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  1. CPL_Sivi

    Nelson... is this normal?

    Omaha and thick armor dont go into same sentence :). Its just extremely bad luck. I easy get 15 k dmg in a single he salvo on omaha. He will even pen citadel if u get a good angle. It was just extremely bad luck. Probably saturation, area that u hit was already destroyed so u couldnt do any dmg.
  2. CPL_Sivi

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Wow.... Respect to donors and organizers... Realy generous of u guys. I wanna join lottery too :)
  3. CPL_Sivi

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Well maybe i used the wrong term. Dmg output per salvo on angled bb targets is just 2-3k higher with ap than he. Considering firechance i find he a better solution. Example: with ap i land 10k dmg on angled iowa, with he i land 7k but i start a minimum of 1 fire. With a good even spread i managed to start 3 in single salvo. That will force dcp use and next salvo is dmg guaranteed. I took 47k hp out of angled scharnhorst in 2 salvos that way, i never managed to get that with ap. It could be my not so perfect aim but i realy like the way he works with nelson. Dont get me wrong, i do use ap. Against cruisers, broadside bbs, i even think that nelson is the ship where i change ammo most frequently. Think it will get reload expert because of that. But i really find he very potent. Hiting gadjah mada for 10k 3 modules out and 2 fires started... Raw power. One more hit like that and that dd is gone. Nelson is slow it cant run away from a fight but it can defend itself very well. From all foes except cv. At full speed it even turns well for a bb. Its imune to fire due to heal it has so i find it tough little thing to brake. Only have 30 fights in her so i am experimenting a lot still to find a perfect way to use her but i do like her a lot. She is a danger to all classes.
  4. CPL_Sivi

    Verdict on Nelson?

    I just put 20 battles with her and skipper is still low but she looks promising. Soft armor but remedied with zombie heal. Ap lacks pen but he is ridiculous. Last game i set 15 fires. I am still not used to he shootin bb but it is kinda fun. A refreshing change of pace since my fun boat was gneisenau at t7. I do miss speed tho, 24 kts is something i have a hard time adapting to. But i believe i will get a hang of it soon enough
  5. CPL_Sivi

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Well they are basicaly the same thing except for the accuracy and secondary + aa mounts. Hp, hull, armor, pen, alpha, reload, speed are identical. Playstyle is identical. They just took yamato nerfed it to fit tier 9 and thats it. If u going to get yama there is no point having musashi too. Atleast for me. I dont care about credits tho and musashi is better in that regard. Jean Bart? Dunno honestly, i find it soft, u angle and those 380 cant penn much. Cruisers and french bbs will be hurt but german bbs or bow on yamato monti and such wont feel it much. Broadside things she will wreck and wreck it fast. I didnt own yamato and between jb and musa i chose musashi. But thats me, it made sense for me. I dont know ur priorities and ur playstyle so i cant make that decision for u. I grind coal again so if i get enough reasonably fast i prolly gonna take jb. I like fast ships and jb can go up to 34 kts so i am tempted. But if i had a single choice, to go for 460mm guns or 34kts i would take the guns. But then again, thats me. U dont have to like same things as me. In the end, gneisenau is my favourite girl so i am kinda weird :) p.s. i got musashi with fxp actualy. I got salem with coal. Cheated the dull grind to des moines :)
  6. CPL_Sivi

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Basicaly Musashi is a nerfed yamato. So if u have yamato musashi makes no sense to have. Yamato is more accurate with same 460mm guns, more aa and more secondary guns. The only downside in comparison is that musashi can fight t7 ships. Yama cant. And premium benefits ofc. I took musashi only cause i wanted a taste of yamato for free, i am still too far from grinding it. Wanted to know is it worth the pain. The ship i love, playstyle not so much...
  7. CPL_Sivi

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Guns are derpy. Rng can really troll u in gneisenau style. However i did get des moines oneshoted at full hp, 50k dmg. Krohnstadt dev striked, zao, donskoi, french bbs take huge dmg, 30 k salvos on bow on buffalo and seattle... Its not all bad but it does happen. I find vertical disspersion a problem. Shells fall amidships but a lot of overshots and undershots. Makes impossible for me to hit watterline. Entire salvos i missed on broadside targets that would be devstriked otherwise. Does get frustrating at times. Then again next battle i snipe citadel on an angled yamato at 16 km.. just weird guns for my taste.
  8. CPL_Sivi

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    I dont bash ppl around but bbs are the ONLY target u can torp with asashio. When u sink them all what then? If enemy cruisers survive ur bbs and enemy dds sink ur support there is nothing asashio can do to win the game. U cant cap cause cruisers find u, cant kill them because torps dont connect.... Asashio is like a newborn kitten with no teeth or claws, wants to bite but it can only suck....
  9. CPL_Sivi

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Killed asashio today. Twice. Gearing tho, i have no t8 dds anymore. Feels kinda good :). Hard to spot that thing but once u break inside it its real easy. Guy actualy tried to contest my cap. Brave soul. Have to agree, stealth and farming bbs is maybe fun but it wont win games on its own. Srry yaskaraxx.
  10. CPL_Sivi

    USS New York, really?

    RRealy? I believe you. It was realy realy long time ago. And i used it at max range alot since i was confident i can make the hit. And a lot of times i did, atleast i think so. Competiton was only the fuso at that time. It was THAT long ago. As i said i will not argue with numbers but i pulled some incredible shots with new mex. Nurn at the other side of map, citing a head on koni goin for a torp run, oneshoting a full hp ru dd while trying to yolo me... not an easy shots either and i was worse noob than i am now. Have realy good memories with new mex. They even used to call me a cheater cause of it. Aimbot or whatever.... And i run vanila client. Dont even have any sort of mod like most ppl do. Gk wise, i will get monty just to compare the guns. U owe me 20 mil silver since i never intended to get it. I finished noca grind a year ago and never went further since i think that ship is pinacle of usn bb line. But i must admit that i sit in gk when i get tired of massacre with gneisenau. I guess thats why it feels damn amazing.
  11. CPL_Sivi

    USS New York, really?

    So citing fuso beyond range multiple times is a testimony of a shotgun? By beyond range i mean using spotter plane to reach it. Oneshoted both bergs at max range scoring 2 cits was a regular thing. Omaha too. Japs were harder to hit tho. Nurn and koni do have weak armor but still u need to hit them that far. I respect the mathematics and numbers but my exp with nm is that its an accurate beast. I have same exp with gk yet everyone thinks its a shotgun... Guess rng is with me.
  12. CPL_Sivi

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    I do believe its 50600 hp on full des moines, but hey, who's counting :). I actualy use the same modules, sec range and ce skill. I think the detect drops to 13.6 km or so. A killer distance for a natural born brawler. Put hydro and plane into the mix and u r able to take caps urself. Will make dds obsolete :) Nice writting again Kathy. Loved ur guide on yamato too. I would only tend to disagree about GK accuracy. Like Ramjb i find it amazingly accurate. Given rng doesnt troll u ofcourse. all in all, i realy respect effort u put in ur writting. Keep up the good work.
  13. CPL_Sivi

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Spot on. Exactly as u said. U sure u were not in that fight? Another dd with that support would get me much faster. But still i was saving my slow loadig torps for fat targets instead of unleashing the wall on him. I was expecting my cas to end him quickly after i lit him up. However he was really smart and actualy broke the flank when i went down. And i do remember having a div of asashios in a 3 dd domination fight. One of the quickest losses i suffered. Actualy the only cap we got was that of my salem and hindi moving in, capping and dieing defending it. Very frustrating. Fun factor is killing bbs with it but in domination its like having a dd less then other side.
  14. CPL_Sivi

    My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    Well i find it able to hit bb targets at max range consistently, did a max of 40k per salvo at 20 km. Oneshoted cas when caught broadside no matter the distance. And what amazes me the most, hitting khaba at 10-12 km with every salvo. Making it very hard for khaba to grill me in gk. About fuso, dunno whats wrong there, no love between us i guess. New mex was a piece of cake to grind compared to fuso. Will get isoroku and try again. Thx for all the info Kathy. I appreciate it.