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  1. The NTC is just an absolute nightmare of an idea, what incompetent person on the team came up with it (and why wasn't he told to sit down and be quiet while the more intellectually gifted people were talking)? If you want to further expand up on the game there's a million ways to do it: - New premium ships - New ship lines - New maps - New game modes - New events All of these, when properly run and marketed, will rake in plenty of cash to keep the money grabbing managers happy while not messing up the game beyond all physical recognition. Because the NTC my friend WILL do just that: 1. How can you be so idiotic to not understand that people are in love with their ship collection? To merely even touch on the idea that people would have to regrind and rebuy ships they already own, with all the credits/xp sinks that are connected to it, is just showing a mind boggling lack of empathy with the sentiments of the community. A community that has helped you to become what you are today. Stop biting the hands that feeds you! 2. There is NO benefit at all to the player base due to this system: - You'll piss off veterans because they suddenly see their entire collection become obsolete - You'll piss off newer players because they're faced off against people with ships that are unbeatable, not only because the people who control them are more experienced, but mainly because the hardware these people use is simply better - You'll create a further divide between people who have unlimited time and people who have a few hours a week to play. WoW is and should remain a skill based game, it should NOT become (any further) a time sink-dependent game. 3. If you want people to replay lower tier ships as well as higher tiers there are so many simpler and better solutions: - Give daily classic missions like: * 'Play 3 battles with a tier 3 cruiser, all your xp is converted into free xp' * 'Kill 4 enemies with a Tier 4 battleships, each kill will give you 1 camo with x/x/x stats' - Make events only accessible for Tier 10 ships that isn't a ranked season, like a special extra hard operation only available for T10 ships 4. If you want people to have more variety in ships why not have an actual use for the various hulls of ships. Right now, with 1-2 exceptions, every hull upgrade is a vertical upgrade with nothing but upsides. Why not make various hulls where 1 gives you more armour but gives slower turning speed, 1 that gives you more AA but fewer secondaries, 1 that gives better fire resistance but makes the hp pool smaller etc etc. Surely not everyone at WG has lost their minds. There must still be some competent people left..................right?