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  1. Gubbo_RO

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Just going to leave this here. I'm pretty sure a master of the Missouri can get even higher numbers (even 3.5 millions) Full $$$ build: gamescom camo and all the +% credits flags, and a decent game
  2. Gubbo_RO

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    This is my list of supercontainers, not counting the 1st guaranteed one and 3 others that I forgot to write down at that time. So, starting from the 51st opened TYL container and untill today, I opened 262 containers and got 16 SC + the 1st guaranteed one (around 6% chance of getting one for me) 51 - Indianapolis121 - 250 flags -100% detonation131 - 30 days premium146 - 250 flags +flood%160 - 250 flags +fire%174 - 20kk credite188 - 250 repairs241 - hydro upgrade252 - spot. aircraft upgrade255 - engine boost upgrade259 - 50.000 free xp262 - smoke screen upgrade
  3. Gubbo_RO

    Ideas for World of Warships (Discussions)

    Ever since the introduction of missions, I would love to see what current objectives I have to fulfill when I'm in the loading screen of a battle. I know this info is shown on the loading screen in World of Tanks and is very useful. It should be useful here too.
  4. Gubbo_RO

    supercontainers. do they still exist?

    I've got a SC when I opened my 51st TYL container. I haven't received one since, and I just opened my 112th, so that's 61 TYL container with flags and other useless stuff.
  5. Gubbo_RO

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    never had any luck with the free giveaways. maybe the new year will bring me some Cheers for the great initiative and generosity
  6. Gubbo_RO

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Today I opened my 51st container and it was a Supercontainer (I think it's the 3rd one, my ratio was 1/12 till this one) and I got this beauty. I'm so exited since I couldn't afford to buy one. Thanks WG for this new system.
  7. I have a 76% winrate in my hatsu with 15p captain. I am ashamed that I didn't play with it untill I reached rank 10. Now I am rank 7
  8. Gubbo_RO

    Ability to cancel Engine Boost consumable

    I doubt anyone reads patch notes from more than half a year ago, and I based my poll on the fact that while I'm playing Kamikaze I get spotted from a higher distance when my EB is on. Is it a bug? Is it my imagination? I don't know. Anyway the poll is refering to a particular consumable but it could be used for all the other consumables aswell. As some of the other members posted here, it would be a nice functionality to the game interface and mechanics, to cancel a consumable if it's of no use to you. By doing so you can put it on cooldown faster, and have it available when you need it. What I'm trying to say is: I used my EB to reach point A and I have 1min left of it which is of no use to me. By canceling it now, I'm not wasting 1 min of it and I could have it available in 3mins, which could be useful more than have it available only after 4min when I might be dead or don't need to use it anymore. And the fact that the AA Defence ability works this way is yet another proof that this functionality could be added to the other consumables aswell P.S I could rework the POLL so it would refer to all consumables, but when I created it I was interested in EB in paticular because I play mostly DDs.
  9. Gubbo_RO

    Ability to cancel Engine Boost consumable

    then why when I play my kamikaze, after I popup EB i get spotted from 6.1km instead of the normal 6km ?? is it a bug?
  10. Hello commanders, I am starting this poll to have a general opinion of those who like to play DDs mostly. I'm preety sure that 90% of the veteran players know by now, that everytime you pop your engine boost (EB) consumable your detection range is increased by a small amount (something like 0.2-0.3 km, corect me if I'm wrong) and we all know how frustating this thing must be when you were taken by surprise by the enemy and you managed to boost out to the distance of your normal detection range, but you are still spotted because of the boost penalty. Because of this penalty, those extra few seconds that take you to get completely out of sight while EB is on can be decisive if staying alive or beeing sunk. Also I'm preety sure most of you use EB to move quickly to a location and then smoke inside it when you are overwhelmed. By slowing down you remain hidden but we all know how smoke works these days and that it takes a while to go out of sight, and with EB on it takes even longer. Wouldn't you like to cancel it and reduce the detection range penalty? So my question is: Would you like Wargaming to add a cancel functionality for Engine Boost consumable (by pressing right click on the EB button), just like the ability to cancel your planes take-off or switching off AA Defence consumable? I'm open to all opinions, Best regards.
  11. Gubbo_RO

    Ranked Battles

    Dear Wargaming I am COMPLAINING that the matches are not even judging by the rank. When you announced this season of Ranked Battles you said "players will be facing equaly skilled enemies". Wargaming, for the love of GOD, does this look to you a balanced Rank 10 match???
  12. Gubbo_RO

    Track shell feature

    IMO it is a cool feature that allows players to improve their game and aimming. If you know how to use it you can increase your hit chance by a lot, but to be honest it shouldn't be available, because it's like having a camera mounted on reallife shells and you watch on your monitors where the shells land and adjust the aim for the next salvo. I use it on most of my long range shots where every shell that needs to hit really matters, so I watch where they drop and adjust my next shot.
  13. Gubbo_RO

    Exchanging elite ships xp for in-game goods

    I've read all the post above and one thing has come into my mind. A special event that would allow us to convert all that ship xp into commander XP (with different penalties for elite/premium ships). I know this thing has been done in WOT and could be easily implemented here asweel. Regarding the topic of this poll, I chose flags because those are the least influential in gameplay mechanincs ( something like 1 flag - 1000 xp would be nice)
  14. Gubbo_RO

    GNB Premium Account Time gone

    I am sorry to tell you but I still haven't received my premium account time. The only premium I had was 1 day from reaching rank 14. If nothing happens today I will make another ticket to the support team.
  15. Gubbo_RO

    GNB Premium Account Time gone

    No, I still didn't recive my premium time. One good thing happened tho, I won one of the Bismark models from lottery