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  1. I find that it doesnt work as a long range he spamer. For me atleast. Maybe someone else can get good results that way but not me. Shells r too slow so it feels that it takes forever to land them, dmg is much lower than jap he so i realy hate using it that way. Btw its boring me to death. I think that with yorck everything was designed for close combat. Armor, crazy AP potential, torps, agility.... now if i find a crawlin bb at long range with 15% hp i will go for he spam to finish him off but most fun i find in jumpin at bbs behind island and take them down in 20 secs no matter how much hp they have. Thats why i love yorck. I cant do that with myoko not even fiji. Myoko has bad torp angles and fiji has a tendency to die as soon as its spotted. Never the less yorck is a hard ship to play. Crazy hard. But those handfull of brilliant games i had in it, made me fall in love.
  2. Dont expect devs to give yorck hipper guns. The biggest upgrade once u finished yorck is the guns. Altho yorck already received turret speed buff. Its still on the slow side but the only thing that actualy works with yorck is close range combat. Like ge bb line ca line is designed for brawl. Thus u have amazing armor (for a cruiser), strong ap and excellent manouverability. Best turn circle cruiser have ingame. If u prefer ijn ca playstyle u will hate yorck. But if u have kamikaze inside of u she will make u smile. Oneshoting myoko at 5 km ( with guns ) is just too sweet a feeling. It took me forever to figure up that ship but once i realized that close combat is her thing i loved it. Like a mini tirpitz. Too bad i was done with hipper grind when i got 2 myokos inside 60 seconds when i popped behind an island never knowing they were there. Poor things got me for 5k hp while i harvested 60k on them. But that is kinda tricky playstyle, if they had a single bb in backup i would be dead before i could get first salvo off. So getting into a knife fight is the problem. Once u get inside 8 km with 2/3 of ur hp yorck will make miracles. Stay far and spam he and u will hate the ship.
  3. JAG Jadranski Gusari regrutiraju

    Aj bacite kakav pp ako se otvori mjesta jos... Dosadilo ovo soliranje...
  4. Campbeltown: as bad as people say it is?

    I find it very good. Take her out when i need a rest from high tier clueless teams. Sometimes i find much better teamplay with campbel then with hindenburg. She is not an easy boat to play but once u figured her out she can carry. I find her to be able to kill bbs just as easy as other dds or cruisers. Great thing with campbeltown is that u dont need to fight radar or sonar ships. Stay hidden and just torp other side to oblivion
  5. Scharnhorst Gun

    Gneise has no problem taking down NC when u have 1 vs 1 situation. Scharn should even have easier job since u use 9 barrels instead of 6. Iowa has a chance only if she turns and runs before u drop distance under 5 km. When u get that close Iowa takes cits easy while both sharn and gneise have turtleback. And torps. And secondaries. If NC and Iowa defeated u in scharn u just got outplayed. The ships r fine as they are.
  6. The Marblehead (..for REAL SAILORS only!)

    Been a long time now but i actualy liked to play omaha. Much more than cleveland. I actualy dropped the line after omaha cause them US CAs lost torps and became much linear, onedimensional ships. Find that boring, and i dont wanna play yawn games. At the time MM was normal, u got tier 5 as much as tier 7 games. But now its much harder, i sold Konigsberg because of that. It was a king of tier 5 for me but i got stuck with so much tier 7 games that i couldnt bear it no more. Tier 7 feels best place to be right now. As for Omaha, she is very hard to torp, very agile bugger. DDs stand little chance if they get spotted. But i find Omaha very easy to take out now that i sail AGS alot. Actualy i met Omaha 6 times, 4 times it was oneshot, one was 18k salvo but got her with the second shot. Only once i had to chase her and fire more than two salvos to finish the job. And there is no protection, i land cit hits at any angle. Not so with Kirov or K'berg. Now i know that AGS has BB guns and its not fair to judge the boat by the ability of BB guns to damage it, but still. Omaha, Murm and Marble get oneshoted in situations where Kirov and the others dont. Maybe emerald is the only CL softer than Omaha class at tier 5. But she has smoke, so its a fair trade. I do think that a lot has changed since i sailed the Omaha but none of those changes were in her favor. The single reason why Omaha could take down Gneise is RNG. Gneise guns are actualy too strong and not accurate enough to land reliable cits. It would be overpens all day long if RNG decides that way. Happened to me in Gneise as well, hardest cits are Omaha and Emerald. When i meet those with Fiji they are easiest cits available. But not so in Gneise. I opt for a different tactics then, i push in as close as possible and let the secondaries take her out. Thin armor might work good against 380mm but it takes huge dmg against secondaries. And then if driver makes mistake Gneise has torps. But in general omaha is one of the boats i would love to rebuy once they fix mm, together with my K'berg. I just dont like the C hull. It doesnt work for me. However, getting oneshoted in those paper armored boats is something u have to get used to.
  7. Graf Spee question

    U sure about different class trees? That would be awesome. Think i get the mechanics for skipper shifting, thx. My skipper was originaly on AGS so i decided to rebuy hipper and put him there. So once i retrain him i can use him on both without penalty and same with other boats. Get a boat move the skipper to AGS for training and when i am done put him back where i took him from without penalty. Thx guys... owe ya a beer
  8. Graf Spee question

    So AGS can get other GE CA skippers without penalty but those that u trained on AGS need retraining if u want to transfer them to another ge cruiser? I thought it was the other way around. I dont usualy sail premium boats except AGS and Campbel so i never realy tried switching skippers, but i thought prem boats are used to train skippers for other ships of the same class. Guess i was wrong lol. Thx for clearing it up for me guys. Thought that my game was busted or WG wants to milk me for some more of those little yellow coins
  9. Graf Spee question

    Any of u good ppl know if AGS is fullbred premium with all the benefits? the reason i ask is because i transfered captain from AGS to Hipper and still had to grind penalty to unlock the skills. If its genuine prem ship it shouldnt be doing that. It cost me 200k silver and a bunch of dragon flags and i was sure i could use it as a trainer for the other ge cruisers... Any info would be highly appreciated!
  10. Emerald

    Well with emerald i loved 8 torps per side. Managed to sail between myoko and colorado and oneshot them both with torps and lost 8k-ish HP. Its perfect ambush boat, lay low, use land, jump out, send wall of torps then go back into cover. If it gets too hot time smoke well and u get an easy bb kill and u live to tell the tale. The strong side are torps not guns. If u force gunfights u get spotted and cited easy unleas u use cover. Not an open watter boat. Just as any other ship, learn the strenghts and force them while hiding weaknesses. Weaknes being a huge cit from bow to stern doesnt make it easy, but then again who is playing wows because its easy?
  11. Dealing with German BB's?

    Checked warships today and it says 2nd best. Scharn has the lead, gneise runner up followed by nagato. Lolorado is caboose. The truth is gneise is not for anyone. She is designed to support a certain playstyle and if a player cant adapt she will not perform. I suck with fuso but i dont call her crap boat. I just cant stand long range fights and fuso cant brawl well. Therefore i get bad results. So i dropped the line and looked for something that suits me. Found gneisenau and fell in love.
  12. How to Gneisenau?

    Ummm.... i have 380s. Was talking about gneisenau not scharn. Dunno i see alot of hate for gneise and i find her best tier 7 bb. I never bothered with nagato tho but i fight them often with gneise and few fights that i lost was all me, making bad move at the bad time and taking 20k salvo in my side. Every time i kept my cool charged inside 5 km with smart angle both nagato and colo die quick. NoCa and iowa also. Bismarck is a harder nut to crack but i manage to get them in 3 out of 5. Most problems i have with scharn and another gneise. If i manage to get them they cause hvy dmg back and i need to lick my wounds next 4 or 5 minutes. With tirpitz its all about driver. If he is better plyr he will get me easy, if not he will go down quick.
  13. Dealing with German BB's?

    That could only mean that majority of players try to play her wrong. I killed 3 or 4 of gneise today with benson because ppl charge mindlessly and eat a dozen torps in 5 seconds. The other half stay at max range and try to snipe. But i took her out once today killed tirpitz badly damaged bismarck and fuso got 120k dmg and a win. Ship is fine. Even cit a kutuzov at 17 km and i rarely go for long range shots.
  14. Leander - a definate keeper!

    Iam wierd in a way since i loved emerald, not loved leander but i worship fiji. So much stronger than leander gunwise. More accurate, more powerfull, lands 10k salvos on tirpitz or colorado. U are floating citadel so u must take care of fiji. She will reward u back, no doubts about that.
  15. How to Gneisenau?

    Not a chance. Last bismarck i outbralwed was a full secondaries speced. Opened up at me from beyond 10 km. But we went head to head and distance dropped fast so my secondaries kicked in too but he couldnt survive torps, took 5 outta 6. If he kept distance at 10km he coulda won but gneise is faster and he would take heavy dmg in a broadside turn which he would have to make. Probably wanted to avoid that and ended up taking torps. So it was a win win situation for gneise once u come close without taking serious dmg.