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  1. G0rk1

    Destroyers are so useless

    IMHO Isokaze is the best IJN DD. She has the same Type 92 torps as Minekaze and much better guns. Also, detection range is lower. It is simply fantastic little ship.
  2. G0rk1

    game starts without me

    Yes, same issue here. Usually works fine after 2nd battle in a row.
  3. I would guess so.....also saw a guy hitting targets from approx 16-17 km away with Cleveland, using this captain skill (unfortunately I was at the receiving end .
  4. G0rk1

    How to handle AA armaments

    Never get this reward so far though, closest was 28 aircraft shot down in Cleveland in a single battle (with relevant captain skills and, most importantly, particular ship available upgrades from hull upgrades to specific upgrades that can be purchased in game). AA cool down is also helpful, available from tier 5. You can set any priority target you wish by pressing ctrl key and LMB over target you choose - for AA and your secondary guns. Aside from upgrades and using appropriate tools at your disposal, the most critical aspect is the way you position yourself - you have to be close to target you are protecting that is also attractive for attacking CV aircraft - in order for your AA capability to be most effective.
  5. G0rk1

    perfect shots all the time? or..?

    You can purchase gun control 2 upgrade that further increases gun precision (by reducing shell dispersion), and works perfectly on IJN Cruisers and BBs. Also noticed that this is available on USN DDs (Nicholas has that upgrade available). But the most helpful features are: practice and player's experience.
  6. Yes, 4 captain skill points for guns up to 155 mm. Cheers mate.
  7. Actually I've played my first battle in Aoba in PvP, thinking all the time I was in PvE (actually surprised how good enemy was at aiming, but short on luck at killing . So, at the final battle screen when I've realized how much XP and credits have earned, my first thought was, nice, they have considerably improved earning system in PvE ;) Also, my best battle ever in Isokaze was when I was thinking that I'm playing Clemson. Only after 3rd kill (killed enemy DD with guns) my first reaction was, why the hell they have so brutally nerfed guns on Clemson all of a sudden (and, it seems that torps have also become very similar to japanese All the time was closing below 5 km range to hit enemy ships with torps
  8. G0rk1

    Why are CVs overperforming on EU only?

    From my humble experience, I can only say that most of mine 400+ plane kills comes from supporting team mate's BB, not CV Never played a single battle in CV, and probably never will. Lost most of my BBs to planes though, and it is really a bad feeling losing BB to torpedo bombers at the very beginning of the game, or losing most of HP pool to torpedo bombers in the middle of the fight. But that does not mean that CVs are OP though, since good AA defense support from friendly cruiser will easily negate their advantage. Again, from my experience, close AA support usually guarantees most of plane kills, and have seen many a Cleveland sticking with CV in the back, while my team is being mercilessly pounded by enemy torpedo bombers at the same time in the front. Used to whine and [edited] against DDs until started playing them, and can only say that playing DD is a bloody hard work, so will therefore rather give CVs benefit of a doubt, than accuse them of being guilty of anything, particularly because I do enjoy having a good CV captain on my team ;)
  9. G0rk1

    So sort range BB damage is still pointless.

    Of course NM is not the worst USN BB ;) that is false statement, Actually, I've killed most DDs in my New Mexico. Yes, you are slow, and yes, team usually does not wait for you, so chances are you will be facing at least one DD every game you play. You can't run obviously, so you have to be able to use this seemingly adverse condition in your favor. Salvo from triple turret kills every DD with AP, tried and tested multiple times (more than once in a single battle actually ;). Fun fact is that you are actually quite maneuverable, so use this to your advantage too. Use your rudder, do not broadside DD, and stay frosty, you have marvelous gun layout, and nobody in his/her right mind should take a chance and risk sailing close to you. You'll do well in New Mexico, it is simply too good a ship to fail in it ;))
  10. I had more fun with Kuma than with Phoenix. Also, noticed when playing DDs, enemy Kumas are quite effective when pairing up with enemy DDs; DD detects, Kuma kills. The other day saw excellent Kuma player with 4 kills: using cover behind islands, and firing on targets detected by teammate's DD. Failed to give her proper attention (was firing at some particularly pesky DD), so when I finally killed her (broadsided me by mistake), that Kuma already did serious damage on our flank. Do not force broadside, use cover wisely, fire on targets that are not engaging you, and, most importantly, do not go alone, pair up with teammate, for some reason, Kuma seems to work quite good in coordination with DDs, in hunter-killer role against enemy DDs. Enjoy the game, and have fun.
  11. G0rk1

    Going purple

    Honestly, I do not think there is a single DD captain out there that haven't team killed. If they claim they did not, they are lying ;). Unfortunately things like that happen, particularly when learning how to play DDs (and no amount of videos and tutorials can help with that, you just have to play and fire torpedoes yourself to learn how to be more effective). It is the worst feeling, and you have to apologize to your teammate for that, and warnings don't really helps, once torpedo is fired, it's all over. Never turned purple however, since these unfortunate events were extremely rare, and it took me some time to learn not to shoot torps even at best target solutions, because team mate was near (9-15 rule does not help either ;). If someone is doing that on purpose (and that also happened), I report poor game, and refrain from chat since I want to enjoy this game, not to waste time and attention on people that do not deserve it.
  12. G0rk1

    New but low Winrate.

    You don't have to worry about stats that much ;) I have > 500 battles and <44% win rate. But I am still having great fun with this game, and that is most important. True, there are certain ships that I excel with and some ship classes that I prefer more than others, but I am playing everything (except CVs ;) just to learn more. And there is so much to learn in this game. Have fun.
  13. G0rk1

    Which Battleship line?

    If you have decided to go with IJN BBs prepare yourself for Myogi challenge ;)) at tier IV. Wyoming is much much better BB (tier IV). You will advance faster thru USN BBs, and very quickly you will have New York in your dock. However, try to combine USN cruisers and battleships. St. Louis is pretty majestic at Tier 3, and it will give you better perspective on the game (and more credits and XP). You will rush thru Phoenix and have great time with Omaha. Fun with IJN battleships starts with Kongo at tier 5, and IJN cruiser fun ends with Kuma ;) at tier 4. You will have a lot of problems with DDs in your battleships, and it might be useful to learn more about your worst enemy. Start with Umikaze, and learn good and bad sides of DDs. That will help you a lot.Enjoy the game!
  14. G0rk1

    The grind ...!

    Yes, Furutaka is a huge "challenge". Compared to Kuma, it was a huge disappointment. Grinded thru it mostly using PvE, except for the last couple of dozen battles. And will never go back to her, she was just enormously painful experience. The only thing I liked about Furutaka was pressing "sell" button ;) There are, however, couple of important learning points there: planning well in advance, learning to avoid exposing your broadside, and coordinating your game with the rest of the team. If you bought your way thru, you will be missing those skills later, which might cause some issues. Aoba is pure joy, and much of it comes from hard learning provided by Furutaka.