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  1. InfinityIncarnate

    Summer Recruitment Drive - Get Paid for Inviting Friends!

    That is exactly it, and I agree with your observation. Certainly something that should be made a note of in their promotion rules, as it's obviously an mistake on their part.
  2. InfinityIncarnate

    Summer Recruitment Drive - Get Paid for Inviting Friends!

    @PanNickt I noticed that too, obviously it is against the spirit of the contest, it would be very unethical and obviously should be against promotion rules. But as you stated, it wouldn't be in violation of the EULA, at least not on the noted parts. Had the eula contained a part about a limitation in regards to the number of account(s) any individual can have at any given moment, and had that limit been set to a single account, then obviously it would be the violation, but as far as I can see, it doesn't contain one. @Crysantos The recruitment drive speaks about incentives for the recruiting player, but what about the incentives for the "recruits" joining? Are they the same incentives that exist for the "Refer a friend"? Obviously, it's an incentive to make people join so that they can recruit others and make some money through their recruiting efforts, but people shouldn't be joining for that reason. So are there any specific incentives for the "recruit" that joins and if so, what are they?
  3. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    Hello Excavatus. Just quickly wanted to let you know, that it did not put be back into the match automatically, which if it had, I could've avoided the pink status, hence also why I find a bit more unfair and unreasonable, as I wanted to get back into the match to help out the teammates, but instead I get the pink status to deal with, and the match was still ongoing when I was loaded back into the game client. It's not very often I experience crashes or receive the pink status, only very few times. In regards to how many who's on the team who's being let down certainly depends on the match type, because random battles at higher tiers, then yes, but co-op matches, lower tier matches and scenarios have a lower teamplayer count, and even co-op matches can potentially be a full team of BOTS. But even with it being ones pc, hardward and software, there are still things that we're not in control of or responsible for, like temporarily losing internet connection due to for instance ISP issues, if one is on windows 10 Home edition, one isn't in complete control or even has the option to become that, because the needed functionalities are somewhat limited or inaccessible. Are you aware just exactly how many who're dealing with issues with windows 10 updates, which makes their system function worse, which makes their machines more likely to crash if certain things happens - like for instance the graphics driver crashing, or the harddrives having slower response times due to windows compatablity drivers, which also can result in a crash, where even formatting and reinstalling the system won't fix it, because the problems are in the updates, which you cannot opt out of if you're using the Windows 10 Home edition. Then you could argue that it's because there are hardware issues, but thats the thing, so many users have shared system and hardware reports that reflect no hardware issues at all, and I know because I've been in the same boat, where my system have reflected to have no issues and being healthy, so I've have had to downgrade to an earlier edition to get rid of the issues that came inherently from those updates. So you may want to reconsider your stance, however I do agree with that it's the players pc and thus their responsibility to make sure crashes don't happen, but there are things that players might not be in control of and thus it's someone elses responsibility. As for the client, it's WGs, not the players. As I've mentioned earlier, it definitely would be a good thing to make a very clear distinction between quitters/leavers/crashes and tk'ers, as a minimum, because currently, there are only two, which basically deal with unsporting behaviour warning and the punishment part of it, and for most people that is taken as someone being a tk'er, which very likely will affect decisions made by other players in relation to the pink status, like avoiding that players ship, because one has no way of knowing what the pink status is for, and I think the majority of people assume you only get it for tk'ing.
  4. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    For your information, this happened when it was loading into a scenario, so it wasn't a random battle with potentially 11 other teammembers, and apparently receiving the pink status because the computer/game client crashed isn't due to other players reporting the inactivity - if so, then you could also be "rewarded" the pink status from crashing in a co-op/bot match, where litterally all your teammates could be bots. Furthermore, as I understand it, co-op matches are for training and testing out ships, which makes much less sense to give one the pink status due to a crash. Also to mention, that receiving the unsporting behaviour could be due a variety of reasons, even from something the player might not isn''t responsible for or have any control over, like losing connection to the internet, but to other players the most likely thing they will think - is that it's a teamplayer killer. In my opinion there really should be made very clear distinctions between someone who's quitting/leaving a match prematurely and someone who's killed other teammembers either by accident or intentional. So that other players can see the actual difference and know more correctly what type of "unsporting behaviour" it actually is they've been tagged for, as opposed to one for all. I know personally, when I notice a player with pink status, I try to avoid the players ship, because I don't know why the player has that status, but I'd rather be safe than having my game experience ruined, and I wouldn't be surprise if many more would think and do the same, and this can affect the outcome of a battle - which makes it important to have this kind of distinction, at least in my opinion. Furthermore, I don't think it can be completely justified with the pink status when you don't get the option to even re-enter the match, it doesn't matter if your computer crashes or the game client, or the computer temporarily loses connection to the internet, or what else that causes the player from exitting the match prematurely, because if you can't even re-enter even when you want and try to, then it becomes even more so unreasonable. And making it possible to reconnect manually, should most certainly be possible when it's possible to have it automatically reconnect, which I've only experienced once or twice. When I had the pink status, it was actually three matches I needed to play without any violations, not that it matters if it was two or three, but the inherent problem is that you can't even test to see if your technical issue has been resolved, without risking further punishment when one has the pink status, and that is a problem.
  5. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    That is exactly the issue, hence why I think they should at least make it so the client can tell the difference between quitting, force closing and actual crashes. Because as far as I'm aware, the warning status is given because other players have reported the inactivity.
  6. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    Because, it's of inconvenience to players, and crashes could still happen while the warning status is in effect, which would escalate to more severe punishment.
  7. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    What are you talking about, turning the game into a trojan horse? Having the error monitor being able read specific windows logs, won't turn the game into a trojan horse, further more, it's not like the game will be infecting any files just because of being able to read windows logs. Force closing I don't believe is logged as a crash, as for what other methods you're talking about in regards to making the game crash, I have yet to hear about. There is a need to play extra cautiosly, when the warning status is effect, to make sure that not even accidents happen, that is what I mean with playing extra cautiosly - because while playing normally and playing by the rules, accidents may still happen.
  8. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    I don't know about that, but the error monitoring program could get permissions to read specific logs. Playing extra cautiosly, isn't playing normally - so how is that contradicting myself?
  9. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    I'm not naive by the slightest, I know there are methods to force a game to close, if you force a game to close, then it will be logged by the computer. Forcing a game to crash is completely different matter, because forcing a game to crash would be to force it stop responding or force it to close unexpectedly. I don't know what you are referring to when you're saying tons of methods to forcibly cause a program to crash, because force closing and forcing a crash are two completely different things. Don't think you're getting what I'm talking about, when playing normally I do try to avoid violating the rules, but with this warning status in effect I have to play extra cautiosly, so it should be obvious that it would impact my game experience.
  10. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    But that wasn't me, I didn't put the team at a disadvantage, it's not my fault that the computer crashed, and because the game did not allow me to reconnect to the match when I got back into the game, then it was actually partially at fault to. I usually don't have any issues of this sort, but thats besides the point - I didn't leave the match, my computer crashed, which I had no control over, so I don't think that it's is reasonable to punish with a warning. How a pc is shutdown is logged, so if you manually shut it off/restart it, it will be reflected in the pc logs. And guess what, I'm sure that it could be made to be checked if the game wasn't shutdown by normal means, basically if the game client wasn't shutdown normally, it could be made to check those logs. It may be that it's appealable, what I'm talking about that it shouldn't happen in the first place. In these cases, warnings and punishments, should only be issued when the rules are intentionally being violated, not when the computer or game client crashed.
  11. InfinityIncarnate

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    How exactly would it be exploitable, if the game client could tell the difference between closing/quitting the game through the normal method and forcing closing, including game client crashes? I am being punished, because now I have to play cautios, and try to avoid anything that could cause it to escalate, I'm just not being punished severely. Consider what would happen if the game client/computer crashed again while this warning status was still in effect, it would escalate it, and then I would suddenly get penalized more severely, and for what, my computer crashing! Hence why they should go about it differently, because computer and game client crashes can happen, and as players, it's not something we're in control of when it happens.
  12. Hello everyone. So my computer just crashed while it was loading into a match, more specifically, it was a BSOD. My computer automatically rebooted and went back into windows, and I get the game client loaded again. I didn't get an option to join the battle again, further more, only moments later I get flagged for unsporting behaviour, which is complete BS, the game client should be able to tell the difference between closing the game client (leaving/quitting the match) and force closing, including game client crash (which doesn't exclude a computer crash). WG should definitely change how they go about this, and punishing a player for a game crash is not acceptable! /Inc.
  13. InfinityIncarnate

    Not receiving SMS.

    Still haven't been able to receive this sms with the authorization code, and still can't create a ticket, so I'm wondering what I can do. Anyone know?
  14. InfinityIncarnate

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    The only one you really have any actual control over is Die-Hard! All of the others are based on circumstances and sheer probability. Guess they want a lot of suicides... Not the best decision in my opinion to have a combat mission or some of it depend on probability.
  15. InfinityIncarnate

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    You're not the only one here who didn't receive the ship and rewards after completing it, as I just completed the last part (part 3), and I have not received any of the rewards yet, including not receiving the ship. Furthermore, this means that I cannot even attempt to do any of The Knight of Devon combat missions, which is quite unfair. @The_EURL_Guy - Could you please look into this matter, as we're several here who have not received the rewards including the Exeter from the Exeter's Last Stand combat mission part 3. This also means that we cannot do the combat mission associated with it.