got stuck at faze 5 and i didnt feel 25k gold is reasonable price to finish it. I do have alaska and she doesnt suffer t10 meta. Not often i see t10 fights in her. But from what i seen alaska has more staying power in t9 than PR at 10. Getting 1.5m up to 2.5m potential dmg is a regular thing. Still she lives, kills, caps... Now i am just wondering whats gonna happen to my unfinished PR hull. Wg can i keep one of the turrets from PR and mount it on my alaska? I did put a lot of effort to build it 3/4 so some reward would be nice.
  5. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Colorado will beat gneise only if ge bb made horrific mistake. Actualy more like 5-6 horrific mistakes. In a row. And maybe not even then. Gneisenau is just superior design to both colorado and nagato. Even NoCa can only win vs Gneise if they fight at max range but no Gneisenau skipper will allow that. To clarify, NoCa is short for North Carolina a tier 8 USN bb that i maul in a brawl every time with Gneisenau. And Carolina is way better ship than Colorado. Even Jean Bart would go down if Gneisenau jumped it behind island. And it would go down quickly.
  6. CPL_Sivi

    Scharnhorst Yeah!!!

    Poor Scharnie. Thats a caliber issue combined with shell velocity. If no changes are made there nothing will change for Gneise sister. Being a prem boat thats kinda unfair. Silver sibling gets buffed and goldie gets power crept. But gneise never had pen or overmatch issues. Hitting what u aim at was a problem. Or those freaky close quarters shots where u shoot at bow target at 5 km and ur shells fall behind ur stern. Just had a few games but i started getting multiple cit hits per game. Too early to say but i guess the buff works. Need to test it in the long run, 50 games atleast to be sure. I just hope ppl wont go sniping mode with ge bbs because of this.
  7. CPL_Sivi

    Scharnhorst Yeah!!!

    Ge bbs get gun buff?? Omg cant wait to test it on my Gneisenau. Guns being the only drawback with the buff she will be very hard to stop...
  8. CPL_Sivi

    Shimakaze advice

    Shima is best torp boat ingame. However thats the only thing shima is good at. Guns have low dpm, aa was not in devs plans when they released it, speed is good but still she gets outrunned by khaba grozo kleber... So prety much powercreeped for a long time now. But back in the old days she was the best dd around. A lot has changed in the mean time and shima got reduced to spot torp and run away. Cap only when radar ships are dead or pushed back by bbs. I do find her somewhat viable in this season ranked since i get a 50% games with no radars. Its all smolensk and henrys or minos for some reason so u can dominate caps with wall of torps and get early points that turn into wins mostly. But when u get radars with cv, she is uselles. On the other hand any dd is useless in that situation.
  9. CPL_Sivi


    double post...srry
  10. CPL_Sivi

    Atago - Please help!

    I use Takao version every now and then. Stealth is the key but its negated with all the cvs around. AA is not good. With fighters up u can defend urself but just barely. TX cv ingame? Ur back to port. But when u manage to get into no cv game she can be a menace. Take few salvos, get fires going and when focused get back into stealth mode, reposition and repeat. I dont use rudder shift mod cause i find Takao able to dodge without it nicely. I go stealth mod but as i said, if cv is in u wont hide much. Torps are very good but dont let them drag u into multiple enemies. Single bb is easy target but if its supported they will knock u out easy. U r cruiser after all. Armor in a cruiser terms is very good. Angled u can bounbce much, deck is strong, heal is nice. But if broadside any bb will delete u. U have accurate guns with very strong he but range is bad. Its remedied with 35kts of speed so u can come inrange rather fast and get out of trouble fast. But once u fire the guns all hell will drop down on u so u must be angled to run before u take the shot. If u wanna live. Not an easy ship, but rewarding when u use it right. Baby zao in a way. CVs could be a deal braker here cause if u go with stealth setup stupid planes will make that pointless. And i am actualy too lazy to respecc, gonna wait it out for cv hype to end. Meta has to change at some point.
  11. CPL_Sivi


    20190524_173113_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay This is what i was talking about. Butchering the mother of all battleships with JB comes naturaly for this family of boats. If u have the time first 6-7 mins are relevant, using land to mask approach, quick 2 salvos and the flank is practicaly secured if not broken. Henry and Vostok played important role drawing fire while JB waits for his 11 secs. Daring also occupied 52 that failed to spot approach to a key position. Richie is able to do the same as JB but without reload boost. Also positioning of turrets is a big plus, all guns mounted forward minimize the return dmg, a feature that both JB and Richie share. With all the crappy armor of JB, Yamato had no chance. I know every1 will say that yamato made a mistake but actualy he didnt. He had no intel what was behind that corner, he had Vostok and Henry spotted and Daring was dead or close to it, minotaur falling back. Naturaly he tried to tank and push the flank being certain that they have number and firepower advantage, especialy after red Montana joined the flank. After yamato fell, everything turned, Monty and Bis took a 180 turn, Salem fought bravely but in vain, cap secured and superior enemy pushed back. Now i try to put any other BB in that position and fail to see such effectivness. FDG cant bear all 8 guns without giving side, return fire would wreck it cit or no cit, GK has the same problem, any other BB can bear only 6 guns at most if angled to protect itself. But probably cant make that approach without being spotted. Speed and agility made that possible. Nearly got proximity detection from 52 but manage to avoid it again due to agility, and some luck. I admit it was not the smartest move, pushing so far into superior force with such a fragile ship and so early in the match. Actualy its kinda dumb when i think of it now. But it was something that saved the flank, and win like this against the odds is something that makes me go on with the game. Sharing the key features, JB and Richie are supposed to support same playstyle and have similar results. Atleast thats what theory tells me when i think of it.
  12. CPL_Sivi


    Well i wont dispute ur points cagliostro, but i have far better experience with jb than fdg. U just cant molest tX bbs with fdg the way u can with baguette. If u cant pen it u can burn it. Simple as that. I did have to respec it recently to match cv meta but french speed and agility gives u more options than KM. U dont have to give side to bear all ur firepower front, main belt will deflect even the strongest ap when angled. HE is a problem since armor is bad but i manage to work around it lately. Tho fdg has as weak and big upper structure so its not immune to the same problems as jb family of boats. But as i said, i respect ur opinion altho i dont fully agree.
  13. CPL_Sivi


    In that case the guns dont behave the same. Then my previous statement doesnt stand. However i do believe that if u manage to push inside 8 km yama is as good as dead even with richi. Reload for jb is 22 secs without reload boost. Swap shells for 11 secs with skill. I guess that richie goes for 25 then. Same as km 380s. I could be wrong tho. But i find french version of guns much more punchier than german. That should be the same on both ships. Even with worse dispersion in a brawl you can win. Not counting the fact that when u come close enough yama cant lower his B turret guns enough to hit u. It isnt agile enough to keep good angle so citing it is unavoidable. I do speak from JB perspective tho, so efficency on richie is questionable. I guess i should go out and get damn thing to see for myself. Btw i yet have to meet fdg to win a knifefight against jb. On paper stats favour fdg but ingame it just doesnt live up to it. I constantly got better secondary numbers with musashi vs fdg. Even posted in musa thread about it. And i find JB much superior to musa in a 1v1 brawl. Will try to get someone in training room and test fdg v jb in a brawl.
  14. CPL_Sivi


    Ty Iafeel. So the guns should behave identical. OP try to put acc module on it, and adopt to the guns. Shells are fast and should reach ur target faster, so lead is shorter than on bbs like yamato or musa. Swap he on angled targets and bow on bbs, use ap on cruisers especialy uk ones. Also dont be afraid to come close to yamato or musashi if u have land to mask ur approach. Under 8 km ap will punch thru yama armor even when angled, snipe under the second bow turret, cit is guarantied. If u get them broadside midship hit can get up to 60k dmg. I did it. Guns are amazing upclose, but keep in mind frenchies are soft, dont risk it if they have he spammers as backup. They will get u before u can react. When fighting dds, he is the key. Timely swap between ap and he will give u good results. Atleast thats what jean bart feels like. Hope u will make her work.
  15. CPL_Sivi


    Is Richelieu sister ship of JB? Because i find JB best brawler out there. Yesterday 40k salvo on Montana, 35k salvo on musashi. My record salvo is 60k on broadside musashi. Today 3 cits on hindenburg at 15 km. Richelieu should have the same guns with same shells and pen values if im not mistaken. I realy dont see any problems with those french 380s. My main issue is he spam. JB is very alergic to he spam. Much more than other bbs... But guns i find to be good. I did put acc module on it and love to snipe bow in yam/musa at max range with he. Close in u will cit seattle thru bow. Donskoi and krohn too. Moskva is the only one that can resist JB when bow in, u have to angle on the side to get her. Others just vaporize. Dds get 8-10k he salvos with modules flying arround. Sometimes rng will troll u but hey, its a bb so it should. JB was actualy the main reason why i want to get the alsace, it looks just like JB only with extra turret. Reason enough to start the line