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  1. Viper_Tech_

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  2. Viper_Tech_

    Bug Reports

    Same here, Have to close client and game center and try again even though it says i'm logged in on the game center.
  3. Viper_Tech_

    Yueyang is garbage.

    Crack smoking Hippie Russians coz that's what they must have been on when they came up with this.
  4. Viper_Tech_

    Changing ships in Arsenal

    Nothing has been set in stone as regards to Alaska being exchanged coal or free xp and is expected in patch 8.0 in Jan next yr, could be both who knows, Kronshtadt and mushy to be removed from aresnal.
  5. Viper_Tech_

    Game & Balance Improvements

    There is a difference between balancing a ship and completely murdering it.
  6. Viper_Tech_

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Yeuyang - only got one thing say in regards to these nerfs, Wargaming please for the love of god stop smoking crack, come down of you're high and maybe you will realise YOU *Edited UP BIG TIME. *Edited
  7. Viper_Tech_

    Looking for an tier 10 cruiser

    If i could only choose 1 T10 it would be Zao - Hands down the best, especially with legendary mod, Decent range, Great concealment, stealth torp devastating HE and it's AP is not to be messed with either. Close second - Henri and Mino All t10's have different play styles, it's what suits you best, I play them all and enjoy every single one of them.
  8. Viper_Tech_

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Sometimes i wonder if WG have round table discussions while passing round the crack pipe ? while thinking "what can we f@@k up now" muhaaaa And you wonder why people are getting p@@@@d off with this game.
  9. Viper_Tech_

    SS in the game

    <----------------------------------- that to subs in this game
  10. Viper_Tech_

    Radar: Reducing the number of radar ships to 2 per team/game.

    No - but make only the ship that uses radar is the only one able to see.
  11. Viper_Tech_

    Game with destroyers in TIERS VIII, IX and X

    Nope - Only way to fix Radar is make only the ship that drops the radar is able to see, Stops lazy Radar play, You can't see over you're rock when you drop the radar - TUFF - MOVE Before you jump on ya high horse i hardly play DD just think the way lazy radar works is pathetic and needs to change.
  12. Viper_Tech_

    Minotaur - Detonations

    Anyone else noticed sudden Detonations in the Mino since patch or is it just my crap luck again, 3 games on the bounce and poof. Never happened before in this ship to me EVER.
  13. Viper_Tech_

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Pile of junk, Dispersion is an utter joke, Painful to play, especially if you get a bad team Lost me rag it and got shot of it (rage sale ftw)
  14. Viper_Tech_

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Reading through the comments would tell you that its pretty obvious its not a driver issue, Same here game is fine for 6-9 games then bam, Stutters like a mad man and frame rate goes mentle, Restart client and it's fine again, Rinse and repeat. Ticket been in since just after patch and no reply to update my drivers as they always say tells they know they have broken something and won't admit it.
  15. Viper_Tech_

    Bug Reports

    Same - Get about an hr or so then frame rate just goes crackers and the game becomes virtually unplayable, Some people simply restart the client and everything seems ok but i'm finding i have to restart a few times, It's driving me bonkers. PLEASE FIX FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.