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  1. Redcap375

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah well done. Spanking/clubbing tier 6 ships with 10 point captains if their lucky with noob/learning players in a broken class. Just hightlights the whole problem.
  2. In my bisnuess, its called incompetence. Sheer incompetence. WG have had a lot of practice at it. It also doesn't make money adding that into the game. Remember, always remember that our opinions don't mean anything to them.
  3. Redcap375

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    Let's face facts, Dutch ship or not, it's not a good ship. Not worth the grind or effort for this one sorry. Ancorage was, Zf6 defo was, this isn't. Need a bigger Carrott to get me involved with another dockyard grind. The whole Dutch ship thing is so disappointing. It looses so much for air strikes. They could have brought one down and raised the other to a more balanced level. This is what happneds when you try and balance a ship on a stupid so-so gimmick.
  4. Redcap375

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Stop there. The best thing to say at this moment in time is nothing, simply to save face. And that's not a phrasing issue, that's a sentence construction issue. Basically you knew what you said goes against what you are being told to say. You should embrace it by being honest man, not trying to back peddle... Again. WG goes from its not about profit it performance to visa versa. Let's face it, you guys will say anything at this point. Your getting messed up on your own Web of lies/half truths, always happens when you tell enough of them or spin them. You've said it and that's that. And yes I agree by the way and so do most. Dont be afrade in life to say what you feel, even if it goes against your PR policy. Be a tiger, not a sheep. Not Planning? Not Planning is a company word that basically means nothing. There are so many things you (WG) havnt planned yet they are in the game. Planning means sqaut, zero, nothing. Stop using PR words, they are transparent and its cringe worthy, be above it. So, in a nut shell. You are bring it back out because its a money maker but back then it was taken away due to its overpreformance and broken credit earning potential. It was OP, like you've said. Now its Been somewhat power crept with some of the other OP ships that have been brought out and you have savoured the playbase for long enough, you are once again selling it to the mob. With a nerf to the credit earner so you don't make the same mistake again. See, that was easy wasn't it?
  5. Redcap375

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    @YabbaCoe... Busted. Here is a spade for digging that hole your digging yourself into again. The handle of the old one is worn out. Life lesson... Tell the truth in the first place.
  6. Redcap375

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    This and this. Talking about it yesterday with a clan mate and the first thing he said was "I know, buying it as soon as it comes out". "I spent close to 600 euro 2 Christmas ago in the containers trying to get it and only got a friesland" "what the hell mate?? I said" You spent that much trying to get a handful of ships and the Missouri? You know the extra credit earner has gone right and its only a Power crept iowa with radar" He replayed "don't care, I just want it, always have don't you". I replied "not a chance, WG can shove it" And that is from a veteran player, very good one at that. He's a good lad too. This highlights, and always has, why WG are making money hand over fist. Everything is set up to make money. Bring it, take it away, you want something you can't have, now it's back instant buy. Collectors need it like an itchy scratch and the mob won't even know its bringing in less credits than it used to. People don't care about WG god awful History and the new people don't know any better. 600 euros in one go, on one game full of pixals when there is a real life out there? I find it sad. I fear for the young in this day and age, they have no concept of money. Some haven't even left their own country. The Sega genesis used to cost £150 for a whole console in 1989 (£255 now with inflation). The amount of money people spend on DLC and add ons like tanks and ships is staggering. Well each penny you/we spend on WG is money towards another property being built In Cyprus as "assets". The fact of the matter is thiis.... People generally don't care.
  7. Redcap375

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    And that why WG can do whatever they want, whenever they want.
  8. Redcap375

    Looking for a good and active clan

    What's with the clan hopping? What are you actually looking for...What type of clan?
  9. Company Gamers is one of the oldest and longest standing International WOWS clans whose primary language is English. We are actively engaged in clan wars, divisions and above all a friendly social atmosphere. 94% of it's members have increased their WR since joining Company Gamers, simply by being part of the community. Well known and respected semi competitive clan that has always punched above our weight. Always active, always up for divs. We have our own TS and Discord servers. Fully upgraded port for in game bonuses and super containers for all members (annually). As we are an International gaming community, we play many games (Star Citizen, Eve and more). Focus on the person not your stats! we're here to have fun, but its no fun loosing so we do take our Clan Battles seriously. Both Competitive and learning Teams in Clan Battles. If clan battles are not your thing, that's OK many of our members prefer divisions and count downs. We ask members to use and be on TS when in game. Encourage use of discord - mainly for the notifications, updates, posts, etc. Be prepared for plenty of banter! Check out the Company Gamers website for further details and joining criteria; https://redcap375.wixsite.com/company-gamers A Branch of:
  10. Redcap375

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    This.. The level of naivety in this forum is now staggering.
  11. Redcap375

    T10 matches

    Tier 8 has always been my favourite tier. IMHO it contains some of the best and most interesting ships in the game and players are normally well rounded. Good players coming away from tier 10, going down the tiers a bit, and some Good players staying their learning the ropes before going up further. Best balance I've found Tier 10 games have been chocked by some of the worst players in the game, quick grinding and never learning. This then makes the games rollovers at its a player lottery. Anything lower than 6, without a reason like Grinding or helping others grind, then your in seal clubbing land with a 21 point captain. Its sad when I see unicum divs (3 people) blasting new players in OP ships. Toxic for new players trying to learn the ropes. Tier 7 also contains some good oldscool ships to be honest. But MM always seemed to be against me. So for me, tier 7 and 8 are the most enjoyable ones. Tier 9 then lastly 6. I play tier 10s to keep me CB ready.
  12. Redcap375

    T10 matches

    Certain and/or Vast majority I would say Precisely, an unforseen verable and that's the thing... It's just how many of those Verables have to happen in order for your one sided team to pull out an easy lose to a victory. One unicum dying to a Torp when you have 2 other unicums in the team when the enemy has none, zero, nothing, won't effect the over all outcome of the game. You have to be lucky 🍀. Skill will only get some people so far. MM is like many things, a tool to use. It can tell you so much about the coming battle. Who to follow, who to stay away from, who to listen too when the clicking happens, who the actual threats are, who you should be blapping first.. So much good information. People only need to look at their own stats in order to get better. MM won't help them or do that for them. MM doesn't stop people from getting better, its themselves who stop that from happening. To me, MM makes me come to peace with the outcome. If we somehow manage to win with the stars aligning and good Players screwing up in a one sided battle then great! Pat on the back and next one. Our div has practically killed the whole enemy team whilst our not so good players managed to live just long enough. But if you lose to a team who you know you should be losing against then it's a much better pill to swollow for our own sanity. So many screen shots of stupid one sided games, both where we curb stomp and the ones being curbed stomped it's chugging up our discord funny channel. A quick look on MM, and soaking up all the information from players to ships, tells you how the battle is gonna roll. Starting with a unicum Enterprise CV player against a 42% avg WR, 41% in CVs with 3 CV games to his name and only 2 games in his newly Brought Kaga. How do you think that is going to roll? And that's just the first person line up as it normally, as you know, gets worse. Well said my bit on the matter. P
  13. Redcap375

    T10 matches

    Depends on a lot of factors, even in your screen shot. How much actual health did those enemy ships have left at the point of the sceen shot? What tier ships was left compared to yours? What kind of ships was left? A far as we know, those ships only needed to be tickled to die, you had tier 8 ships left to kill with a tier 10 OP premium ships and your CV player was a unicum. You was all on full health too,lol. Each one of those enemy players might have been a 43% WR player. So... That game might never had been "lost" in the first place, it might have been only a matter of time before you won. All about context. All things being equal, you would have easily lost that battle at that point. I find that if a team loses its good players early, which nowadays contains about 2-3 in each team if your lucky, your screwed. All my epic come back games ive had, there was always one overwhelmingly verable factor. I wish I could say it was all skill and no luck and brag, but I'm not like that and just saying it as it is. These being: 1) We had OP ships 2) Unicum/very good players left 3) In a try hard div 4) playing against red stat crippled chickens The best games, by far, are the games with equality skilled players which only Comes around once in a blue moon. I Can't even remember when randoms had a equally skilled CV player, never mind the rest of the team. No...most games are over before they begin on MM. That's not to say you give up, you never give up. But its a easier blow to take when you do lose.
  14. Redcap375

    I get so bored when I play the "right" way

    You probably did.
  15. Redcap375

    possible lineup clan-battles tier 6

    Those that remember the last CB at tier 6? Half the good clans didn't even take part, Perth, hiwangi thingy if you want more guns, speer, Warspite spam, bla bla. Could only get one team going that seasion as its RNG boredom. Its a luck fest. New stuff being CVs, captain rework, ISE, how much will they change the meta from the last one? But CVs? Even worse experience e on a Tactical level. Clan Battles have been butched.