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  1. VIChiefIV

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    I like the idea of an asymmetric battle but I find it disappointing that teaming up with a buddy or 2 isn't possible. It makes such an event a tad anti-social (why would I want to play this new battle type if some of my friends are online on Discord and I could be playing alongside them in random battles and have a blast). In addition, teaming up with friends makes a T5 ship group etc far more potent and have a better chance of securing a win. In order to get a better average (a mix of players will team up and some will play as individuals) this would be a better test than only tossing a few random players together and hope things work out.
  2. VIChiefIV

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    So 6 boxes from the dailies + 54 from the directives gives 60 boxes with a guaranteed minimum of 5 tokens per box = 300 tokens total which is exactly the cost of the Mikoyan. Just a bit of a shame we can't use the tokens to get the camos+ships that this update is about with the Mikoyan as a final reward for completing all the directives but since these are tech tree ships that you can get anyway at some point I'm ok with it. Would have been nice if perma camos for these 3 ships were purchaseable seperately though rather than be buyable in a fixed order.
  3. The NTC is just an absolute nightmare of an idea, what incompetent person on the team came up with it (and why wasn't he told to sit down and be quiet while the more intellectually gifted people were talking)? If you want to further expand up on the game there's a million ways to do it: - New premium ships - New ship lines - New maps - New game modes - New events All of these, when properly run and marketed, will rake in plenty of cash to keep the money grabbing managers happy while not messing up the game beyond all physical recognition. Because the NTC my friend WILL do just that: 1. How can you be so idiotic to not understand that people are in love with their ship collection? To merely even touch on the idea that people would have to regrind and rebuy ships they already own, with all the credits/xp sinks that are connected to it, is just showing a mind boggling lack of empathy with the sentiments of the community. A community that has helped you to become what you are today. Stop biting the hands that feeds you! 2. There is NO benefit at all to the player base due to this system: - You'll piss off veterans because they suddenly see their entire collection become obsolete - You'll piss off newer players because they're faced off against people with ships that are unbeatable, not only because the people who control them are more experienced, but mainly because the hardware these people use is simply better - You'll create a further divide between people who have unlimited time and people who have a few hours a week to play. WoW is and should remain a skill based game, it should NOT become (any further) a time sink-dependent game. 3. If you want people to replay lower tier ships as well as higher tiers there are so many simpler and better solutions: - Give daily classic missions like: * 'Play 3 battles with a tier 3 cruiser, all your xp is converted into free xp' * 'Kill 4 enemies with a Tier 4 battleships, each kill will give you 1 camo with x/x/x stats' - Make events only accessible for Tier 10 ships that isn't a ranked season, like a special extra hard operation only available for T10 ships 4. If you want people to have more variety in ships why not have an actual use for the various hulls of ships. Right now, with 1-2 exceptions, every hull upgrade is a vertical upgrade with nothing but upsides. Why not make various hulls where 1 gives you more armour but gives slower turning speed, 1 that gives you more AA but fewer secondaries, 1 that gives better fire resistance but makes the hp pool smaller etc etc. Surely not everyone at WG has lost their minds. There must still be some competent people left..................right?
  4. VIChiefIV

    New Orleans how to be usefull.

    I had some nice run in with BBs like Bizmarks, KGV etc that try to sail past little islands. If you can pop out at the right moment you can sail past them and pepper them with shots while their turrets desperately try to sway in your direction. It doesn't happen much, because it only works against silly BBs captains, but when it does the damage is so much the sweeter :)
  5. VIChiefIV

    Straight from Texas - US Cruiser Line Split

    Since the Dallas is the first ship in the additional new line you would need to play the Omaha to gain XP to unlock the aforementioned Dallas. Which means you'd indeed have to buy it again plus all the upgrades in order to do so.
  6. VIChiefIV

    Why such emphasis on win rate

    My opinion is that in public matches win rates don't mean anything, ANYTHING, at all. You could be the most skilled player in the world, if your team messes up big time chances are you'll still lose. Typical example: Played a T6-T8 game yesterday with my Graf Spee along with a friend of mine in a division and despite us having sunk about half of the total kills we made on the enemy team (we killed off 2 Hippers and an Akatzuki) my team still lost bigtime because people in Bizmarck/Tirpitz/New Orleans etc were not paying attention and either got focused fired on or made a wrong move and were out of combat for the remainder of the game. It's an entirely different affair in ranked matches though because of the smaller teams where one player can make more of a difference.
  7. VIChiefIV

    New Orleans how to be usefull.

    The New Orleans is all about stealth and firing at the right moment (either in smoke or just before you are able to hide behind an island). In effect it is the 'patient man's cruiser'. Trigger happy people will find out soon enough their playstyle won't work using this ship. If you take all options that focus on stealth (concealment expert etc) you can bring the ship's detection range down to 9km, which is absolutely stellar to ambush DD's, battleships etc.
  8. To answer the OP's question: The Yorck is by far and wide the worst T7 cruiser in the game, mostly indeed because of its shell travel times. Against faster targets it's almost nigh impossible to land any hits if the opponent knows what he's doing. I once fired shells from 10 km at an Omaha who was sailing in a straight line and found it impossible to hit him because even if I lined him up all the way at the edge of my screen my shells would still land well behind him. So for targets like that the Yorck effectively has to blind fire. There are other ships that are hard to play and have issues but with those I always found and find it a nice challenge to outperform people with 'better ships'. The Yorck was the only ship I ever sold off shouting 'hell yeah' while doing it. It's a hunk of junk and the Hipper, although criticized by some, is a superior ship in every way that I absolutely adore and tend to do quite well with even when uptiered. Giving the Yorck Hipper-like guns would make the ship actually fun to play I should imagine.
  9. VIChiefIV

    Magazine Detonation and the Khabarovsk

    Maybe you should stop using the flags that increase the chance of detonation :D
  10. VIChiefIV

    Should have gone to Specsavers.

    A free 12 skill captain is nothing to scoff at.
  11. At that moment during the game being inebriated might actually have improved the quality of gameplay as displayed by my teammates :D
  12. I fully agree with the notion that people at times tend to be blind to see the bigger picture. They'll be aggressive when they're not supposed to be and utterly complacent when they can still make a difference. Yesterday's game was a typical example: We were playing Encounter and as a DD I had managed to chase enemy ships out of the 2 innermost circles, leading to a double cap. We were a 100 points or so ahead so all we effectively had to do was sit it out and reach a 1000 points. To my amazement I then see a Dunkerque sailing straight through the middle heading directly for the remainder of the eneny fleet which at this point consisted of 6-7 ships. Needless to say he lived for about 15 more seconds and was then focused down in 5-6 seconds by a barrage of AP and HE. It all went downhill from there and we ended up totally losing control as well as the match. I was 400 points ahead in XP of the number 2 of my team purely because 11 people on my team couldn't control their triggerhappy attitude and see the bigger picture. I love this game, have been playing it the moment open beta was available, and I will definitely not uninstall it due to annoying matches like this but it can be infuriating at times to see fully grown human beings make tactical blunders which clearly border on the suicidal.
  13. Being primarily a BB player myself I still find it ludicrous that my Bizmarck's secondaries can fire into smoke clouds at DDs with accuracy. They really should be reset by the smoke effect as the gunners manning those turrets would be as equally unable to see the target as I am as a player manning the primary weapons. As much as melting/chasing DD's with secondaries is fun, still being able to spray secondary shells at DDs in the middle of a smoke cloud feels unfair.
  14. No it isn't. She's very solid once you play her as she's supposed to be played: At the proper range, sneaking around hitting enemy Cruisers and Battleships broadside and occassionally torping enemy ships as they come around the corner of an island. Compared to the Yorck (basically the only ship I truly despise in WoW) she's a huge improvement and can easily take on Tier 8/9 enemies of any kind if you respect her weaknesses.
  15. VIChiefIV

    Full price for 25% HP LOSS?

    The older system where you'd pay based on the amount of damage taken indeed promoted cowardice and people hugging the boundaries of the map. The newer system as currently implemented (entering a battle means you have to pay a service fee to use ship X) works quite well IF the people who play the game are aware of this fact. So yes, WG would do well to change the description of the fee to something like 'battle entry fee' or the likes. It would be a lot less confusing and help to establish the originally desired effect: people not caring whether they take damage, live or die and subsequently try to give it their absolute best to fight for the team.