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  1. Redcap375

    Best Secondaries

    But only a 8 km range....
  2. Redcap375

    clan battles

    First night not one Grade. 11 wins, 3 loses. Second (last) night full of them. 6 wins, 8 losses.
  3. Redcap375

    clan battles

    But like you have just said mate "Theoratically". That's not an even-footing in essence. See where i'm coming from? It will get worse when the other ships come out. Please, this is not saying that people haven't earnt it as they/you bloody well have with ranked and missions, but we can not claim that it's a even footing anymore in Clans. We just can't. Whats funny is that good teams will still beat the not-so good teams regardless of what ship their in. WG have now gave us BETTER tools to do this with, hence the wider gap being created. Steel ships HAVE to be very strong else why would people waste the time grinding them in the first place? But added them into Clans was a very bad idea.
  4. Redcap375

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    "Counter Strategy"??? Plane Kills: Cleveland: 54 Texas: 32 Gilio: 21 Mino: 31 Lion: 47 NC: 31 Alabama: 36 Massa: 24 Gne: 42 Sharn: 29 Kuts: 28 Des: 30 Buff: 29 Atlanta: 50 Hipper: 29 Bis: 24 FDG: 30 Kidd: 27 Sorry, did you mention sometime about "Counter strategy". That's not including WASD or support from any other ship. I have never understood peoples problems with the old CV''s. It's still in testing so hopefully things will change, but i'm not holding my breath i'm afraid.
  5. Redcap375

    clan battles

    What i mean mate is that if you have the money you can buy yourself a better ship. Had a great reply from someone who owns one which summed it up nicely (will post it later). Ships Like the Kaga, Saipan, Belfast ect.... Everyone, including those that own both,agree it's a better Moskva, which it is and the stats completely prove this. And the Moskva is a STRONG ship in the first place. Soon we will have 3 tier 10 premium ships that can be played in Clans. How can anyone say that Clan Battles is on a even footing (captain skill aside) when people can buy other ships?? Take a look at WOT and/or WT. Premium tanks destroyed WOT and Russian Bios (which is comical) destroyed WT. I don't want it to happen to another WG game like this but it already has. I only care because I have enjoyed the game since it was released but look whats happening mate? We can all sit in ivoly towers looking down and contuine to do what we are doing, but it's not good for the game and only widens the gap. Turning into a greedy cash machine. It didn't start like this chaps. But what did i really expect. Randoms is Randoms and PW2 is built into the game so i except this. But Clans is different and was the last bastion of fair ships and play. Not anymore.
  6. Redcap375

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    And what did you expect? Do you think for one second that casual players will play this if they are subject to the same level of AA we have now?? Not one will and many don't because of that reason as well as skill gap. And people where STILL moaning that CV's were OP. You know when you used to press that magical button and all those nasty planes evaporated? Well now they are still buzzing around your head setting you on fire...Constantly. Or when that CV missed that Bomb/Torp drop on you and had to re-load? Yeah, i'm still buzzing around your head with ammo to last a lifetime. They have taken away the skill gap and made it into a freak show for consoles. BATTLESTAIONS MIDWAY mk2. And when you have TWO CV players ganging up on 1 DD? It's a sorry sorry sight. Alot of people asked for a rework because they, god know, thought CV's were OP without even playing them. "So yeah, the majority of players asked for this rework." Play a few CV games now in middle/high tiers and get back to me with how it's going (your highest is a tier 6). You need to experience it . Coming up against a Buddy with defensive AA is a completely different kettle of fish compared to even tier 8-10 Battleships, never mind Cruisers.
  7. Redcap375

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    This ^^. Agree and came to the same conclusion when playing them. DD's are easy so the amount of rage CV players will get now is going to be comical. Oh well, the majorly of you asked for the rework so here it is Better the devil you know sometimes.
  8. Redcap375

    clan battles

    Funny that both teams have them though.Lol Can believe this game has turned even Clans into P2W. Cant wait for the other 2 tier 10 Premium ships to come out. Anyway, good luck everyone in Clan battles (meant in a good way, not a sarcastic one)
  9. Redcap375

    clan battles

    First 7 games were Stalingrad heavy with the last ones less so, max was 4. At least most have gone up into the next league now. All were very good Clans so sums it up.
  10. Redcap375

    clan battles

    Anyway, enjoying Clans at the moment and glad it's back on.
  11. Redcap375

    clan battles

    Dear god....I mean one example: @Juggernauthz Can you please enlighten us regarding your Stalingrad vs your Moskva stats please? You are a good player and hope you don't take this personally but your a prime example. Because saying "just like a Moskva" is a massive understatement. Those that own this ship wont admit it which is human nature, I get it, very few truly care about balance and only defend their patch of grass. But when you have players that own it, including people like Flamu, ichase and the like saying it's OP then maybe.....It is. Don't worry i will have it soon and will happy share my stats with it
  12. Redcap375

    clan battles

    So like a Moskva then.. And that been dealing with its apparent downsides without a problem so far. However, this is a Moskva mk2...it's far Superior. Just look at the server stats. Hell, even look at everyones own stats that own both a Mosvka and a Grad. You will see that their Grads 9/10 have better kill ratio, Damage and WR. Oh and it has Auto bounce AP remember, the Moskva doesn't. Oh and more Hp and heavy hitting guns not to mention the higher fire chance... And there is the problem that throws Clan Battles balance out of sink.. Your bring Battlecrusiers to a mainly cruiser battle. Like bringing a SA80 to a pistol fight with distance being the name of the game. Perfect Battlecrusier territory. However, this is only available to a select few at the moment and hence why i am against it in prinalbe. Nothing at all to do with me not owing one yet (after this clans i will tho). Make it a "loan" ship so everyone can make their own minds up. If it's not OP or elitist then open it up to the masses. Do you think WG will ever do that? 2 Grads? May i ask if you won that game? Because my bet is that you didn't. And your in a Clan like DAVY, hardly a push over. Now think about the majority of casual clans that come up against 2 of these?? Not good. They probably used them on the safe cap firing across to the contenting cap. I.e their concealment not being a issue. You wanna push the safe cap then you gotta push against 2 Gards...Not easy at all. *sigh* We are painting a bad picture to other Clans. Casual players and clans are being knocked around against these things and it's becoming an in-house joke. How can we then say everyone has a fair chance with a ship that only a few players have (lets be honest right now). With the release of the French tier 10 BB what is this all turning into?? P2W. Something that i never never, never thought would happen to tier 10 clan battles is now happening and it's here to stay. Money and greed has got it's way again. It happened to WT, even more so with the crazy Russian bias going on (IS3 lol) and it's here in WOWS. It was only a matter of time i suppose. Such a shame, it really is..
  13. Redcap375

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    This is by-far NOT an OP ship. I am normally the first to chops about OP ships (*Cough* Stalingrad and Hara) but this is quite a balanced one, for Premium ones that is. Its covered in 32 MM and has to be brutally honest, pea shooter guns. Any half decent cruiser player with 27 MM bow doesn't have to worry what-so-ever. That's only the cruisers. It's heal, front facing guns, fantastic AA, fast firing guns and Fire-starting with reload ability makes up for it's short falls. But it's got the lowest HP and eats HE spam from all over the place. This ship lives off potato players that sail around giving their broadsides. If you don't then apart from the occasional HE barrage, it's easy to counter.
  14. But we have researched it on the old system? or doesn't that count for nothing? why would I wanna keep a sliver tier 8 ship when I have now 3 premium ones now at tier 8? I wanna keep the Haku thank you very much..
  15. Redcap375

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Thanks mate Wow, some changes there then... Not a fan of the removal of CVs but nothing I or anyone can say to change that. skills and upgrades look alright. So my Essex and Taiho will vanish and I will get the Lex and Sho instead at tier 8 for free? As I sold both of them a long time ago [Enterprise was king]