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  1. argoteck

    Mission bug?

    Last night i was playing the mission for german capitan. At about 23:55(eet) when i finished one battle in cleveland i see that all my mission progress was reset. It is the same thing today. Is someone else that was in the same situation ?
  2. argoteck

    [0.7.4 PT-2] Ships rendering and visibility

    How about me being shooted by a kiev, 2 salvos before ship rendering(yes from same place, no smoke no nothing, 10 km of ocean)? Not on minimap, on screen. How about detected by airplane and no airplane on air. Or airplanes can invisispot me ?
  3. argoteck

    Where are the other premium ships?

    I dont get where is the problem if we ask for more premiums in game: wg makes money, we are happy. Ships are there and does not involve any development. So remember: we ask for them not whine. Also is about good marketing to have a wide variety of products for your customers. One more thing, before ranked bundles in premium shop were the same ships as in game.
  4. argoteck

    Where are the other premium ships?

    There are more than 3 months with same premium ships in game. And there are a few ships. Why WG dont rotate them or add some of the other premiums ? Maybe someone from staff know the answer.
  5. argoteck

    Clan Battles - Skill- and Modification Discount

    You get free t10 ships for CB if you have played at least one battle in t8 ship .
  6. argoteck

    UI scailing for 4k and 2k resolution

    I play the game on a mediocre laptop with 1366 x 768. Guess what, in battle interface is not scaling corectly as i when i press "H" i can not see my detection range as it goes out of screen. So everybody plays on fullhd and wg dont care about the rest of us ?
  7. argoteck

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    High Caliber means to deal damage exceeding 30% of health pool of the enemy team. As for now there are a lot o battleships in game for this mission and the health pool is very high. So this mission is a lot harder.
  8. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    Nobody care to fix that bug ? We are a lot of players on windows 10 insider and i think that wargaming needs our money. I have found a video that show the problem: minute 0:08
  9. argoteck

    WoWs always disconect

    From 0.6.6 game is messed up really bad.
  10. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    New windows 10 version but the problem remains. I think i will not participate in rank season. Maybe is time for other game.
  11. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    I have tried everything starting with network and ending with video and c++ redistributable. Nothing works. What i can see is that when controls are frozen wows stops any network activity and also when i try to press ctrl+shift+esc(task manager) i have no mouse for aprox. 10-20 sec in windows. Steps tried: video+network drivers update or downgrade, c++ redistributable updated or reinstaled, reinstalled game over and over again, tried diferent or no compatibility settings, verified or changed user permisions on files,different directx updates, turned off an on game mode, different video settings in game, public test ver 0.6.7, firewall settings, changed game directory and many more i cant remember now.
  12. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    Event on public test 0.6.7 is unplayable. Wft is wrong with you wargamming, only your games are unusable on this build and ticket support is useless. And about that: do you think that we like to spend hours to reinstall game over and over again to see that your support is garbage and they can not solve more than some already known scenario. You need to be better than that , to have virtual windows to test on it your game client and solve problems. It is free to test so you can use it. In am a certified microsoft admin and i can work with your support so solve the problem only if they stop telling me to reinstall over and over again the game client.
  13. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    Same windows here.
  14. argoteck

    Unable to play since last update

    Every time i want to enter a battle(if i succed) as soon as i try to move my ship i lose control over ship, i see it in 3rd person view for a moment then i cant see it anymore. Interface go crazy also. In first picture you can see my ship somewhere in the left corner but i am not dead to see it that way. In the second picture you can see what happend when i press map. Help me please and sory for poor english.
  15. argoteck

    Bug Reports

    1. Every time i enter a battle i can play normaly for like 1 minute and after that ship switch to 3rd person view, in cant control it and after a few moments exit my blocked view and i cant do nothing about that. Controls are freezed, i cant even exit the game. Every driver is updated, i use windows 10 64 bit. Pictures attached(my ship is in left side of screen and i am not dead). 2. Happens since 0.6.6 update every time. 3. Cant control or view my ship, cant exit game or battle.