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  1. Yorck performance

    I guess i will be rebuying yorck again...
  2. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Well i rarely see both kii and mutsu. Never brawled any of them either so i cant speak about them. Dont own them either, so preaty much know nothing about those vessels. But i had to take gneise for a quick spin today, i didnt play in long time. 2 games, 2 wins, 3 kills. Got hipper, new orleans and fellow gneise. I did get sunk both times so i need an hour or so of game time to get into groove again. But the ship still feels good. Fast, turns well, sharp angle gives small target and she bounce a lot of ap. Wasd hack throws alot of clean misses too. I dunno, i still love the ship...
  3. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Of course u torped him. Thats the edge gneise has vs any other bb with exception of tirpitz and scharnhorst. Any jap, us, or uk bb is in trouble if u push gneise inside them. Just the same with usn cruisers, japs are a danger but workable and ge ca i dont brawl. Half decent player will oneshot u with torps. Just too risky. I dont care much for stats but lets see some. I have 810 fights in her, 870 kills and that shows she is no easy ship to deal with. And i am mediocre plyr. U just cant say she is bad if someone like me can handle her in most battles. 34% gun hits, ( and guns suck ) 31% torp hits. Dmg is below avg for a simple reason but kills and wn are satisfactory. And most importantly, i am having fun with gneisenau.
  4. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    And another bismarck fell prey to gneisenau with 48k dmg. Clean kill. Good fight iafeel. It just supports what i been saying, gneise can handle just about anything in a brawl. Dds, cas, bbs... Get her close enough and she will murder anything. She is far from worthless.
  5. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Not quite true. On a regular basis i can sneak on enemies as far as 5 km. No hydro or radar active of course. U can use solid mass of land without spot until proximity clicks in and thats around 3 km maybe less. I dunno exact numbers. But u can stay invisible under those circumstances no matter what ur camo value is. I wont spam anymore, from my biased experience gneise will eat up any bb if u get her close enough without serious dmg to ur hp pool. Stay sharp, play smart and she will reward u with a ton of fun.
  6. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Well we can always put our theories to a test. Bismarck to survive head to head must take broadside turn. Gneisenau doesnt. I realy dont remember bismarck ever getting an upper hand in a brawl. And i dont practice stand off fights in ge bbs. It could be ur right, its just ppl who doesnt know how to sail bismarck. But the fact is every time i see bismarck rushing for a close support i find a stupid grin on my face and hug some land before i pop infront... See, im grinning just when i think about it.
  7. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Well as i said, between 10 km and 7km a smart, coolheaded and a very patient captain can defeat gneisenau. Gneisanau still have to be dumb to keep itself in that range until it bleeds to death. I will either push for a head to head brawl and win thx to torps or i will chase bismarck from the cap or a zone of interest. Most bismarck captains will refuse to go into broadside turn thinking that they can compensate for torps into a brawl. Those few that turn without punishing blow to the side will live to fight again. But from my experience they get into a knife fight and they tend to lose. Same as any other bb that fail to get the distance needed to avoid torp run. Even Tirpitz players went down the same way but they failed to exploit their strong sides. I got hit with 1 torp to the bow and they took full load to the side. I angled as i dropped torps they didnt. Simple mistakes that sent them down. Again i am not saying that bismarck or other ships are bad or worse than gneisenau, i just minimize their gun advantage and maximize gneisenau killing potential. Sail into them with sharp angles until u can drop torps with 0 chance to miss. Thats all there is to it.
  8. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Well i dont generaly chase. Maybe colo cause that poor thing is so slow it makes me laugh. If, and i mean IF, any bb survives broadside turn and starts to disengage i find it almost as good as kill. They leave engagement, they are focused on my gneise and that leaves ca and dds free to exploit, take caps, take control of the map and all i have to do is minimize the damage and find the next opportunity to brawl. I find her very hard to sink, usualy she is among the last ships to die. Dont get me wrong, i am not saying gneise is better than noca or nagato, i am just saying that there is no way u can do crazy stunts with any of those and live like u can with gneise. Thats the reason y i am going to spend some rl cash and buy Tirpitz. It realy looks like gneise on steroids. More torps, more guns, bismarck class secondaries, less speed and probably less agile but still worth it. GE turtleback, i guess its gonna be as much fun as gneise. Just to summarize, i think that gneisenau is very workable ship, by itself, in a div, doesnt matter. If i can make her work any1 can. Just dont force the ship to fit ur playstyle. U must adapt to her, not the other way around. I clicked with gneise from the start, but i struggled with bis and fdg. I just need those torps the way i play fast and tough bbs. Even gk i find lacking in that sort of a knife fight. Most ppl i find complaining about gneise is the ppl that r used to a classic BB gameplay. All about guns, range, alpha dmg. Those r virtues of usn and ijn lines. If border sniping is ur thing skip german bbs because all u will find is frustration. If u wanna get adrenalin rush while storming inside the enemy formation with a bayonette in ur teeth screaming behind keyboard, gneisenau is ur thing :)
  9. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Its true, i never go after bismarck when it turns tail but just like gneise, bismarck is a brawler. Secondaries are awesome but it just cant sink gneise without causing hvy dmg with main guns. Keep good angle on bis, rush thru the 3 km of range difference on secondaries and shoot torps from under 2 km. Bis cant dodge that and hydro is of little help. It will only tell u that u gonna get hit. In order to win a brawl with bis u must keep distance between 10 and 7 km and bleed gneise down with a lot of patience. No skipper i met did that. They either rush in gneise death zone or they turn tail and run to the edge of the map. Either way, gneise wins. The others, nagato, colo, noca, those have only main gun advantage. U can negate that with smart angle. Shells either bounce or overpen or miss. Get them inside 5 km and u can choose how to sink them. I always go for combo of main guns and secondaries until i can see enemy skipper eye color. Then i go with torps. It doesnt always work but i will win in 3 out of 5 times. Thats good enough for me :). Of course i admit that i am in love with gneise so much that i cant be objective. I just know how good she feels when i take her out.
  10. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    I have gneise for a long time and she realy fits me. The ship is fine. It realy is. Its all about how you play her. There is time to push and there is time to run. You realy have to develop feeling for her. Guns are a weak point for a reason. If devs gave her accuracy no ship on the map could stop her. More than once i was able to hold entire flank with her all alone. Even when facing 5 enemy ships she wouldnt sink. Took down 3 of them when the team decided to join the fight. All i did was using her speed and armour, turning broadside only when i had land to cover me. First 5 mins i was running away then turned right into them and let the secondaries rip with pinpoint torp releases. After a third kill friendly dds and a ca caught up and finished the rest. I took heavy dmg, just had a few k of hp left but she survived impossible odds. I will outbrawl bismarck with ease with that girl, she devstriked iowa with guns (6 shells got 5 citadels), there are times when i felt invincible with that thing. But i clicked with her from the first fight. She just felt right. My favourite ship ingame. Took that line all the way to GK but never sold her and never will. I sold bismarck rather than gneise. I had bad games too, but it was all me, not the ship. Speed and armour lured me into many pushes way to early and by the time i realized mistake i was ablaze with no dcp and dodging torps from shadow jap dds. She can only suffer mistakes to a some degree. Have a spotter infront of u, keep ur bow towards enemy and evaluate situation infront of u. With a bit of luck and some brains u can brake the flank all by urself. I even hunt dds with her if i know they have little or no support. Last game i dodged 3 salvos from hatsuharu, pushed his smoke and torped him back. His last salvo was from 3 km away. Not a single torp hit me. Gneise is fast, moves like a champ when upgraded, and i feel secure in any 1 vs 1 fight. Even ca with torps she can handle if u play ur cards right. And thats the hardest target for me. Colorado, NoCa, Bismarck, nagato... When gneise pushes inside them none of those stand a chance. She is just awesome when u figure her out.
  11. I find that it doesnt work as a long range he spamer. For me atleast. Maybe someone else can get good results that way but not me. Shells r too slow so it feels that it takes forever to land them, dmg is much lower than jap he so i realy hate using it that way. Btw its boring me to death. I think that with yorck everything was designed for close combat. Armor, crazy AP potential, torps, agility.... now if i find a crawlin bb at long range with 15% hp i will go for he spam to finish him off but most fun i find in jumpin at bbs behind island and take them down in 20 secs no matter how much hp they have. Thats why i love yorck. I cant do that with myoko not even fiji. Myoko has bad torp angles and fiji has a tendency to die as soon as its spotted. Never the less yorck is a hard ship to play. Crazy hard. But those handfull of brilliant games i had in it, made me fall in love.
  12. Dont expect devs to give yorck hipper guns. The biggest upgrade once u finished yorck is the guns. Altho yorck already received turret speed buff. Its still on the slow side but the only thing that actualy works with yorck is close range combat. Like ge bb line ca line is designed for brawl. Thus u have amazing armor (for a cruiser), strong ap and excellent manouverability. Best turn circle cruiser have ingame. If u prefer ijn ca playstyle u will hate yorck. But if u have kamikaze inside of u she will make u smile. Oneshoting myoko at 5 km ( with guns ) is just too sweet a feeling. It took me forever to figure up that ship but once i realized that close combat is her thing i loved it. Like a mini tirpitz. Too bad i was done with hipper grind when i got 2 myokos inside 60 seconds when i popped behind an island never knowing they were there. Poor things got me for 5k hp while i harvested 60k on them. But that is kinda tricky playstyle, if they had a single bb in backup i would be dead before i could get first salvo off. So getting into a knife fight is the problem. Once u get inside 8 km with 2/3 of ur hp yorck will make miracles. Stay far and spam he and u will hate the ship.
  13. JAG Jadranski Gusari regrutiraju

    Aj bacite kakav pp ako se otvori mjesta jos... Dosadilo ovo soliranje...
  14. Campbeltown: as bad as people say it is?

    I find it very good. Take her out when i need a rest from high tier clueless teams. Sometimes i find much better teamplay with campbel then with hindenburg. She is not an easy boat to play but once u figured her out she can carry. I find her to be able to kill bbs just as easy as other dds or cruisers. Great thing with campbeltown is that u dont need to fight radar or sonar ships. Stay hidden and just torp other side to oblivion
  15. Scharnhorst Gun

    Gneise has no problem taking down NC when u have 1 vs 1 situation. Scharn should even have easier job since u use 9 barrels instead of 6. Iowa has a chance only if she turns and runs before u drop distance under 5 km. When u get that close Iowa takes cits easy while both sharn and gneise have turtleback. And torps. And secondaries. If NC and Iowa defeated u in scharn u just got outplayed. The ships r fine as they are.