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  1. CPL_Sivi

    Scharnhorst Yeah!!!

    Ge bbs get gun buff?? Omg cant wait to test it on my Gneisenau. Guns being the only drawback with the buff she will be very hard to stop...
  2. CPL_Sivi

    Shimakaze advice

    Shima is best torp boat ingame. However thats the only thing shima is good at. Guns have low dpm, aa was not in devs plans when they released it, speed is good but still she gets outrunned by khaba grozo kleber... So prety much powercreeped for a long time now. But back in the old days she was the best dd around. A lot has changed in the mean time and shima got reduced to spot torp and run away. Cap only when radar ships are dead or pushed back by bbs. I do find her somewhat viable in this season ranked since i get a 50% games with no radars. Its all smolensk and henrys or minos for some reason so u can dominate caps with wall of torps and get early points that turn into wins mostly. But when u get radars with cv, she is uselles. On the other hand any dd is useless in that situation.
  3. CPL_Sivi

    The terror of the seven seas

    After seeing this... I just had to rebuy it.... Sabaton made me spent millions in credits and i am not even a fan LOL. When u run the song in the background and you sail into the battle it makes ur neck skin creep... My respect to the devs, they incorporated their 3D models into a video amazingly. Dont wanna advertise or anything but i must give credit where credit is due. And this is a masterpiece. To be fair i resent not showing Bismarcks moment of glory, the sinking of the Hood. U should make the room for that prior to the end of Bismarck. Otherwise, its just awesome.
  4. CPL_Sivi

    Shimakaze in 0.8.2

    Well i am getting some unusual stats with shima last few days. She is probably with gearing the most powercrept dd since those are the oldest dd lines. Since i am a bit of mazochist ( for those not familiar with the term, it means i like to feel the pain ) i took her out a dozen times in the new cv rework. I switched torps to stock ones 20 km range. Yeah i know, those suck, spotted from the moon, slow speed lower alpha. And i hover above 60% winrate last 2 days. What amazes me is that i find shima able to burn thru cv attacks rush it, kill it and live. Last 2 games 2 midways down. Last one got 1.7k base xp in a loss and that tells me he was not a noob but a strong cv plyr. First midway was much worse he got only 700xp in a loss. Ship feels like being buffed lately without me knowing it and a perfect answer to OP cvs rework. And i know i am not that skilled with dds...Anyone else uses shima with 20 km torps and feels she is strong like in the old days?
  5. CPL_Sivi

    Nelson worth fxp?

    I am on a roll collecting premium boats with fxp. Never managed to do it on time for missouri but got musashi instead. Now i am in a dilema, should i go for nelson or krohnstadt? I am few days of grind away from nelson but a lot of ppl seem kinda dissapointed with the boat. Krohnstadt is still far away fxp wise but i would hate to waste half of fxp i gathered on a wrong ship. I would appreciate any input possibly from owners of both ship to make my decision easier. Thx in advance.