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  1. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    PEGI 18 : 4 All NEW games that have gambling

    They actually could be in violation of the rules on this one, hence why they have crap them selves and possibly reapplied for a new rating. Quotes from the rules, - " Failure to submit changes, updates, or modifications that materially concern the age rating assigned to a product" and this game and it's loot box gambling has significantly changed from it's release date.
  2. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    WG I hear you're looking for CC's

  3. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    More "Cough" Bull "Cough" Sh*t
  4. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    Soviet Cvs

    More bullsh*t OP Russian crap then ? This game has completely lost the plot.
  5. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    ST 0.10.3, Dockyard, "German Destroyers. Part 1" event.

    And yet hundreds of ZF-6's will sail happily in the game on day 1. Rich Sad basstards.
  6. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap


    errr in this case they do know better that's the sad thing about it... And now people are getting sick of the constant crap that's being rolled out. What is the point of super testers, testers cc's and so on when THEY SIMPLY DON'T LISTEN <-------- WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO "UNDERSTAND"
  7. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap


    And WG never listen to cc's or testers hence why frustration sets into said players, also FACT. Their stubbornness TO LISTEN WILL ALSO BECOME THEIR ENEMY - FACT
  8. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap


    We did however choose not to promote and support him anymore. ? <------ REALLY. Who done the promoting here ? WG done the exploiting more like. $$$ Signs that's all WG saw.. On a personal note i can't stand the bloke..But he done a lot more in the way of promoting the game than any numpty at WG ever did. FACT.
  9. Not one bit. Dead eye is an over powered skill the end, It's not some secret mind game skill intended to warp the minds of player to magically sit at the back, Granted a lot of BB players sat at the back before the rework but this skills just makes it a no brainier now. You would be a nut job to push with the skill active until you really needed to.
  10. Submarines..... That's my thought process anyway.. Think it was done for the eventual introduction of Subs.
  11. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    Shimas torps still get spotted from the moon no matter how fast they are, Gearing has been that power crept you rarely see it. For me i've just reset all commanders and gonna sit this bullsh** rework out. Tier X is just a sh*t show of long range fagots and BS HE flinging.
  12. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Say no more, Looks like all CM'S are cracker jacks
  13. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    The only thing they deserve after this crap is a size 10 steel cap boot right up the sphincter
  14. Toodle_Pip_Old_Chap

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Well done WG - You have finally broke this game, Hope you f***kWits who come up with this trash are happy now?...So dumb... it was predicted and you didn't listen, o no you did right? because i forgot "YOU LISTEN TO FEEDBACK RIGHT ?)