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  1. naztb

    Just fyi: Do not use CV if u care about karma

    Had the same problem that's why I only play the Conqueror for a container( I wont even play it for Legendary module anymore) even though I was using AP I still got reported
  2. naztb

    French Battleships

    Bretagne very average Normandie is ok at tier 6 but gets wrecked when uptiered even when angled Lyon is ok at tier 7 at tier 8 it is less impressive and at tier 9 it is just an xp piniata Richelieu can do do damage its main problem is that the main battery much like the Dunkerque gets knocked out easily. On 2 occasions I had both turrets knocked out during the game which leaves you with secondaries or ramming to do damage.
  3. naztb

    Insignia & Emblems

    I understand you strive to improve the game with every update but the last update was not what I would call good. Two the things the irritating badges need to be optional as for me they add no value to the game whatsoever . The second thing is the amalgamation of the Division and chat screen this is also pretty annoying perhaps it could be optional or the chat screen could be tabbed on and off just leaving the original division panel.
  4. naztb

    US Navy CV Changes

    Played Essex unfortunately no BB in game which raises the point that AP bombs are ineffective against CA. The AP DB is lucky to get 1k damage per Bomb on CA my feeling is that you are better off with HE at least you can get a fire and possible follow up flood with TB squad.
  5. naztb

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Ingame Graphics freeze 2. Reproduction steps Played Hindenburg got sunk as game ended 3. Result Burning plane shown in port then Game unresponsive had to Ctrl alt Delete to exit game 4. Expected result Game to run as planned 5. Technical details Cant show Screen shot as game was in full screen and just gives a blank screen shot unless in windowed mode
  6. naztb

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Ingame Graphics freeze 2. Reproduction steps Played Ranger game froze 3. Result Game unresponsive had to Ctrl alt Delete to exit game 4. Expected result Game to run as planned 5. Technical details
  7. naztb

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Have installed new wrapper as per instructions and the same issue occurs game crashes
  8. naztb

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Same issue with Mac game keeps crashing
  9. naztb

    0.6.3 Public Test update

    The “Concealment System Modification 1" upgrade will receive an additional effect which reads "+ 5% to the maximum dispersion of enemy shells that fire on your ship"; The cruisers Ibuki, Zao, Baltimore, Des Moines, Neptune, Minotaur, Roon, Hindenburg, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva will receive an increase in accuracy for main caliber artillery (tighter grouping of shells inside the dispersion ellipse -sigma increased from 2.0 to 2.05). Just what needed to hear and accuracy buff to for rail gun Zao and the Moskava with its already Stalinium fire power . Now i could be wrong but assuming everyone fits those modules does it mean the accuracy buff doesn't really happen for those ships they will remain the same accuracy as pre 0.6.3 and only effects the DDs and BBs who will all get an extra 5% dispersion nerf after 0.6.3?. To be honest you are now clutching at straws it would have been more beneficial if you had just decreased the stealth fire window to a maximum of 1 KM instead of removing it altogether . Its really says something when you punish a every ship in order to to punish a small percentage of ships Wonder what happened to we want to promote aggressive game play? I think you have just bombed aggressive game play back to the stone age. If you want camping and smoke firing you're doing a great job.
  10. naztb

    Update 0.6.2 Feedback - Bug Reports

    DescriptionThe Team kill penalty Bug 2. Reproduction steps 1. Accidentally kill a team mate 2. Get 5 game penalty 3. Result Team kill penalty goes from 5 games to 4 games after as expected. It then takes a further minimum of 19 games with no damage caused to allies to clear the penalty. 4. Expected result Ths has been going on for several patches now and it has not been addressed. Its a basic game function and would not take much to fix 5. Technical details To reduce from 5 game penalty to 4 games works correctly To go from 4 games to 0 penalty takes 20 clear games If it not a bug and as intended please have it show the correct number of games if takes 20 games so be it but don't say 4 games when in reality it is not
  11. naztb

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    Team killer penalty removal is still glitched it has not been fixed. If you get a 5 game team kill penalty it should be 5 games no damage and it should be cleared. The only time it goes down correctly is from 5 to 4 after one game. All others takes a minimum of 3 games no damage to get from 4 to 3 and its the same all the way down. If it is not broken then please adjust it t0 20 games no damage for team kill instaed of telling people it is 5 games when it is clearly not been so for several months.
  12. naztb

    Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    The system has been broken for 2 patches i put a ticket into support it took 30 games with no damage to get from 5 to 0
  13. naztb

    Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    Gotta laugh now picture the situation a DD makes a run on a BB taking fire. Now you are in a CA do you think to yourself Option A the DD is going to torp the bb Option B run at full speed just to get yourself in-between the DD and save the enemy BB It would surprise you how many people will pick option B Another classic i smoked up as i had 2 CA and a BB in front of me and a friendly BB ran right into my smoke rammed me and pushed me out of the smoke right into 3 torpedoes that would have missed me. Did that guy get a TK penalty no he didn't. Yes team killing in most cases is poor judgment but there are a lot of cases where the person that got TKd did so through bad play on their own part personally I dont see why they don't just make Tk damage reflective that way you only damage your self. However it still remains that some people deliberately get TKd so someone turns pink they also ram pink players knowing it gives them another penalty. Those same players would deliberately get hit to cause reflective damage. Maybe WG is looking at it wrong if someone is getting team killed a lot then there has to be a reason for it. Are they doing it deliberately of do they just not have enough brain cells to play the game.
  14. naztb

    Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    If only it was as simple as that Mr Conway Fact is even doing absolutely no further damage to allies it takes way more than 6 clear games to remove the TK status. It will go from 6 to 5 after 1 game then it is totally random from 5 down. Previously the bug wasn't bad you had to do 2 games at each level from 5 to 1 in all it actually took 9 games to get rid of it. Now it is totally random I played 15 battles and only in 2 games of that with ram damage which meant that 13 were totally clear games and I as still at level 5. So there is a problem with removing the TK status and it should be fixed as its totaly random wether or not you get the clear game counted even after leaving the game a and restarting it the bug can still be there.If you could look into I would be grateful as would many others or do i have to try and submit a ticket?
  15. naztb

    camping bbs

    I don't think german BBs are cancer the max range of any secondaries is 10.6 km they cant hit you outside that range BB torps i think maximum is 6 km range. German BBs have bad dispersion and they are not for campers. BBs also have HE and can start fires If you think the German BB is op follow it let it tank for you and give it support fire its much more fun than camping