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  1. Ugly_Dan

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Done playing for the foreseeable future. Not just CV issues. Every single game, everyone camping, too afraid to do anything. AA still anemic, and planes hitting with impunity.
  2. Ugly_Dan

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    No more money from me for the foresee-able future. Pre-update, played every week, spent a decent amount of cash on this game. WG seems like they took everything no onewanted and added it.
  3. Ugly_Dan

    Noobs will kill this game!

    I'm done spending any cash on this game myself. I used to enjoy it, but it seems like a chore usually. Used to enjoy higher tier DD play but everyone seems to have radar. The biggest thing I've seen is it's always feast or famine, team wise. You either get rofl stomped or rng-Jesus blesses you with the winning team. No close games, no sense of a battle well fought.
  4. Ugly_Dan

    Roon Trouble

    Secondary build on Roon is awesome fun. One of the few cruisers you can make it work, and it chews up DDs.
  5. Ugly_Dan

    Wargaming Store

    Will there ever come a time where Wargaming will offer their T-shirts, and other merchandise from their EU store to U.S. customers? I live in the U.S., but play on EU and really like the long sleeved Bismark shirts, but cannot find them anywhere in the U.S. Money waiting for the opportunity!
  6. Ugly_Dan

    German cruisers tir 5-8

    Loved Konigsberg and Nurn. Didn't really like Yorck. Really liking Hipper. Much more tankier, (relatively speaking) and can really get lower tier BBs into a panic with a well planned torpedo run. Just biding my time until Roon.
  7. Ugly_Dan

    German Battleship Documentary

    Nice doc regarding the Tirpitz and Bismark, and a small mention of the paper ships H39, H42 and H44. http://www.primewire.ag/external.php?title=Nazi+Mega+Weapons&url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy50aGV2aWRlby5tZS8zb3g0eWt0aXZxMWU=&domain=dGhldmlkZW8ubWU=&loggedin=0
  8. Ugly_Dan

    21:9 support?

    I have a 29" (2560x1080) 21:9 aspect monitor, and it is supported natively.
  9. Ugly_Dan

    Nice doc on Taffy 3, Leyte Gulf

  10. Ugly_Dan

    Possible game breaking mod

    If aimbots become a regular thing, I cannot see myself playing this after launch, nor spending any real money on it. I've already encountered some I think, unerring shots from the worst angles, yet they still home in and hit me where it hurts salvo after salvo.
  11. Ugly_Dan

    japanese CAs from t8 onwards

    I was going to make a post like this, asking why anyone would want to proceed past the Mogami. US cruisers are better in almost every way it seems. I see a lot of Clevelands, and trading shots with them is an effort in futility at times it seems. Every time I've faced a Mogami or higher, if I get a nice cluster on them, it's big damage.
  12. Ugly_Dan

    Accuracy at range

    Yeah, the measured numbers etc. I've used them to some success for closer ranges, but at extreme range, I end up having to eyeball it.
  13. Ugly_Dan

    Accuracy at range

    I don't know. At ranges from 10K to up to 20K, I've had salvos from say, Clevelands, that seem to land at least 75% of their shots reliably, every single time. It's uncanny. I'm wondering if the range finder in the binocular view is somehow being used for more accuracy.
  14. Ugly_Dan

    Accuracy at range

    Every few battles, there seems to be at least one ship that unerringly hits me no matter how I zig zag (I typically drive a Mogami cruiser), even at extreme range. Is the view finder in the binoculars functional in some way, or is there another way that some people seem to have such astounding accuracy?
  15. Ugly_Dan

    UI scaling

    Are there any plans to allow users to scale their UI? Newer graphics cards have DSR, which makes things look a lot better, but makes the UI super tiny.