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  1. Viper_Tech_

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    NO - The End. But will WG listen to the community ? not a f'n chance.
  2. Viper_Tech_


    Nope, just cut it's stupid range down, ability to flame thrower from 19km is just ridiculous. Needs nerfing to at least 15.8 (max) prob less
  3. Viper_Tech_


    Why is any Russian ship in game ?
  4. Viper_Tech_

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Really feel ya pain, WG is slowly but surely dragging this game down the shi**er. Log in play a few games HE spam, BS Russian paper ships and cv's just enrage me too much these days and it's only gonna get worse. Good luck, Enjoy and most importantly stay safe while the world pulls through a very strange time.
  5. Viper_Tech_

    EU server is $hitting the bed

    O great 2 weeks off work and the games gone tits up, cheers WG.
  6. Viper_Tech_

    Flambass playing RTS CVs today!

    At least AA worked
  7. Viper_Tech_

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    This just goes to show what inept clowns are working for WG
  8. Viper_Tech_

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Yeh great CV IN 7 V 7 Thats just f----g brain dead
  9. Viper_Tech_

    Is Moskva worth grinding?

    Worth grinding now it's gonna be moved to a premium when the Russian cruiser split happens
  10. Viper_Tech_

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    No crap.Got the Devonshire and omg that thing is f----g useless. If that is what we are in for god help us. Bollocks to playing that trash again
  11. Viper_Tech_

    Big nerf on FR top tier dds

    And yet smolensk escapes the nerf bat wow, the mind boggles with the idiots at the helm.
  12. Viper_Tech_

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I'd rather tea-bag an alligator than grind this crap , Rather get pissed out me tits over the Holidays, enjoy and relax.
  13. Viper_Tech_

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    WG done a shitty thing with the pr Christmas thing but people need to stop right now this is a charity event for Children ffs, if you can't then you really need to evaluate your sad life. Let let it be and enjoy what WG are doing for the Kiddies and hopefully donate what you can.
  14. Viper_Tech_

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    I suggest you go watch the Flamu/ichase youtube video on this matter it's posted in another thread or go on youtube, then you will realise why people are saying you are nuts for even thinking about wasting time on this.
  15. Viper_Tech_

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    This time WG has just gone too far, f---k it, never will i buy f---k all from the store or even premium time. Absolute bunch of backward mongaloids.