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  1. Bessmecher

    Detonation - fun and engaging mechanic

    when my bayern detonated some days ago, it actually made me chuckle...im at around 220 flags now
  2. Bessmecher

    aircraft carrier (cv) tir, 8-9-X. are to powerfull

    here we go again...
  3. Bessmecher

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    opened about 40 random crates got 3 sc 250 dc 500 dubloons 100 dragon flags
  4. Bessmecher

    The most important skills to be a good player.

    after all the fuzz in some "ranked" threads , im surprised that teamplay is pretty much at the bottom of the chart... at the end of the day, all of the above matter. im not good at any of these tho...
  5. Bessmecher


    lvl 3 robbenklopper......ende
  6. Bessmecher

    The Ingenious Ramblings of a Madman

    thats a hit, sir your guess was op...i think it needs a nerf...
  7. Bessmecher

    The Ingenious Ramblings of a Madman

    i´ll build my own battleship game ....with blackjack....and hookers! infact...screw the battleship game...
  8. Bessmecher

    Has upgrading to Windows 10 affected your game loading times?

    upgraded from 8 to 10... game was unplayable....im back to 8
  9. Bessmecher

    Gold from wot

    i´d sure like to spend my gold from wot on wows...i´m not holding my breath tho...
  10. Bessmecher

    Ramming - A legitimate tactic?

    ramming a legitimate tactic ? - yes case closed
  11. Bessmecher

    why level up?

    imho one of the bigger issues with getting bored and not seeing a reason to play high tiers, is the missing clan content and the variety that comes with it.
  12. Bessmecher

    When is a Kill not a Kill ?

    kill securing ftw
  13. Bessmecher

    Wargaming... Wargaming never changes.

    you obviously got the concept
  14. Bessmecher

    Wargaming... Wargaming never changes.

    sad but true
  15. Bessmecher

    Aim Assist Mod don't work huh?...

    here we go again...