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  1. Redcap375

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Yes they will come out in time just like the type 45 destroyers that will eventually come out too. However, the game is in a complete mess at the moment so anything that isn't to do with fixing and/or balancing needs to take a back seat for a while.
  2. Redcap375

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Precisely. They want you to spend free Xp on anything that isn't the Alaska. Seen this coming a mile off. Kept my XP firmly in the bank, just need some inspiration to play again. RN CV's will come out first. I bet my mortgage on it. Even thought they know the dire state of CV's and gameplay in general, they will bring it out regardless. They simply need people to grind any CV line! Having tons of Alaska this soon will wreck CV's even more
  3. Redcap375

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Reds premiums-to-buy tick sheet: 1) Unique playstyle/different ship to silver....Nope 2) Enjoyable class....cruisers are alright (prem dds would be least for me) 4) Nations flavor...Enjoy US cruisers (best support cruisers IMHO) 3) Favorable tier....Hell Nope 4) Worth real life money value....Nope 5) Current State of game / trust of developers...Nope 2 positives doesn't even come close to buying this now. Wallet remains closed which is a shame as I really wanted this ship.
  4. Redcap375

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    was looking forward to this ship before the following happened: 1) CV rework screw up and continued screw ups 2) WG can move any premium now as they wish. Rush buy (as with XP) then nerf when money has been made. 3) Nerf to this ship (she isn't different anymore) 4) complete discontent for testers (they bring anything out regardless of what the testers say) So no money WG. I would have brought this ship before your mess. Not even played this game for a week now, sucked the life out of me.
  5. Redcap375

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Then increase the RE-ARMING of the torps so they cant spam them over and over before they reach the target. Sorted? And that my friend is the skill gap WG wanted to close apparently and what you get by doing a console re-work. A Rock and a hard place. Whatever WG decide, they HAVE to reward player skill at some point. Having planes just drop out the sky with little player input wont stick. Bring flack and DSP a little closer and take it from there.
  6. Redcap375

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Hummm...Few points on this hotfix (being extremely positive here): Haka torps Awful, just awful. Both damage, aiming and dropping them so far away from the target. ANYONE can dodge them. They went from one end of being easy to use and spam to being very difficult to use and hit something with. They really too far when changing them. What i would do? Simple, shorten the distance of the torps. That way they simply cant drop them too far out. Why this wasn't done is beyond me. Haka AP bombs Are so-so. Either feat or famine. The aiming marker is alot bigger then the US ones (HE). What i would do? I would make the aiming marker tighter as you need to reward the players efforts on a good drop. However, to stop them just dropping them over the target, I would wider the drop from the highest point. Basically you can drop HE bombs for a medium high and hit something, but to do it will AP bombs you really have to smell the tobacco of the sailors. Flack and DPS The went from one to the other. When the rework first came out if you avoided the flack then it's easy. Now the DPS slaughters you before the flack. What i would do? They need to bring them closer and meet in the middle. Less DPS and more flack damage. You need to reward players for using their WASD. Constant damage and the amount it can cause is too much IMHO. Increase flack damage and less DSP, not as much as their first rework but close the gap a bit more. Just a little tweaking. Flack walls You are flying then all of a sudden you have a wall, i mean no gaps of flack. Your planes fly through it killing/crippling most of them. What i would do? Have gaps. Something the play has to do (use WASD) to avoid. However small that gap might be, something like frogger (those that remember that). Putting your hands up in the air saying "*edited* can i dodge that" isn't good for the game. Spotting CV players/we are killing DD gameplay. They are so scared to get into the cap not only at the start, but at any point. What i would do? 1) CV's can only see the target first, then after what-ever time, the rest of the team can. Like they are doing with the radar rework? 2) That or make it that your friendly team cant see it at all BUT it's pinged on the mini map as something. So your team know where it's, but cant physically see it. Something along those lines. 3) Make it one CV only. Less CV's mean more space for the DD's to work and use stealth (until CV captains realise that you win games in the new CV's just by spotting the enemy team at all times ). WG have shot themselves in the foot with the rework. They wanted to decease skill gap yet they bring us a console kinda gameplay. Make is too easy and they are OP, make them bad and noone will play them, not just the ship but the whole line. There are other points (blobbing) but a few of mine for now. Please discuss.
  7. Redcap375

    Nelson needs an AA buff

    Where does it stop though? Some ships will always be designed to have BAD AA. Ships like the Shimmy and Masashi for instance. Where ships like the Atlanta, Des, KIDD ect should eat planes. Strengths and weakness. We can't all have our cake and eat it. One of the risks in buying/Free XP those kinda ships is their vulnerability to AA. I do not want a game where every ship has the ability to wipe the floor with planes. That was starting to happen in the old CV world. I've got the Neslon and the very first game i had in it i got HOUNDED by the enemy CV (got with free XP, rest going to Alaska). He focuses on me the whole game....However by doing that he wasn't spotting the enemy team and as the Nelson has a zombie heal, i kept sailing until the very end. We lost in end, but the moral of the story stays the same. He would have be so much more useful doing other things than slapping a lower tier ship. We had a god awful team (lost 2 dd's in the first salvos of the battle) too .
  8. Redcap375

    CV Rework AA Dev blog

  9. Redcap375

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    But why? Why care now about it? That's the question and my spider senses are telling me it's to do with ££££££. It smells like it's making way for other ship to be in the game. Just like the Hindy and Alsare nerfs. It has nothing to do with balancing after all this time.
  10. Redcap375

    WG what have you done to AA flak burst values?

    Get back to use mate with your results.
  11. Stop it WG! Tell your teams to take their fingers away from their keyboards and listen to the players for once. By touching that rectangle piece of plastic with things on it, you are causing more and more problems. You are crippling the game. Not only that but showing so little regard for the players of this game, most of them (was) loyal. Ok, first order of business is freeze all premium time. This is not the game most people brought Premium XP for, you have tipped it on it's head. DD players don't play DD's, CV players are playing WOWP (very bad version of it) and Cruisers are having an identity crisis, not knowing if they are AA cruisers or not . Battleships are slowing moving around the map like they have experienced the battle of Somme twice and are suffering some sort of mental trauma from it. Second is refund all premium CV's. People don't just want gold back and some don't wanna be trapped in the game. That is the decent thing to do (I will post you a directory of the meaning, Russian translated too) Gulio. DON'T MOVE PREMIUM SHIPS! You do that and people will think twice when buying any premium ship. People buy certain tier ship for a number of reasons. They simply might like tier 5 and wanna stay there? Again, people might not just wanna just have gold. I think a refund is completely right. We have alot of players in our clan on most nights and have done for a while. It's been DEAD since the rework. Those that are on take refuge in Ranked, but most of them are calling that Crap too. Your "hotfixing" looks like this: You see that brave chap attempting to escape the soon-to-be wreckage? This is quite an accurate depiction of the current state of affairs and that poor sod represents the players of this game. This is not overreacting or scaremongering, this is how it currently is. Fanboys/ Beta testers what-ever can keep their chirpy optimism but mine has evaporated to atoms. Nerfing ships like Alsare to fit a certain premium. Nerfing the Hindy because it was "user friendly". Nefing the pan-Asian. More and more stronger than the silver line ships. Now you clam you are moving ships because of "Balance" yet you haven't done a thing with ships like the Belfast all these years? Please. Not to mention the "those that do and those that don't" mentally in CB (Blancegrad). It's all come to a head now. I have always supported CV's in this game. Even with all the CV hater crap I/we have had to put up with, but enough is enough. Just take the whole class away now. It's like an old boxer being beat up by a bunch of young kids in the street with everyone watching them do it. I used to laugh when people were getting spanked by CV's because so many of you asked for a change and we warned you. But i cant anymore. Because having those cheap laughs feel shallow now and is causing damage to the game and clan. You didn't even test your Hotfix did you? Be honest...Was this the state of you office when the re-work went live: You are doing actions before you brain has had a chance to wake up. Your doing too much at once (hotfix). I know this ^^ picture trying to lighten the mood, but seriously WG, invite a few mixed players into you HQ and TALK TO THEM. No point what-so-ever having people test anything if you have your own agenda anyway. Even well know and mostly respected steamers are saying ships are OP before release and your STILL bringing them out in that state. On a positive note, selling cheap premium time before the rework was business geniuses (seen it coming a mile off). So....Stop what you are doing, send a message out saying that "CV's will be suspended until fixed and balanced". It is not on bring out Alphas like you did with this re-work. Just like you did with the GZ. Paying customers expect alot better, get a grip.
  12. Redcap375

    It's not 8.0...

    Sorry but....What the hell are you talking about.
  13. Redcap375

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    They have screwed this up so much i don't know if i should laugh or not.
  14. Redcap375

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    You spent free XP on the new CVs? What were you thinking...
  15. Redcap375

    IJN vs US CVs

    I have all CV's, but only played a handful of them at the moment before i sell them probably. The Kaga gets battered now (MM), Not played the Saipan, GZ or Enterprise yet. I personally like the Midway better. Don't underestimate the power of fire. The IJN torps do pitiful damage, but a well dropped HE bombs from the Midway can cause 10k Damage. US rockets are better too. Fire! They also have more HP to spot for your team, which is the biggest factor for these new CV's. I have won the majority of my games in a Midway simply by spotting their DD's up and either killing them (rockets) or our team doing it for me. Your fighters are also better and will beat the Haka ones, leaving one cap completely lit up whilst you light up the other one. People are playing the Haka more because of the torp spam, which is easy, half effective but brain numbly boring. It's going to be fixed anyway but WG will as ever, screw that up. Either way i'm selling up before the end of the time.