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  1. Viper_Tech_

    Italian cruiser line

    Utter sh*t the end...
  2. Sunray - too many brain dead bb's that think the repair is just for them and not the team, selfish f---kwits
  3. Viper_Tech_

    Friesland... Sigh

    Ship is perfectly fine as is, Only thing she lacks is concealment, A buff is needed to bring in line with other dd's but apart from that it's a monster USED CORRECTLY. You just need to learn the ship and not yolo like a mad man on crack, I like to sit on the edge of caps away from radar ships and wait for enemy dd's to make the fatal mistake of smoking up then charge hydro , smoke rape and pillage :-) My favorite ship
  4. Viper_Tech_

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    It's not helping what so ever, return the sounds to how they were they are completely and utterly broken, Half the ships i can't even hear the gun reload it's god dam f'n annoying as f---ck jesus christ can you gimps get nothing right, ever heard the term "if its not broken DON'T FIX IT" What a complete f up
  5. Viper_Tech_

    Friesland vs Tashkent/Khabarovsk?

    Friesland is far from a weak ship! Yes it's a totally different play style but weak that ship is definitely NOT, Gotta watch the mini map more, be more aware of surroundings, don't be a dumb [edited]and sit in smoke with blinkers on and you should be fine, Rips planes to shreds and 1-1 with most dd's is not a problem as long you don't run into torps.
  6. Viper_Tech_

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Not a chance, Already pissed a portion of my life away on this game and DO not intend to do it again. Not gonna invest anymore time into a game ran by a bunch of backward brain dead idiots that don't and won't listen to testers and still continue to release BS op ships into the game "cough Russian"
  7. Viper_Tech_

    BUG Smolensk shooting in smoke / ammo trails

    The only bug with that ship is the mongaloids that let it into the game in the first place.
  8. Viper_Tech_

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Didn't see any calls for DD Refunds when the sh*t hit the fan for them with the CV Rework did we?, Suck it up and adapt..
  9. Viper_Tech_

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    Pathetic and boring.. I'd rather bang nails through my left knacker than grind this crap.
  10. Viper_Tech_

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    Shame the whole CV Rework doesn't go Poof*