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  1. Ilya_Wolf

    To CV or not to CV, that is the question

    In Midway a while back i managed to detonate a Grozovoi within about 45s of game start, he went full speed boost and left AA on at start.. but even so.. that was really bad.. as you might expect the enemy team completely folded after that since they couldnt cap and we could. They are implementing a "fix" for this soon, delaying the initial takeoff by some time to allow DDs to actually get near the cap before the sky starts falling. Noticed alot of people in this thread are suggesting rockets are the DD slayer, since the nerf quite some time ago, this really is not the case anymore. DDs have multiple ways to reduce the effectiveness of rocket planes now they take so long to aim, but i guess many people still think 20km shimakaze torps are the bane of BBs everywhere because WASD is too hard USN Dive Bombers are the true DD nightmare, capable of dev striking, usually crippling the dd for 1/2 or more per drop. Never get caught far from allied ships without your smoke screen if these things are buzzing around in the skies! As for whether or not you should play CVs, the devs need us to, if they dont have a big enough sample size of stats to see what is broken and what is working nicely.. CVs will never get balanced properly...
  2. it is interesting how there is only RED stats.. or blue/pink... in my experience, orange/green players are by far the majority who play the game. to actually achieve RED stats i think reveals that person to be a troll who is deliberately sabotaging games, you know, that kinda guy who looks at the MM then sails off to corner of map raging away in chat for 10 minutes. when somebody has such low average damage that just by sailing their tirpitz in the general direction of the enemy would allow the secondaries to get more damage, well that person is either a bot or a troll. honestly i think if someone still has complete red stats after 1000 games they should be permanently restricted to coop mode orange/green stat players usually show some attempt to actually play the game and while their poor decisions in battle can lead to frustration, stat shaming them is not going to inspire their interest in learning to play better. but this is meant to be a troll thread so i will take my popcorn and sit over there now
  3. Ilya_Wolf

    Suggestions thread

    ability to turn off chat entirely if you are gonna chatban people for talking back to toxic players but (seemingly) never chatban the toxic players, at least allow me to disable the whole thing so i dont have to see their nonsense
  4. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    ummm.. what? they just made it significantly easier to understand the range of radars and at the same time gave you a 5 second window to get the hell outta the line of fire this change makes those "radar trap" caps on certain maps alot less dangerous, since only 1 ship will be able to fire at you immediately and if he can shoot you, he will probably be overextending and getting shot at by your team!
  5. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    The report/compliment feature is merely a placebo, besides the rumored ability for enough chat related reports to earn someone a chatban. Karma is meaningless, you are better off forgetting it exists if you can... There is a blacklist option when right clicking people, this should stop them spamming you with toxic messages (though it doesnt always seem to work) Unfortunately the discussions on how players can improve their gameplay are almost always derailed by trolls who just want to make themselves feel better by insulting "worse" players. It is a bit like how players ingame will go on and on about how awful a player you are when they are at the bottom of the scoreboard. World of Tanks has a similarly toxic community, WG does not seem too bothered by it.
  6. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    Oh No! i called out a troll! Nice of you to conveniently snip out the number of battles on your fletcher comparison aswell, he has played 20x more battles than you. Who is the one triggered here really?
  7. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    You shouldnt try to stat shame people when all you do is play carry divisions. there is a filter for SOLO + Div(2) + Div(3) Compare yourself to his stats using those filters....
  8. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    Shokaku, yes Lexington, umm no?? After i upgraded to Midway i actually couldnt achieve the same impact as i was getting in the Lexi for quite some time. Even uptiered +2 Lexi was actually fairly capable. Even downtiered -2 Shokaku feels awful. WG said something lately about balancing the gameplay in general before they look at specific ships etc, probably in a few months time they will make Shokaku playable again
  9. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    Hilarious and so true... Just looked your stats up and they are decent enough, couldnt help but notice you never tried CV before? Perhaps you should consider giving them a go just so you understand how they work from a different perspective. Thats why i play radar cruisers too, know your enemy and all that ;)
  10. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    Dont let the trolls get to you (though i dont think they are trying to be trolls, just not very nice how they give advice) Obviously you have found the new gameplay challenging and came to the forums, which is why i wrote a list of things that might help you enjoy the game more. I remember when i was adapting to the awful radar meta when it first happened, i had a game with 6 enemy radars, i spent about 10 minutes poking a cap, being radared, running away, rinse repeat. After i realized how to minimize the damage they could do i was a bit more calm when dealing with radars, with the new 5 second spotting mechanic they scare me even less now! The same balancing will happen with CVs given time (they already used the nerf sledgehammer on spotting distance from air)
  11. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    If this is true.. i am pretty sure one square is ~5km on most maps... (within AA range of whatever spawned next to you) Your team must have lemming trained hard in the opposite direction, or you got one of those freak spawn alone scenarios. In such cases, all aboard the lemming train choo choo!
  12. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    Yeah, unfortunately what you just described is the critical problem with the game in general, not really specific to DD gameplay. Too many potato suicide teams lately, either they blob up and refuse to fight, or they sail one by one into the enemy ships and die horribly. Ignore the reports & toxic chat, i get so much crap from people going on about how bad i am etc, just say "lets see the scoreboard at the end then" it usually shuts them up. It is frustrating when your team refuses to support you (or even try to fight) and there really isnt much you can do about it... Many theories about why its gotten so bad lately, school holidays... weekenders.... people checking the game out again because of the fancy new patch... The best way i find to avoid getting burnt out on the game is consciously trying to never play during primetime
  13. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    I like to think WG did this deliberately to force us to play as a team If you really think about it, any other ship type that sails off alone usually gets punished pretty hard, cv game or not.
  14. Ilya_Wolf

    End of an Era

    It is true the era of DD being able to sail right around the enemy fleet and torp them in the side/back is gone. But that does not mean DD cannot do well even in CV games. As someone who has played quite alot in the new midway and considered myself to be a DD main (though im getting more balanced out now) allow me to offer some tips on what not to do anymore in the new meta; If you try to sneak around the sides of the map to get to the cv, you will die horribly, even without RPF captain skill it is quite trivial to figure out when a destroyer is trying to do this, then its just a matter of time until it is found and killed. If you have your AA turned on at the start of the match, you will get a slap to the face, it has been this way long since before the rework happened. [P] is default key to turn it off, use it. Also a mistake i often see DDs trying to escape planes, they do not pay proper attention to the distance between them and the planes, instead of turning AA back off (and dissapearing temporarily) they leave it on and.. pray? I can tell you from experience, the DD who never even bothers to turn his AA on is alot harder to strike because you get almost no time to line up the attack run. Speedboosting to the caps in the first couple of minutes is a huge mistake, dont get me wrong, you should head in the right direction, but at a speed similar to the rest of your team! as long as you are within ~5km of an allied cruiser/battleship you are not a juicy target to a smart cv since it would cost most or all of a squad for a very small amount of damage that may not even land on you... Refusing to use your smoke before you take damage from the planes, really it is wierd how many players wait until i smash them for 1/2 health before they decide to hit that smoke button. Decide beforehand if you are willing to stop&smoke or not, if you do it in proper time you can avoid being damaged entirely and trust me, no sensible cv player is going to keep hovering above your smoke for 2 minutes. This is not always correct but, for the most part, rockets are just irritating little mosquitos, divebombers are the hornets that gonna make you scream in pain. Understanding the mechanics of what hunts you is important to properly predict when/if you need to put more effort into avoiding them, a similar learning curve happened when radar cruisers became more common. Hopefully this will help someone, we could use more smart DD players these days!
  15. Exactly this, combined with the fact they nerfed CV so hard that there are almost no mid tier CVs playing anymore, its really a horrible mission design. Maybe if they had coop bots playing cv we could do it there but nooooo.......