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  1. luzzz_

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    Game freezes the moment I log in, very similar to what everyone else is describing.
  2. luzzz_

    Missing doubloons

    I logged in today to find that I have zero doubloons left, last I logged in I had 5,256. Does anyone know a way to check in-game transactions?
  3. Bump I NEED to know if I've been invited or not
  4. luzzz_

    Missing new year special camo.

    Thanks @Klopirat its was under the Dragon filter, it never occured to me that it would be there thanks again.
  5. luzzz_

    Missing new year special camo.

    Just purchased x18 Lunar New Year crates and got the special camo for Loyang but it has not appeared in the camouflage tab or the inventory, has anyone else had this issue?
  6. luzzz_

    Halloween 2018

    EDIT hard mode. Edit: inb4 git gud