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  1. CPL_Sivi

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I swapped sec module for accuracy module and it feels like spread is tighter. Lost some sec dmg but gained main gun dmg. Only few games played but it feels better. I try keep targets between 10-15 km. Cit weakness is less of a problem at those distances and guns hit reliably. Facing hindi dm and baquette is bad situation for a musashi. If they focus u, u will burn down no matter how u time dcp and heal. Not a ship problem tho, that combination will burn down anything. Dm reload at 5 secs, hindi with ifhe built in, baquette with high fire potential.... Very bad combination for any bb. Also Musa will carry when he spammers are thined down to a decent number. From mid to end game. Start must be more cautios tho. However if team decides to suicide there is little u can do.
  2. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Summed up very well seiranko. Speed and armour are main advantage, use it well and she will shine.
  3. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Dood ur a living encyclopedia!! U work for wg or what? U know everything i was wondering about. Just like my wife. Btw Carmen, honey, if this is you trolling me on forum i will never wash dishes again!!! NEVER!
  4. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    I do agree with what u saying. Make a wrong turn at the wrong time and ur blapped. Lord knows it happens to me still. Its just a cruiser thing. Guns do tell me how will scharn perform in offense. I do believe they are identical. Scharn will forgive some mistakes AGS wont. I run gneisenau so i know armour and defensive capabilities, i was in the dark about gun performance. So u actualy take gneise hull and put AGS guns on it, add an extra turret and u have yourself a scharnhorst. Take down secondaries a notch, atleast thats what the ppl tell me. I might be wrong but its gonna take few € to find out.
  5. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    100 mm armour for a t6 ca is just as best as it gets. I find it very good actualy. Its better than a lot of t7 and some t8 cruisers. Take gun cal and torps into account and u have a kickass boat. Downside is speed and aa but hey u cant have it all. I like to think of her as a baby scharn.
  6. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Graf Spee is perfect test bed or a preview of Scharnorst. Guns are the same but only 2 turrets for AGS. I actualy like it so much that i am thinking buying Scharn as soon as cvs quit. I could molest tirpitz at max range getting 10k salvos repeatedly. With Scharn i could probably snipe it down without ever needing to brawl it. Treat Scharn guns like those of rn cl. Use ap but aim for soft spots. If broadside then just farm those citadels. I will try Gneise back tonight, but i think she will suffer if cv ingame just like 90 percent of other ships. Might try to use fighters more often. I do love those bf-109s in rl.
  7. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    I must admit i didnt play her after cv rework. However there are a lot of ships in bad spot after 8.0 Dont even think about taking musashi out or a non ru dd. While the cv hype is so active i play only aa platforms like salem or NoCa. No sense in playing anything else. U have absolutely no defense against planes. At some point there was no dds ingame at all. But yesterday it felt like meta is changing back to normal levels, i saw dds popping back into que and cv numbers dropping down so there is hope. Gneise will shine again its just gonna take some time for everything to settle down. This rework almost killed all joy that wows used to be.
  8. CPL_Sivi

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    Well i did manage to use cossack yesterday dodge all planes flank entire map with no one detecting me and steath torp both cvs. It is possible. But very hard and long process. It did put a grin on my face. As far as i saw it, staying out of caps, going to places where u dont expect dd to be is the only safe way to play. It negates primary tasks of a pre cv time. Spot, cap, stealth torp, or smoke spam was 90 percent of dds job before. Now u just focus on staying alive and let big boys with strong aa enter caps and leading a push. Kinda transformed dds from a carry ships to support main force or try exploit gaps to rush behind enemy lines and torp those cvs. Anyhow, dds are getting rare to see. More and more high tier games i see with no dds at all. Minos became most valuable cappers due to smoke and crazy good aa. Radar ships lost value due to lack of dds and still getting molested by bbs. No way to hide cause planes will see them while staying out of aa aura. The game took a radical turn and i dont think i like it. Ppl even started quiting in numbers. Too bad. Wows was realy great game before 0.8
  9. CPL_Sivi

    Should the Graff Spee get a sigma improvement?

    I have different taste. I just love campbel, its a seal clubber. Emerald is very soft but very dangerous in ambush. Double striked nagato and myoko when i was grinding it. Pls note that those are very rough t7 ships, emmy is t5. She is all or nothing type of ship. For AGS, she needs not to be tempered with. She is a bc/ca hybrid. U cant hunt dds, thats true. But u can easily defend. Hydro will let u see torps with time enough to dodge, aggressive dds u can bate to come closer, a bit more closer... Come come lill dd i cant hurt u.... A bit closer.... Oh yes i have nasty torps too, bye bye, thank u for playing. Guns are designed for cruiser blapping, she shines there. Any tier, any nation... Make a mistake against spee and u r oneshoted. Bbs get hurt too. I only miss speed. If she was faster she would be my all time fav cruiser. I remember landing 10k salvos on tirpitz at max range. Repeatedly, until he decided to turn and run like bat from hell. Left his flank to collapse. AGS is very powerful ship at tier 6. Maybe even strongest t6 cruiser there is.
  10. CPL_Sivi

    My short guide to "how to play Battleships"

    Might put an update for freshmen with sum more radars ingame. I see salem, krohnshtadt and stalingrad missing... Also learning their radar duration and range could vastly improve ur survivability. For dds for sure but other classes as well. I just might tend to slightly dissagree at a single point, when in Gneisenau and Jean Bart i sometimes use forbidden cautious approach at start. In those two i have the speed to close in quickly where i am most needed. Full speed to a cap that has no targets for me tends to put me out of position. By the time i realize that we have no nme at our flank it means that our opposite flank is about to colapse and i lost a lot of time and space needed to reposition to reinforce. So i do find half or quarter speed mid centre approach safest way to get into flank action asap when sh*t hits the fan.
  11. CPL_Sivi

    Ashitaka and its uses in carrier meta

    Just weather it out. I play aa ships for the time being just to make cvs life miserable. North Carolina and salem still own the skies even after rework. The hype will get over soon enough but honestly i would not report u if u end up in my team with ashitaka. Cv can take down most bbs ashitaka will only die 2 mins earlier. Tag along with my gneise and we will go down together but that cv gonna miss some 30 planes in the process :) Or u just hop in one of aa beasts and make them cry.
  12. CPL_Sivi

    Jean Bart in Premium Shop and Arsenal.

    Reviving necro post i know. Dont crucify me. Just got JB yesterday cause i had coal and nothing else to spend it on. I am amazed by the ship. A beauty to play. I made mistake getting musashi first since i realy dislike the playstyle required to perform in her. Musa itself is amazing ship but her citadel weakness doesnt let me play her the way i want to. Bart on the other hand.... OMG. Fell in love after 2 fights. Fast, turns like a champ, guns lack alpha but dpm makes up for that and then some. Find it quite accurate too. Not a sniper but accurate enough to land 3 shells at 20km and start a fire. Best brawler among bbs i played so far. Mind u i still didnt push rn and usn bbs to t10 but i do have Musa and GK. She reminds me so much of Gneisenau with better guns, better spread, faster reload, more speed and stronger aa and sec power. Weaker armor but gun layout makes up. U never need to show broadside. Shift smartly between he and ap, use reload boost and u will rip yamato apart in 11 secs. 2 ap salvos is what u need. 15 fights i got with her and skipper is stock so i still have a lot of space to buff her but atm she feels like a beast. Need to get CE, SI, man secs or bft/aft so still a lot of space to improve. I know 15 fights is way too early to make opinion but she feels so good atm. I do love BC style of play, fast in shred em to bits and fast out to pick another victim. Yamato with bow on sitting still is a natural prey for Jean Bart. I even had an even "slug it out" match with musashi at 12 km. 6 or 7 minutes we were throwing all we had and both got down to 10 k hp and then red harugumo and dm joined to help his buddy and focused me down. And musashi has strongest guns ingame. I just hope this is not a new boats luck and jb will keep giving me so much fun. So far i realy love every second i had in her.
  13. CPL_Sivi

    Rework of CVs

    Yes u do. U use aa firepower. If devs decided to give ur ship no aa, low or medium u stand no chance. U depend on ur aa buds or friendly cv to protect u. Just last game i was in salem targeted by audacious. He got me 5 minutes before the end when i used up my last def aa. Took him 35 planes and 15 minutes. And salem is DM clone with strong aa. Even my strongest aa ship is not a guarantee for surviving concetrated cv attack. Do i have to remind every1 how many ships out there have no aa or a bad one at best? Dds are just getting obsolete, nothing they can do but smoke up and hide. When i sailed hiryu i would just wait smoke to clear out and murder the poor thing. And i suck with cvs, never liked to play them. Now imagine the power and game control of a unicum cv plyr. Its just wrong. As i said, even yamatos shots can be defeated and u can fight it on a level grounds, dds torps u can dodge and use floatplane hydro and radar to hunt them, but if u have bad aa and friendly cv is an autist u r so going back to port no matter how skilled u r. Doesnt matter if u didnt make a single mistake and u outplayed every1 on the map. U r still fishfood and u r taking out aa specced NoCa next round out of revolt. I think that is just plain wrong. We should have a fighting chance, doesnt have to be 50-50, give us 30-70 that we can survive the airstrikes, give them dud torps and malfunctioning bomb triggers to be controled by rng as it was the historic case. Bunch of perfect torp hits on the hull had no detonation cause of faulty fuses. Plane Bombs are found even these days that failed to activate back in the 40's. Level out the playing field a bit or to use a wg slang "balance" the cursed game and u just might make some more money. I can live with this cv infestation cause i have few boats that can realy drop them like flies but what about all the kids learning the ropes, giving rl monthly allowance to buy some prem time so they can grind faster, stuck at tier 6 or 7 and getting stomped by tier 8 cvs? I guess they gotta learn life aint fair early. Sooner they get used to it, better off they will be... Dunno, it just sucks. From my point of view.
  14. CPL_Sivi

    Rework of CVs

    Tone down aa?? U cant be serious.... I am not a cv plyr but rather a victim and actualy aa i find adequate only on 3 ships i played so far, NoCa, Gneisenau, and Salem. Keep in mind that aa suite is the ONLY defence ships have against planes. U cant compare it with main guns cause i can angle or dodge main btry shots, my survival is in my hands mostly. U cant dodge planes, u can only hope ur aa will take em down or thin em out before the man drop. They are infact comparable with main battery that have guided shots, accuracy of a harpoon missile with a warhead of a tomahawk. Take down aa and u just killed all other classes. How do u propose a ship defend itself if it has no ability to defeat airstrike? And there is many great ships with virtualy no aa and no chance to survive if it gets targeted by a cv ( i am talking about games where friendly cv has no interest in protecting his fleet but flies fighters only to protect his own strikes. Saw so much of that, with my eternal respect given to those skippers that actualy fly protective cap for capital ships that are carrying the game. I bow to all 4 of them). Musashi and Nelson for example, Tirpitz and so on. IJN cruisers also. Usn cruisers with some battleships are the only counter to cvs deciding at their free will which of us are they gonna kill next and leaving us without any options but going back to port and hoping for a cv free game.... And if it gets too much, just uninstalling and finding us a new arcade...
  15. CPL_Sivi

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    902 games in her so far. 966 kills, 55% wins, even best hit rate in any bbs i had at 34%. I just die way too much but i cant help rushing into enemy blobs like a lunatic when i have torp tubes loaded. Just so much fun. Crazy ship. Love her still.