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    I, too, am terrible with names. But I found out that memorizing nicknames that are puns on the real names or sound like them is a lot easier, more fun and helps remembering the real names. I can also get you into real trouble if you accidentaly address people with an unflattering nickname.
  2. Mors_Invictus

    Matchmaker Improvement Feedback

    The idea to balance nations among ship types is a good thing. Especially for destroyers, as you no longer get so many battles where one side had mostly Japanese destroyers which died at the cap points because the enemy had all the US and Soviet destroyers with their better artillery. Unfortunately this new distribution scheme doesn't seem to be applied to every battle yet. Also, I have to agree with most of the previous comments as the overall balancing seems to have suffered lately. Battles with five destroyers on each side happen way to often and I even had games where my Admiral Hipster was one of only two cruisers on the team, the rest being five destroyers and battleships each. Those were not pleasant battles.
  3. Mors_Invictus

    Bugs Feedback

    Sometimes I get "echoes from the past" in the form of gunfire animations where a ship used to be. I get this mostly in the vicinity of smoke screens. Example: I enounter and engage a destroyer which then lays a smoke screen and disappears. When I return to the area later on and pass near the position where I last saw the destroyer, I suddenly hear and see the sound, smoke and fire of a gunshot without a ship being there. So far this seems limited to destroyers but I am not sure. It also might not always require a smoke screen to set up and could be a general bug in the new visibility system. Maybe an animation that was cut short by a loss of contact and "finished" once I came near again? Just a wild, uneducated guess... It really scared the sh** out of me the first two or three times because I thought a destroyer had managed to sneak up on me.
  4. Mors_Invictus


    Some of those things would take a lot of time, even if you played the replays at increased speed. While most players would probably not participate because they don't have the time or just want to spend their time playing, this might turn into a veritable troll magnet. The most realistic proposal might be eliastion's suggestion to limit this to misbehaviour in chats, but even that doesn't completely dissolve my scepticism. Sorry if that sounds overly negative, but twenty years on the internet have turned me into a cynic and a pessimist in that regard.
  5. Mors_Invictus

    And yet again a good old F.U. from wargaming to the players.

    I have to agree that one week was a bit short. Ironically I played a few games this week and even wondered what that strange symbol with the one dubloon in the launcher window meant (seriously, at least give that bloody thing a headline that tells people what's going instead of just displaying some cryptic symbols), but I had a busy week and didn't have the nerve to read the patch notes until now. Also, we are in the middle of vacation season in many European countries. I bet some people will be happy when they return from their summer vacation. They should at least have included this weekend or better even made respecs cheaper until the next update.
  6. Punkt 1 sollte man groß, fett und mit Bestätigungserfordernis für alle neuen Trägerkapitäne einblenden. Kaum etwas nervt mehr als Leute, die ihre Träger einfach im eigenen Startgebiet parken während der Rest der Flotte sonstwohin fährt und dann lautstark rumheulen, wenn der Feind plötzlich aus der anderen Richtung kommt und niemand da ist, der sein Schiff zur Bewachung der Träger verschwendet hat.
  7. Mors_Invictus

    Better nerf destroyer

    I have to second HellSpunk's advise simply not to sail into smoke clouds. I've lost count how often I saw battleships heading right into a cloud to find that annoying destroyer that's been pestering them. And I sink those fools everytime. XD
  8. Mors_Invictus

    Better nerf destroyer

    In my opinion destroyers work rather well. I play mainly cruisers and destroyers and the only time my little destroyer becomes an overpowered reaper of the seas is when everyone else is playing battleships and there are no cruisers to make my life harder. In other words: The real problem is that right now most people are playing battleships and therefore most matches lack diversity. Less so on the lower tiers but on the higher tiers it's so bad that I gave up on my cruiser for the time being because playing with one or two cruisers against six to eight battleships is little fun.
  9. Mors_Invictus

    German navy battleships advantages/disadvantages

    To be fair, the Bismarck had her rudder jammed while turning to port and therefore was unable to keep a straight line during the battle. Given the state of computer technology of the time it's not very surprising that her gun laying system could not compensate enough to hit anything. As for the strengths of the Bismarck class, the high muzzle velocity was one of them, as already mentioned, and her superior belt armour was another. During both battles she took several direct hits from battleship calibre armour piercing shells to her belt that did little more than scratch the paint. In fact the British guns turned her superstructure into a nightmare of flames and twisted metal but they could not sink her. She would make a really good Tier VIII or IX ship. As for a German Tier X ship, Project H in it's final design stage, H-44, would have resulted in something obscenely big and powerful that would have dwarfed even the Yamato class. Just like some absurdly gigantic German tank designs it suggests that Hitler really had the need to compensate for something...