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  1. Redcap375

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Money for new players (and the droves of bots that come with that) and now this? Pathetic WG. Massive slap in the face to all loyal customers. How about you give that stuff to those loyal customers that have put up with this kinda crap since beta? oh thats why, because you dont get the money you want out of us, just the masses. The poor lambs to the slaughter masses. When will you get it into your thick skulls WG that the reason they left was because they were getting fed up of this kinda crap. So they come back into the game and then they see things like this and the state of the rework? Its worse then when they left. Are you blind? Who is running your custumer relations? CoCo the clown?
  2. Redcap375

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    You send planes you hit something. That is the rework. You send group of planes they die, that was old way. You had to risk MORE on the old way because you had to send more planes at once. You sent more planes, you lost more and ran out quicker. Risk is way less now than back then. Just the way It is. Yup, old Des would shread planes without defensive AA. defensive AA would just make sure every group of planes behind that group would die. Didn't even have to active it with only one group. Now? You get hit with AP bombs from one group if you like it or not. Defensive AA on or not, doesn't matter. So you can keep sending different types of planes over and over again. Before you would have to wait and wait to even launch your next set of bombers which would take ages to launch all of them for another group attack. Now you just send the next group in and repeat. Then you spent more time in the air with more chance of being intercepet by enemy fighters. 40 secs is along time back then. You would also lose planes just trying the bate defensive aa. The slower the planes, the less likely to get out unscathed. But yeah, bating was a tactic used by good CV players. But so was the target as he could bate your planes into the point of no return and then they would press defensive AA. On the hood that was deadly. Just like i said mate. The Hood is now crap AA wise. doesn't even factor as a AA BB anymore in my books. The republic without defensive AA is better.lol They will never fix it. They can't fix it. All they can do is make it worse.
  3. Redcap375

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    They couldn't care less. It's a forgone conclusion. It's to make money and to spend XP. Powercreep 101 is here. It's a massive crock. That close to calling it a day WG.
  4. Redcap375

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    CV players always had this in some form.since when I played beta. However, I had so many compliments when I played the old style and that was the difference. All my clan mates wanted me to play was CVs.lol. Now no one wants them at all regardless. Back then you actively helped the team either through spotting, damage or fighters stopping their drops. Nothing is better than seeing you destroy a wave from hitting a friendly BB and the BB player saying Thanks. When was the last time they did that to you? Say thanks? Thats because CVs are now a selfish class and hence why your will always be singled out. As for the skill bit, I completely understand. All us old cv understand but that's now the past mate. We were never what WG wanted to make money, the masses were. They couldn't care less about skill mate, just money. It's now console ready. CVs were the best support class, now it's the most selfish class. It's not your fault, its WG for making them this way. That's why I sold every single CV I had for gold. I know what they had turned into and I'm not that kind of selfish player. That and it's increably boring with graphics over any sense of gameplay. My advice? Get rid and move on. It's no worth the hassle and to live in the past..
  5. Redcap375

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    Oh in the rework you can hit a full AA spec Alabama easy as i found out. Back then tho you could still hit them but it would cost you waves and waves off planes it do it. You had to send the full waves of planes to secure at least reliable hits. Sending full waves of planes was a massive risk back then. And the Alabama didn't even have defensive AA.lol Now you think of a AA spec hood with defensive AA. That was pure hell for the old CV players. Bombers wouldnt even stand a chance. And you had to rely on torps from distance to do the job. The midway had tier 8 torp planes which made it even harder as they faced tier 10 AA. A Des would shread them. Good CV players just left them alone until the end of the game. Anyway it's all in the past now. People wanted this and now they have to put up with it
  6. Redcap375

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    Bombs wise, Hitting a dd on manuel took focus and skill. Most just went for auto drop which would more often than not, miss. Cruisers were hit and miss but please remember that as soon as they hit that magic button you wouldnt hit anything as the auto drop widened so much. bbs were easy to hit even on auto but again, defensive fire made that drop go all over the place. More and more BBs were coming out with defensive fire (DoY, Kii, Hood) So it was dependient on what ship you had. But I know that a set of bombers wouldn't even make the drop in my KIDD. In the rework the drop ALWAYS happen. No widen of the drop anymore, you will get hit. It was the same for torps. I had a AA spec Alabama and I never feared any CV I come up again. In order for that CV to kill me, he had to use every plane he had to do it. Even then he might not have finished me off depending on the CV. All this isn't even including enemy fighters remember or friendly AA. But if you have a complete Muppet of a rework CV player that can't hit anything then your right, the old cvs would get more hits on average thanks to auto drop. That's why I've asked him to factor in AA, normally AA, spec AA and defensive AA. You will be shocked of the difference it made and how lucky people were back then. When you ran out of planes, you ran out of planes. Old CV players that did nothing but manuel aim everything accounted for such a small amount of players because it took a massive amount of focus and micromanaging 6 even 7 groups of planes at a time! Not even including man aim stafes too.
  7. Redcap375

    This CB season in a nutshell

    Lighting comes close to last in our dd selection. Simple as that. We are enjoying this sessions clans.
  8. Redcap375

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    They are big guns, but not when navel guns and 32 mm of deck armour is concerned and HE shells from a distance of km's, 100mm are pea shooters in comparison. Its all about context and this is WOWS, not WOT. Ships are not tanks and are scaled differently, 100mm in the world of navy guns, was small. The Russians even made anti tank gun (portable) out of a 100mm? So big but not that big. no no, not 25-32 ect, penning Battlehsip 32mm armour is the unrealistic fact here. Might not be the biggest one this game has seen, But its STILL is one of them. So it's not really, it IS really my friend.
  9. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    Lol Every cloud ay.
  10. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    Now your going off on a tangent mate. i'm suggesting nothing about submarine games appealing to submarine fans whatever stuff? God knows where your going with that. Just that games with ships and stuff (even token) has subs most of the time if it's that era. *Sigh* I know how your feeling and i can see you are totally against the prospect, not a drama at all. That's you opinion. That's how i felt with the re-work and look how that turned out, the masses. Sometimes you have to come to peace with things, trust me.
  11. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    I live 5 miles away from a submarine museum. How funny is that, so yeah. https://www.nmrn.org.uk/submarine-museum Don't fight this lads, come to peace with it. You might hate the very foundation of the idea of them coming into WOWS, but its a common thing to think about subs when navy is concerned. Ask your non navy friends when you see them tonight for a pint.
  12. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    And look how that is working out for WG in this game, they are making money Precisely. Nothing will change, those masses are the game. Its crap for balance and people like us, but it's good money for them. I get you, I understand you and I agree with you (cause i do), but we are not the playbase WG are looking for. Those 5 people in the street are. Its sad really but if WG know anything, it's business. "Pandering to the uneducated masses" did make me chuckle though because it's precisely what WG do
  13. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    Cant see those yet but how about: 1) All Hearts of irons 2) All BATTLE STATIONS 3) Steel ocean To name a few. Yes they have alot of games centred just around Subs, but its still connected to the navy. Not just a genre thing, you say navy people think subs. We might know better and think better but we are not the norm. Anyway, regardless they are coming and i personally arent completely against them yet. Yes i know they will screw it up and balance it so bad, but i'm not against subs being in this game IF they can sort it out correctly. Just my view lads.
  14. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    And how many of the average population would say words like "trade interdiction" regarding subs? Precisely. You ask 5 people randomly in the street what they think about when types of ships/boats are mentioned. I bet my mortgage, Subs will be one of them, Battleships (even though they are no longer bloody used) would be another one. You and @Uglesettknow different because you are educated ( i guess) in Military History and warfare like myself, but we are not the norm. We are not the WG masses casual player that plays this game, they are. Like i have always said, subs were always gonna come into this game. And now they are. Next will be modern ships, it's only a matter of time.
  15. Redcap375

    Submarines: the next step.

    You too don't be shy.. of course sub are one of those things the average person thinks about when talking about anything to do with navies. From games like HoI4 to Steel Ocean. Just because your not interested in them, doesn't mean they dont come up for the average person. Regardless, they will bring something new so i'm not, in principle anyway, against the idea and using them in WOWS. HOWEVER......WG will balance it extremely badly and screw things up even more. That i have no doubt.