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  1. Cro006

    Supercontainer Incidence

    Yeah, I play WoT. But it became too frustrating so I wanted to try something else. Atm I'm enjoying this game, it's slower, battles last longer, and it's relaxing and fun. At least on lower tiers, I'm only at tier 3 :D Edit: and yess, I noticed there are less insults in game's chat than in WoT lol
  2. Cro006

    Supercontainer Incidence

    Thank you! I started playing this yesterday, and as I made this account 3 years ago, I got few free containers as welcome back gift, and I managed to get 1000 gold. And you say there's a chance of getting premium ships... sounds nice :)
  3. Cro006

    Supercontainer Incidence

    What do you get out of those? I'm new player, so Idk which ones I should take... is there wiki page on them? Gonna check it out :D
  4. Cro006

    Can't connet to server

    I hope my premium time gets extended :D