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  1. Lemming trains are now a viable tatic?

    Yeah, completely splitting up is also bad. I just dont get why the team doesnt split more or less equaly and focuses two neighbouring caps... I feel that with this tactic you are most likely to achieve map control and thus win the match.
  2. Lemming trains are now a viable tatic?

    Hey guys, since the past few weeks (2-3 i think) I have had a significant increase of matches where either my team or the enemy went full on "lemming train mode". The outcome was at least most questionable, but most of the time the team which went lemming train mode lost the match. In the past the teams at least would try to go for 2 caps, but now it seems they all just follow one ship and yolo into the battle? Have you guys similar experiences? How do you cope with your team going "lemming train mode"?